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27th May 2016, 21:49
Dear Fellow Avalonian's and Guests,

The images and research in this thread, I have developed over a three year period from when this evidence was first discovered in early 2012. Since that time, I have spent countless hours in looking deeply into the image data files - ESP_014418_1790 and its stereo - file ESP_019864_1790.

I have since concluded, beyond any reasonable doubt, both scientific and spiritual, that the evidence in these high resolution images files, initially transmitted back to Earth by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) on August 23, 2009 at 2.15 local Mars time, contain an overhead perspective image of a composite design, commonly referred to as a “geoglyph” or an artificial surface creation, carved or formed into a deep cliff side for the sole purpose of interplanetary communication between an intelligent life located there, and the people of Earth.

Is is important I believe, that the evidence shown here be seen as a message to us. The evidence is meant to be seen as a “totality of design”. A composition of surface facts each representing aspects of a total picture of life here on Earth and as such, the evidence needs to be read in its totality and not just by stand alone elements.

I am quite certain, that once the evidence is seen and measured in its total composition, the message embedded in this vast designed geoglyph, spanning over 3.6km in length will be undeniable.

The message in my opinion is beautiful as it tells of a time line in Earth's ancient human history. Most importantly, it shows life on OUR planet inasmuch, as the makers of the design must also be aware of Life on Earth.

Thank you.

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Hopefully, you'll have had the chance to have read part one of this two part thread. I wanted to try to convey to the reader, the experience of “revelation” as it unfolded, step by step literally, as I sat transfixed to my computer screen some three years ago. It was for me at that time, a powerful and deeply moving experience.

The main reason for this, was this particular image (ESP_014418_1790) had one very important characteristic that many other, supposedly hi rez images, did not have; - “excellent resolution!”

Without going into the technical aspect of the why's and wherefore's in which these images are processed, this huge overhead photograph, roughly 10 by 5 miles of the Martian “sub-surface” could be magnified down to such a degree, that rocks the size of a basketball could be seen in near perfect detail. And, as the saying goes; “the devil is in the details”!

Embedded on this super steep cliff side almost five miles down, was an immense geoglyph of fantastic proportions, it had all the appearances of being “chiseled” into the cliff, not in a hap-hazard way, but as I was soon to find out, in a refined way with absolute artistic precision.

At this point, I want to take a moment to explain something very critical, as it pertains to understanding the technique of the people responsible for this and many other renditions on the Martian surface. Understanding this principle is key to grasping the intrinsic “perspective viewpoint” they seem to employ.

The Designers of these works of art, seem obviously aware that humanity will eventually develop a technology that will allow us to arrive on Mars. They are/were also aware that this evolutionary process would transpire over many stages. Firstly, we would have unmanned craft that would just orbit the planet and send back fuzzy pictures, and eventually over time, culminate in manned missions and so on.

So, they devised recognizable surface designs that would be seen both from afar, and designs that would be examined at a later date in high resolution “close up” as technology progressed.

The designs had to “capture” just enough visual component(s) to do the job. For example, the famous face on Cydonia only needed “so much” detail which would be “interpreted” using a basic, albeit gigantic “facial form” together with the subtle cleverness of “light and shadow” in order to be spotted in low resolution from many miles up. The results of which, are now unmistakable – the face on Mars is recognizable by most humans across the globe.

Further, this principle has now been proven. As better imaging technology has allowed higher quality resolution, close inspection of the Cydonia mesa shows very little facial detail. But the point is, that it didn't need to!


The creators of these designs have a keen awareness of “depth of field” and how it can be manipulated and thus perceived using light and dark shadows and, most importantly – at what altitude the creation would be viewed at.

Another piece of informative data which this conveys to us, is that the creators must therefore possess, the capability to ascend off the surface and into space! Or put another way, they are not just “indigenous surface dwellers” worshiping their gods above.

