13th December 2010, 02:43
Posted on Dec 11: a 2+ hour interview with no commercials and no other related interruptions - just fluid talk on both enlightening and sensitive subjects. I recommend this listen to everyone (even if you aren't a Mr. Wilcock advocate) as he covers many of the controversial topics we are discussing on this forum as of late, and it might help shed both more light and insight.


Hear Here (http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-59174/TS-414807.mp3)

13th December 2010, 13:55
Thanks Zillah, had you not posted it i never would of listened to that interview and some very interesting points were made.

13th December 2010, 22:40
Now that really was fascinating on lots of levels. I couldn't find it from DW's website before and was about to give up. Thank you! Am now in a much more cheerful mood tonight!

George Hilton
13th December 2010, 23:32
Great interview. One of Wilcock's best so far I feel and it does seem on the recent evidence that 2012 could just end up being the exciting time he has been predicting for years. We may all need to be strapped in for the ride though... ;)

13th December 2010, 23:45
A round-up of something of the info. mentioned on the radio interview.
From AbundantHope.net
China and ET checkmate NWO. Disclosure really very close
By David Wilcock and Steve Beckow
Dec 6, 2010 - 1:19:42 PM

David Wilcock’s most recent article (http://tinyurl.com/3xm3d9p) is very long but also very important. To make sure that no one goes without at least some knowledge of it, here is a summary.

There is an international fight currently underway between forces that oppose disclosure and forces that want it.

China is leading the forces that want disclosure. David suggests that we may have passed the divine deadline for disclosure (my term, not David’s) and so the rules of the game (David’s term, not mine) may have changed, allowing the ETs to do far more now and empowering China to do what David says they have done.

Many of the unusual events that we have seen of late are all traceable to China’s efforts to show other powers that it has the ability to defeat their attempts to exert force and tie up disclosure.

As they say on the news, now the details.


Apparently China has been in touch with ETs since the 1940s.

There is an extreme, multi-faceted worldwide effort to bring the cabal down. China, allegedly assisted by extraterrestrials, has used electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) technology to force the “Old World Order” to stand down. But even the white hats at the Pentagon (as opposed to the black hats) do not want China to come off as the shining star of disclosure.

China arranged for the U.S. Air Force to lose complete command and control of one-ninth of their ICBM arsenal last Saturday.

China may have launched one of the missiles seen recently. A Chinese submarine surfaced in the midst of an American Navy exercise recently, shocking everyone.

China gave 120 world leaders a package to be opened Oct. 13 and said that, if they were opened ahead of time or not opened after a certain date, they would explode and destroy six city blocks. The package contained documents outlining how to build free-energy devices as well as the devices themselves and many secrets which the Chinese wanted declassified. Insiders expect this entire treasure trove of documents to be delivered to Assange at some point.

China also used EMP technology to disable a wide variety of corporate and military assets, including a British submarine, a French aircraft carrier, American oil refineries, American and Iranian nuclear plants, American missiles, Qantas airliners, Carnival cruise ships, American TV channels, etc.

Their message was “You can’t stop us.”


Wikileaks may be being used by a number of countries and organizations as well as by the galactics to promote the disclosure effort by being fed documents designed to disembowel the national-security state and cripple the cabal. One of the ends Wikileaks was promoting was to give President Obama the excuse to exit Afghanistan. The next use of Wikileaks may be to disseminate documents on UFOs to force disclosure.

Wikileaks is persuading other bloggers to create sites to leak documents too. Wikileaks has an “insurance package” of documents that have been held back and will be released if anything happens to Julian or their sites.

The Powers that Were want to assassinate Assange because they know what future document disclosures are planned. If they assassinate Assange, they won’t stop the document disclosure but they will have created a martyr and a much more receptive populace. Assange has warned that any attempt to detain or harm him will result in a deluge of disclosure. This move suggests that Assange is being advised by seasoned intelligence professionals.

Certain disclosure-related details are also being leaked through a number of online UFO forums. (ATS? Godlike Productions?)

The Event

It is thought that The Event is being 60% paid for by the Pentagon to promote disclosure. The Event is disclosure-oriented and portrays up-to-the-minute events.

UFO/ET Disclosure

We may not know when it will come until minutes before. These are the last days before the announcement.

Financial Crash

The Powers that Were feel they are running out of time and are trying to create a financial disaster that would lead to the deaths of 4.5 billion people (Steve: of course they will not be successful so not to worry; see “Ready-Reference Guide: There is No Need to Fear” at http://stevebeckow.com).

China has created a surprising counter-move to this financial attack – see David’s first China’s October Surprise article. China’s plan appears to have Obama’s approval.

The Old World Order has been accustomed to thinking that they could do whatever they wanted and the ETs would not interfere – until now. But now they – and the Chinese – are interfering.

Stuxnet Virus

Stuxnet, which was used to shut down the Iranian nuclear reactor, was an ET-designed virus. It has a secondary meaning: U.S. Next.

