View Full Version : Neil Armstrong: What Really Happened on the Moon

11th December 2010, 13:16
If I ever wrote, "Today Neil Armstrong wrote in to say..." you can safely assume I'm either a) off my medication or b) I'd just won the space blogging equivalent of the lottery. For NPR blogger Robert Krulwich, it's the latter.

In an article he wrote for "Krulwich Wonders...," Krulwich pondered why the 1969 Apollo 11 astronauts didn't venture more than 90 yards from the Lunar Module. With a whole moon to explore, you'd think Armstrong and Aldrin would be hopping up the nearest mountain, or spelunking down a lunar skylight. Right?

It turns out that his wondering thoughts didn't go unanswered. NASA astronaut legend Neil Armstrong decided to respond to Krulwich's blog by sending him a long email with an uncharacteristically chatty tone.

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In the message, Armstrong gave a wonderfully vivid explanation as to what it was like on the lunar surface and why Buzz and himself were limited by what they could do. Although much of Armstrong's text is a matter of historical record, as Krulwich says, "reading between the lines, I kinda think he wanted to do more, go further."

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