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15th August 2016, 12:28
Symbolism, it can be a message, it can have positive and negative attributes to the images and signs. Yet symbolism isn't just a physical manifestation it does have spiritual connotations. The spiritual often communicates through symbolism often with specific intentions. The messages are specifically for the individual in some cases, since it has universal understanding, there are often in dreams in which the conscious mind will remember the symbols and the contexts in which they are presented.

Some symbols are "Hijacked" by people's specific agendas and beliefs and for there own ends. Some genuinely believe what the symbol(s) is meant to represent according to there understanding, others are twisted to serve a negative purpose such as the swastika in recent history.

Symbols are powerful for they express much more than the written word, even though those taht could not read in time past understood symbols which relate to the mundane and the exalted of their gods.

After all this time, modern man in his arrogance of his achievement in technology and advancement in science is still very much subject to symbolism, without in many cases understanding that some symbols are more powerful than others in a spiritual sense.