I believe once this discovery at the base of Hebes Chasma is brought to light, its intrinsic message will resonate throughout humanity and hopefully, at the very least, contribute to this long awaited disclosure process which sadly, has been so fiercely guarded by a few in power and their dominance to continue the enslavement of mankind via perpetual wars, while they and their families continue generational greed and control over our planet's wealth and resources.

As I mentioned earlier, this discovery for me was one of a gradual analysis of the immediate area centered around the initial find. This was a case of hide in plain sight and only until I realized the enormity of what I was looking at, did I begin to see the totality of this massive component design.

I can remember the smile that crept over my face when the shape and form of the next character began to unveil. Initially though, its elegance did not have quite the same impact as the donkey but; as I started to visualize its form and proportions, Schopenhauer's famous “All Truth Passes” began to reverberate as if I took on the roll of; Judge, Jury and Executioner within the space of moments.

Self evident was his stance, self evident was the warriors Corinthian helmet, self evident was his dress tunic and of course his spear and round Hoplon shield thrusting out in gallant advance.

And then once again, as if on a roll, something else caught my eye.

2D Warrior:

Anaglyph Warrior:

Defined Warrior:

The ancient warriors of Greece and the surrounding region sported very personalized signature designs painted on their shields. This varied depending on location and position.

When I zoomed in directly to the warriors shield which extended out at arms reach, there appeared a faint but noticeable image of a contrived “Helmeted MAN” in the correct perspective to the curvature of his shield embedded into a rock depression! His facial features pronounced and dark, but a man form nonetheless.


As noted earlier, the designers of these creations are clever, very clever. This is important to grasp. They have an acute sense of what we would term “impressionism”. I can't overstate this enough. After several years now of visual research of the surface, this facet of alien design has come to my attention a hundred if not a thousand times.

What I find the most impressive, is their capability to impregnate (I'm open for better verb/adjectives here) “into” the design a “relative distance factor” dependent on how far or how close the viewer is to the target data point. If you get too close, the effect disappears, too far, and again, the effect disappears. And to add to it, not everyone can replicate the same effect.

Case in point, with four friends in the same room and looking at the same 50” monitor, three could see the effect and, no matter how hard the fourth tried, the effect did not materialize. So the brain reception and interpretation plays a significant roll. In some respect, this could be the cause of why genuinely astute scientists throw this phenomenon to the garbage dump as pareidolia, while other more nefarious individuals use the fallacy to cover up genuine research.

Here is good example of this highly creative effect.

Take a look at the facial area of the warrior, one can immediately see the interpretation of his hair. Now look close (or “far” as this is dependent) one can begin to make out an impression of a face looking left, proportionate to the correct size and placement of where his face would be. However, if you zoom in here to close field, the facial signature disappears. Remarkable.

It's also important to remind oneself of scale here also. Those very small whitish "blips" on his face are actually rocks of around one meter plus in length! So, could they have been arranged perfectly for this facial illusion? I think quite possible..


27th May 2016, 21:51
At this point, I would like to move onto the next and my favorite characters in this massive geoglyph.

In my interpretation here, I see something which I sense is meant to be symbolic. The shield is being thrust forward and his stance, is one of movement. The human insignia on his shield thus “leads the way” but to what?

Now look carefully and you will begin to see emerging from “the waters edge” the shape and form of two beautifully crafted Bottle Nose Dolphins and just further afield, a huge Beluga Whale complete with bulbous forehead.


At first glance, I did not register the details, only the form. But as I said earlier, this is the MO of the builder, just enough to capture the mind's eye.

However, with the option to create an image into a sharp and accurate anaglyph, the details emerge.

The Dolphins have been exquisitely crafted into the cliff with incredible detail not just in their shape, but also their dimansionality showing one Dolphin in front of another as if at play! Then, zoom right in and spot the precision of which the curvature of the Dolphin's nose is radiused into the rocks – just astonishing.

