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13th December 2010, 17:30
For most people the weather appears to be a completely random thing and they rely on the weather person for predictions on what will happen to it next. For the weather person the weather appears to follow a regular pattern based on the time of year and cause and effect. i.e. the flow of air from low pressure to high pressure area’s cause wind. Clouds get blown by the wind and when certain conditions occur the cloud will dump its water as rain or snow. This model fits most of the time but sometimes the weather person is wrong. The question begs are there causes and effects unknown to the weather person that lead to failed predictions. The answer is more than probably yes. It appears there is a fundamental universal principle that our understanding on a subject is a subset of all there is to know on a subject. Problems occur when, as individuals and then collectively, we decide that we do know all there is to know, or all we need to know, and then mistakenly call our understanding the Law when it is a law. The Law or the absolute truth on a subject, however, may be a lot more complex. Our understanding on a subject may fit the effect most of the time to be useful but there may be a simpler law that is closer to the Law. Another universal principle is as human beings it is not possible to grasp the Law in its entirety. We can only ever have a law which is a subset of the Law. If you take a bucket and dip it in the ocean of all there is to know then the content of the bucket appears to be the same substance as the rest of the ocean but it is not the ocean.

In 2008 I was searching the internet for information regarding a computer software issue. Purely by accident I stumbled across H.A.R.R.P (H.A.A.R.P. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Frequency_Active_Auroral_Research_Program)). I then read that some people thought it was being used to control the weather and somehow Chem. Trails (Chem trails (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chem_trails)) were involved. And then Nibiru (Nibiru (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nibiru_collision)) . Down and down into the rabbit hole I fell. Eventually I ended up at Project Camelot and then Project Avalon. To cut a long story short, eventually I threw my arms in the air and out of pure frustration shouted out loud. “God. What is going on here?”… Along the way God was mentioned a few times in various articles and forums. In project Avalon, for example, there were people standing up for the Bible and others rubbishing it. Soon after throwing my hands in the air in contemplation I said to myself. “Wouldn’t it be funny if God was inside us all along and everyone was looking over there and up the top of that mountain or out in space?” It was a theory for me to start with but the more I looked into it, researched it and experienced it, the more the laughter become awe.

So, I started talking about the weather and have eventually ended up on the topic of God. I guess that when you are seeking the truth on a subject with a sincere heart then eventually you end up at God. I will attempt to define God as the first cause of all that is in the universe. God is the absolute truth. There is no one name for God so I loosely use the word “God” so that you know whom I am talking about. If one traces cause and effect back to first cause then something has to have been responsible. Well, that’s the way it seemed to me. All the major religions of today at their heart point at this truth. So, as it agreed with my hypothesis, I kind of went with it.

Now, back to the weather, one of the big questions I had was “Are Human’s able to manipulate the weather on planet earth?” I started to notice things when watching the sky. Sometimes I would notice strips of cloud forming when looking out my office window. They weren’t vapour trails as they didn’t fade away and they were in regular patterns. Soon after the base strips would form a lower layer of cloud would form to cover the strips and form a sheet of clouds. God must have known I was now watching the clouds because one time when I was flying out of my City I saw the words G.O.D. stencilled in the clouds. I had to look twice. I guessed God was telling me the answer to this question was to look for God. I had exhausted all other ways at my disposal to find the truth. Another time I was flying to a smaller town and noticed some jet aircraft painting the sky with these Chem Trails. I guessed there was something to this theory. I wanted to know all about it but all I could find was this theory or that theory. I wanted the truth. I kept observing and I kept watching. The more I watched the more I was certain it was some kind of weather control. It would be a stinking hot day and then the trails would appear and it would be overcast not long after, especially in the middle of summer. I would observe various craft laying them, from small light air craft, to commercial air craft. A couple of times I had to rub my eyes because I thought I saw little white spheres that moved unlike Aircraft. One would sit in one spot and the other in another spot and then a Chem. Trail would appear between them. While getting to know God from the inside I would meditate on this and I had impressions that this was some sort of electrical potential between them causing a charge that water vapour would stick too. All they had to do was start the ball rolling and a snow ball effect would happen. I guess this is the same theory behind Chem Trails. The distinction with Chem trails was that fine particles were used to lace the boundary of stratosphere and then H.A.A.R.P or similar was used to cause a potential for the particles to cling too and then the water vapour would cling to the particles forming the trails and then the snow ball effect again.

