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4th July 2016, 05:19

In short the TSA has zero common sense and managed to assault a disabled teen girl.
Thankfully the family is suing not only the TSA, but the police who were involved and the airport.

Since 9/11 I do not recall one incident where the T.S.A has actually prevented any kind of terrorist threat in regards to air travel. What is worse is I am sure plenty people can just do a simple internet search and post plenty of abuses by TSA agents in the past 2 years.

Giving up our freedom to let run of the mill shmucks move people through an airport, ruffle through our belongings and at times make lives a living hell.

I doubt in my life time I will see the T.S.A done away with. Maybe something will change in 100 years to put an end to the T.S.A .

A trained monkey, with a drug sniffing dog would be of more use and protection than the T.S.A .

4th July 2016, 09:43
The TSA is theathric security (for show) so that the sheepeople have a false since of safety.

5th July 2016, 04:04
THE TSA could be done away with, and just don't allow people from terrorist countries to fly into the U.S. , make them go to one centrl location and be cleared before they proceed into America ...