Copyright by AbundantHope.net all rights reserved

13th December 2010, 23:57
Malfunctions Wilcock cited in his radio interview (these are rough notes):

Oct 21 oil refinery nr. Chicago
Oct 22 one in California
Oct 22 the British new nuclear submarine HMS Astute - crashed into rocks in Scotland
Oct 23 one nineth of US ballastic missiles went off line
Oct 28 French navy ship Charles de Gaulle going to Persian gulf
Nov 3 nuclear power plant in Texas
Nov 4 Quantas engine
Nov 5 Boeing 747 engine problems
Nov 7 Atlanta hub 911 systems shut down
Nov 7 Quantas all sorts of other problems in planes - hairline fractures etc
Nov 8 - 2 nuclear plants in New Yk and Vermont
Nov 8 the new cruise ship Carnival Splendour total shut down
Nov 8 Time Warner channels in CLeveland Ohio shut down for 90 mins when George Bush interviewed on his book -
Next day the US missile launch

ALso failures at
Nov 15 oil refinery Texas
Nov 28 Kansas one
Dec 4 one in Louisiana
and Russian space probe, and DW says insiders say other malfunctions are vast

14th December 2010, 00:50
Well, as was said by this man (on the right)...in Braveheart (just before the big battle scene), regarding coming here.... and incarnating in a human body, "I guess we don't get all dressed up for nothing."


14th December 2010, 02:50
Everyone should listen to this track.

Interestingly at about 33 mins into it, David talks about the Negative Agenda of the Illuminati and describes the cruel mental training of the million or so operatives (in the USA) "recruited" to carry out the PTB's plans. This sounds not unlike MK Ultra's training methods.

Webster Tarpley has implied that Julian Assange may have had this training, though many will dispute this.

14th December 2010, 03:30
@ str8thinker, sorry but Tarpley clearly did not do his research on Assange, and he made plenty of assumptions with no evidence to back them up. The Hamilton -Byne connection for one... they where escaping from said group, not INVOLVED in it.... HIs mother had a brief abusive relationship with the SON of Hamilton-Byne and as a result they were on the run and in hiding . IMPLYING things about someone, is hardly evidence to go on and keep repeating. I find it annoying that people are making judgements without looking at all the evidence on hand , and we have now quite alot.....

Assange MK ULTRA?? Sorry but what a joke.

Are we so used to looking for the conspiracy in everything that we are failing to see something good and important and affecting BIG changes when we see it???

i thought this is what we all wanted... the bastards to be exposed...???

anyways... off to garden now,

( No offense , or disrespect intended but im getting kind of feed up!! )



14th December 2010, 04:31
Astrid, I was going to append this to my earlier post, but you beat me to it.

At about 83:30 in the track, Willcock states that some of his sources say Assange was a CIA employee. He adds:

I don't know if it's true. Originally this was to have been a sanctioned disclosure. It appears that it came from the Obama administration, specifically because there was a stranglehold that the Republicans had over these wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Obama's basically boxed into a corner because the Republicans have such political power that if he does anything to try to get out of those wars, they will just come down on him with all gunfire and holy thunder. It's like there's nothing he can do; he's penned into a corner.

So the original intention appeared to be, "Let's leak this stuff that shows how terrible these wars are, and create this wave of public indignation which will then give a natural conclusion where there is momentum where 'Hey, we gotta get out of this - this is crazy - this is just like Vietnam all over again. It's horrible.'"

Unfortunately what's happened is that because the Republicans swept through and regained majority control of the House of Representatives, any plan to actually discontinue the war is not going to be able to work, and it seems like that's been scrapped. But what has happened - and this is very interesting - If Julian was in any way working for these people in the beginning, he basically went rogue, and he went off the beaten track, and what I'm hearing now from other, very reliable sources ... is that there's two levels of spin. The mainstream media spin is always "He's a terrorist, and we gotta get rid of him" ... Then the alternative conspiracy media side, what they leak out to all these conspiracy bloggers, is just the opposite. There, what they're saying, is "Oooh, you know, he's working for us, and he's putting out all this stuff that we want, and it's all under our control, and nothing that is being done is anything we didn't want, and it's all just part of the plan."

That is emphatically and completely not true, based on what I'm hearing. What I'm hearing is that the reality is that this has become a massive problem, and that there are all sorts of things that are coming out from this that are very damaging, and it's sending shock waves throughout the insider community.

If he had been a CIA employee, then it's quite possible he may have been exposed to some type of MK Ultra training by them, not necessarily during his childhood, although that might have made him a more attractive candidate. Yet at the same time he appears to have become his own free agent, for better (for us) or worse (for the PTB). David Willcock's take on Julian Assange seems one of the most accurate yet and is not seriously opposed to what I have posted about him earlier.

14th December 2010, 06:33
That is an amazing talk and if David is on the right track, it's definitely a hopeful message.
I really relate to what he says about Obama. When I've seen him on TV lately, he looks very shaken, shocked and disillusioned. I really believe, as DW says, that he was very naive when he was elected.
Does anyone know if Bill Ryan has expressed any opinion about the credibility of Ben Fulford''s info?
I would love to hear what Bill has to say about what DW's said, and what the insider Bill says he has been talking to thinks about it. According to DW, many insiders don't really know what is going on, though they think they do.

14th December 2010, 07:24
I stll take issue with some of David's assertions.

(as described by Sabrina in this thread, earlier) China may have launched one of the missiles seen recently. A Chinese submarine surfaced in the midst of an American Navy exercise recently, shocking everyone.

The only report of this I can find is this one, not recent but way back on 10 November 2007:

American military chiefs have been left dumbstruck by an undetected Chinese submarine popping up at the heart of a recent Pacific exercise and close to the vast U.S.S. Kitty Hawk - a 1,000ft supercarrier with 4,500 personnel on board.

David left me with the impression that this happened only a few months ago.

I also find it difficult to accept that the Qantas A380 engine failures were all coordinated by the Chinese. A common manufacturing fault seems a far simpler explanation.

Towards the end of his talk he begins to waffle about cosmic energization and falls back on the unchallengeable source of knowledge shared by Icke and others - channelling. This is a disappointingly subjective end to an otherwise fine performance.