So, it seems the next question begs… “Why?” If, through the use of weather modification, a government or collective can control when it rains and when it doesn’t or how hot or cold it gets, then essentially that government can control the economic success of its agricultural industry. It could be used as a weapon against rival countries. At a positive level weather modification could be used to minimise or turn back the effects of Global Warming. At a sinister level, the emotions of populations could be altered by the amount of blue sky they see.

The more I have observed this phenomenon, the more I have noticed something else. Simply by observing clouds I have noticed that they are not as random as they first appeared. It appears to be a sea of consciousness at a different level and, occasionally, I have observed individualised reflections of consciousness staring back. Sometimes a human type face and other times an animal. Snakes and Wolf heads are common. Take a look at Animals (http://www.flickr.com/photos/metservice-nz/4581944583/) in cloud photo of a sunset. Look in the middle of the darker patch top left or look at just right of centre and be open to what you see. Try searching youtube or google for “faces in clouds” e.g. Face in the cloud (http://www.google.co.nz/imgres?imgurl=http://www.dailycognition.com/content/image/12/2024663860103830173S600x600Q85.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.dailycognition.com/index.php/2008/11/20/30-weirdest-clouds-on-earth.html&h=350&w=600&sz=19&tbnid=mHMwQlYbyzI0GM:&tbnh=79&tbnw=135&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dimages%2Bof%2Bfaces%2Bin%2Bclouds&zoom=1&q=images+of+faces+in+clouds&hl=en&usg=__8StCUC72SQfVwHwNfmcmiyXHzZw=&sa=X&ei=zzoGTeLJDY6qsAPf4ezADQ&ved=0CBkQ9QEwAA). It may seem crazy and indeed Psychologists have given a name to this and called it pareidol (http://www.skepdic.com/pareidol.html). However, whilst I agree that there is a tendency to perceive the world around us and project ourselves upon it. It is what it is.

I heard an interesting example once. When the sailing ships from Europe and England first arrived at the East Coast of America the Native American’s could not see the boats. They had never seen a sailing ship and to them these boats were invisible to them. They were completely taken by surprise. The concept of the sailing ship wasn’t part of their consciousness. Likewise, if you look at the clouds and see them as fluffy masses of water vapour that randomly appear, then you have no concept that there might be more. All you will see is what your consciousness is open too. Once it is pointed out to you then you will start to notice more. Observe the clouds around you for a week with an open mind to test this for yourself if you will.

This prompted me to look at the meaning of Heaven. In the Bible Paul the apostle mentioned being carried up to the Third Heaven. I then asked the question “What are the 1st and second heavens?” In seeking I found that in earlier times it was common knowledge that the first Heaven was the earth’s atmosphere. The Second heaven was considered the universe beyond the earth and its atmosphere. The third heaven was considered behind space and time and the realm of God. In the Old Testament of the bible Jacob observed a ladder between these heavens and earth where Angels ascended and descended in their work.

This prompts me to mention a regular event that has occurred in the physical for the last 12 months on and off. My computer started doing its own thing in front of me. Windows popup and keystrokes are typed. Each time this occurred it was the same set of key strokes etc. I open Microsoft Word and the same message is typed.


Mes.c = ch
Me.t = ti

At first I thought it was a hacker but my computer is clean. The message has been the same on each occurrence and across installations of Windows. It is like a recording being played back each time. Nothing I do changes the message but I do have the ability to type and control my mouse at the time. After much research I have concluded that this formula defines a dimension. Massless Extremels (Mes) have a variable c (the speed of light) which defines a channel. This defines a field. Each Massless Extremel (Me) within a given dimension has a parameter t which is it rate of change from one state to another. This is perceived as a time interval within a given dimension (ti). The first and last lines define beginning and end of message. This happens when I am in the middle of investigating the spiritual. The last time it happened I was reading about “The Great White Brotherhood”. So finally I have concluded that it is a message saying Hi and oh, by the way you are looking at us. In a unique form of delivery that I would understand being one to seek until I find. My Son and wife have witnessed it happening in front of us. My son particularly was “This can’t be happening….. but, but….”. It’s kind of like how I see 11:11 or 10:10 etc. when I have enlightening moments and happen to glance at the clock.

