View Full Version : Responding to Global Tragedy - Matt Kahn

20th July 2016, 18:59

Published on Jul 19, 2016

This spontaneously delivered energy transmission is like a “spiritual State of the Union address.” We’ve had so many requests to speak on the energetics of what is unfolding on Earth at this time – and here it is! Topics include: terrorism, racism, gender equality, the conscious use of social media, ascension, and how to bring forth the light in moments of darkness. Please share these heart-centered and practical teachings with all those in your life who yearn to bring more freedom and peace to the planet, to feel safe and happy, and to feel connected to all the love there is in existence.

20th July 2016, 21:02
Matt Kahn is amazing and so inspiring. We need more spiritual teachers of his caliber.

21st July 2016, 15:17
And here I thought I was one of the few listening to his posts... He loses me when he starts talking Pleiadians, 5th dimension and all that, but keeps me interested when he talks about how to deal with real situations.