View Full Version : TV Sports Games is Rigged and Fixed...

21st June 2016, 04:00
i made bet some amount of money on Lebron James to win the ring and Cleveland Beat Golden States Warriors, i was so confidence they going to win...How? not based on how the game is played but based on how the game is Rigged and fixes matches.

i haven't watch and follow for years...Once i heard Lebron James going to film Space Jam 2 and the stories how NBA rigged the game so i put money on it to proof the game is fixed. Lebron must the title for marketing/PR and other business reason..by having Lebron win the NBA Championship Ring will do huge favor for NBA and other businesses.

i check out the forums and there's complain about bad Officiating from Ref, i was happy what i read..that's all i wanted to know and waiting the game to finished and collect my money.

i might do the same for Fifa Euro Cup soccer but doesn't have time to research on it...I have boycott Fifa and stopped watching football/soccer, just too corrupted and rigged matches.

21st June 2016, 08:00
I am sure many sports or at least many specific games in various sports are rigged, but since I've been following the NBA for years very very closely, I can confidently say that it is not rigged at the moment. During the previous decades though, under commissioner David Stern, especially before the internet days, there was definitely a lot of manipulation and many fixed games. It was much easier back then. They failed to realize in time, hence the big Tim Donaghy scandal in the wake of the century.

Things have changed now and I don't mean it necessarily in a good way. The form of manipulation has evolved. Nowadays, the ability to scrutinize everything due to the internet, doesn't leave space for fixing games. However, I'm not saying that everything is angelic and free. It's that they don't need to rig it anymore. They have learned how to make money from the people through the social media. The power that the internet gave to the common man, also gave us the greatest weakness. We are much more susceptible to commercials and brain washing. The profit from the TV contracts and commercials is bigger than ever and they don't need to influence games to attain it. All they need to do is produce stars, sensationalism, big thoughtforms to impress and hook fans. That's easier than ever now. The rest happen on its own. They don't care who will win the championship because either way is a financial win for them.