View Full Version : Awakening the Cosmic Heart - Matt Kahn

3rd August 2016, 19:02
https://youtu.be/YrdCgmiMzoQ (94min.)

Published on Aug 3, 2016

Discover what has millions of YouTube viewers feeling loved, supported, awakened, and opened to the greatest possibilities in life as part of ďThe Love Revolution.Ē These video teachings are a mere taste of the live, in-person, HD color, full-body experience of our LIVE events! There is much to be experienced before and after the camera stops rolling! Donít just hear about it online, but come be in the healing energy as the spontaneous transmission unfolds in-person. Each gathering is a living, breathing, visceral experience of the power and healing of unconditional love to inspire your soulís journey to be reawakened, and reimagined in the most heart-centered way.

Jay Freeman
4th August 2016, 15:18
Here is another perspective: E6ffi5-ykHc