No details have been left out as the color and the shade of the Dolphins body together with an “appropriate” step in the ledge along the head of the first Dolphin that when seen from far, creates the illusion of a “blow hole”

All this is captured with so much “razor precision” somehow chiseled into the rock face. Notice also, the Warriors extended arm and how the illusion of its length has been “stepped” into the face with Quarry precision, this detail when seen from above in 2D gives the illusion of his forearm – ingenious!


And now of course, the final rendition.


3D Anaglyph

Download link for hi res Jpeg in 3D 70 Megs - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B--tam0uh-oiSmkwdjlUeHBtajQ/view?usp=sharing

Supporting Facts:

Geological land form located on excessively steep cliff face inconsistent with Mass Wasting Block, Translational or Rotational degradation. Lack of any talus formation. Face incursions consistent with “quarry leveling”. Precision angle and leveling consistent with machinery cut.


Possible tool marks observed.

http://i1282.photobucket.com/albums/a528/marsevidence01/Image %20Tools/tool_zpsmv2nav00.jpg

The domesticated animal – possibly a donkey common for the time secured to a post.
His correct physiological and proportionate form with ears, legs, torso, fur texture, tail, udders, eye, and nostril.
- Note, I have scanned this entire image file region from top to bottom (which took days) and did not find another rock either small or large that had a curvature or roundness, except for the 1 meter wide rock located precisely where the animal's eye is located on the forehead.


The donkey in ancient times was seen as an animal of peace.

The ancient Warrior – portrayed in appropriate “stance” typical of images of the time.
Depicting the shape and form of a “Corinthian Helmet” often shown in Greek diagrams in “comfort mode” or resting the helmet on the forehead as opposed to full facial coverage.
Chiton or Doric like tunic typical of the time.
Impression of Spear and Shield.
Shield insignia with symbolic design of a helmeted man in correct proportion and perspective of shield angle design.
Warrior facial features.
Warrior braided hair in correct location and amount.

Incursion onto cliff face by apparent precision shaping of several Bottle Nose Dolphins and Beluga Whale proportions in symbolic positioning “facing off” the advancing human gesture.

Approximate size (length) of the geoglyph.


Video link to location in Hebes Chasm in 3D anaglyph.

I have been considering developing a “White Paper” document for submitting to a peer review journal and would be interested in working with any fellow Avalon members with formal Geology experience or even comments in this field of discipline. I will reply to every comment posted.

As a final footnote:

It would be easy to dismiss this discovery as a mere fluke or coincidence of circumstances, but this to me seems unlikely. There is not another formation along, in or juxtaposition, at the base of Hebes Chasma exhibiting the same or similar geological conditions.

When one sums up the totality of the inclusions or anomalies here, the fact is, the geoglyph as a whole looks like and provides huge evidence that the area is a massive work of art designed solely for the purpose to get and secure the attention of the Human mind in a way that the famous “Face on Cydonia” could only dream of.

Thank you for your time.

27th May 2016, 22:50
A gift Mal , I am getting some specs to tune in better, thank you for your amazing work with this discovery.

Foxie Loxie
28th May 2016, 15:34
Wow! This is all so amazing....thank you for sharing this work you have done with all of us!

28th May 2016, 20:54
Wow! This is all so amazing....thank you for sharing this work you have done with all of us!

Well thank you so very much Foxie, I hope I've provided enough information here for you to get the "grand picture". I'm very happy with the find myself as the message is so deep, tranquil and Human. Hope you have a pair of red/cyan glasses as the evidence really comes home in 3D! If not, this is the best buy.


Thanks again,

30th May 2016, 05:12
A gift Mal , I am getting some specs to tune in better, thank you for your amazing work with this discovery.

Thanks for your words, let me know when you receive the spec's as you're in for a ride. I just uploaded a 70 meg hi def jpeg for download of the entire geoglyph. Zoom in and then see the artists's detail in 3D. In Blue fonts above.