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26th June 2016, 13:11
Short summary:

"Many new and amazing discoveries are now emerging about the alien origins of human civilization and Atlantis. Scientists are now discovering at the bottom of the earth's oceans evidence of Atlantis and the remains of an ancient alien culture that pre-dates the last ice age."


Very good documentary with interesting info about ice age.
Worth a watch.

26th June 2016, 14:04
The scientists of king Arus flew into space and found a large asteroid suited for their needs and guided it right down on Atlantis.

Those who fled moved to a hidden underground city located under Mt Shasta... it took two years of constant attacks for the armies of king Arus to defeat Atlantis ... James Gilland and those who visit Mt Shasta see their beamships in the night sky... the plejaren say there three different cities named Atlantis, spread out over eons, the third one is the one we hear stories of... they say the one we know about was called greater Atlantis, and lemuria was known as lesser Atlantis... you can read about it at theyfly.com and the futureofmankind.uk ...

27th June 2016, 03:02
The thing about this documentary is that it contains debunkers like Robert Schok, who denies Yonaguni, and claims that the ice age melt off had to be 7000 years more recent, without providing convincing evidence. Graham Hancock does provide convincing evidence the meltoff was 9500BC.

This vid does accurately note the extreme cleverness of the ancients. They acknowledge that the ancients used a procession mapping, however they dont acknowledge that it takes 26000 years of observances to know its a circular pattern. So, although this documentary does cite that the ancients existed before the last ice age, but the water levels would have been much higher, so this contradicts that these cities were submerged after the ice age contracted.

The truth is teasingly hinted at here, but our ancient past is much further back than what these guys admit. Hancock, Boulter and Cremo are much closer to the truth on this topic, in my opinion. This vid is good about the pyramid dimensions, ancient maps and the sophistication of the ancients. The ancient civilizations go back much further than they postulate, however, from what i've seen anyway.