View Full Version : Misophonia - the hatred of sound (not to be confused with tinnitus)

30th August 2016, 22:02
Pronounced miss-oh-phone-ee-ya...


I've been living with this condition my whole life and discovered a few months ago that 1) it's a real neurological condition with a name, 2) many people suffer from it and many don't even know it's a real condition with a name, 3) there are only about 12 doctors in the US who know about it that you can go to, and 4) there's no known cure.

I don't believe in coincidences, so it's not a coincidence that a documentary is about to be released about this condition, by director Jeffrey Gould (a fellow miso sufferer who I've since traded several emails with). The trailer brought me to tears:


I also discovered that an old friend of mine has it. We were both shocked to know we each had the same problem, never knowing all these years.

I'm sharing this info for anyone who has it to know you're not crazy, and you're not alone.

East Sun
30th August 2016, 22:54
I have suffered from tinnitus for 50 years and sensitivity to noise for almost as long. It made my life miserable especially when

neighbors set up dirt-bike trails with jumps across from our house. Our home became a hell. We tried everything to have them stopped only to be

called names and be branded as the bad guys. After 30 years it still goes on today. We are retiring and moving hopefully

next year. There is no cure and doctors think you are crazy.

You are not alone.... I hope it becomes better known.

I hope that Drs. are better educated in the many things that are not taught in Med. School in the future.


31st August 2016, 10:44
Well I hope something, someone comes and helps you all soon.

31st August 2016, 19:26
What a terrible thing, not to be able to enjoy great music, the birds twittering, the wind in the grass, the waves hissing . . . .I truly feel for you.

For the rest, it's just noise (as accompanist Gerald Moore quoted someone else as saying!) & I can't bear most of it, either - it makes me physically ill, though clearly not in the same league as you.