All this has done has made me smaller and in awe of all that is. Now, back to the weather and what this has to do with it. From what I have observed with only my eyes and a seeking mind the existence of these heavens has presented itself.

Well, on a couple of occasions I have seen cloud fronts with a humanoid shaped cloud at the head leading the charge so to speak. One day I saw a front go from north to south and then later that day from south to north with a figure at the head leading the charge. I pondered this and then wondered if perhaps the weather could be manipulated by leader consciousnesses. Indeed the first heaven is the realm of the lord of the air. Most indigenous cultures have methods to ask for weather. They will call upon the spirits to bring certain favourable conditions. Take the rain dance for example. In seeking I found one website that really sums all this up www.twm.co.nz (http://www.twm.co.nz/) . Take a look for yourself and then you will see exactly what I am talking about. Governments around the world are in the market to control their weather but what happens when greed or malice is the motivation. There are many motives and many methods but essentially what is the impact on our world? Is it right to do this? Mother Nature cannot be tamed for very long. She will fight back. We need to start asking the right questions of the right people and put a stop to this unless it is for purest of motivations. The consequences of misuse have probably already presented themselves.

13th December 2010, 19:01

All Things Have Some Consciousness
The world view of Ifa differs from the world view of mainstream Western metaphysics in two ways; Ifa teaches that everything in nature has some form of consciousness called ori, and it teaches that the world is a multi-dimensional reality. Most forms of shamanism teach the idea that the visible world is influenced by invisible worlds that co-exist in the same dimensional space as the physical world. The invisible realms are usually called "Spirit Worlds". The word "spirit" means "essential nature" or "essence". From a shamanistic point of view Spirits are fundamental Forces in Nature that help shape the physical reality perceived by the senses in a non-altered state of consciousness.
Ifa teaches that all things in the world have some form of consciousness. The first step in developing the shamanistic skills of an Ifa initiate is to learn how to empathize with the consciousness of non human Forces in Nature. [...]
Communication with non human forms of consciousness is generally described by anthropologists as "possession." There are two Yoruba words for this phenomena; "Ini" meaning "I am", and "ogun" meaning "medicine". The student of Ifa who learns to empathize with the consciousness of various Forces of Nature uses their ability as a problem solving tool. From an Ifa perspective learning how to empathize with the consciousness of a cloud is a way of retrieving information related to future weather conditions. It is also the first step in learning how to influence the weather.

13th December 2010, 19:08
My posting name "Initiate" has nothing to do with shamanism it just happens that the author of the twm website refers to initiate of shamanism. I posted the last entry as a reference to Weather Modification via non technology means.

13th December 2010, 19:20

Dear John,
Thanks for the confirmation. I must say that I'm intrigued about what it is that TWM actually does and, as I'll probably get to deal with the matter, I look forward to hearing from you... Your good wishes and greetings are entirely reciprocated.
BR - Dept of Water Affairs and Forestry (http://www.dwaf.gov.za/), S Africa

... there may be other areas where we can strengthen each other's efforts for nuturing ethical and ecological consciousness. I am curious to know a little more about your weather modification efforts... It is unimaginable what you [are] doing and you need all the support but the rational in me still wants to know... I do not question the basic premise of your enterprise... you have our invitation to visit us and be our guest.
Prof. Anil Gupta, (http://www.iimahd.ernet.in/faculty/facultydetails.php?id=165)Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India.

Dear Mr.Porter,
Namasthe! Greetings from India! I wish to know whether you undertake projects to create "artificial rain"? In our state Karnataka, in southern India, we have a very severe water shortage and the Government is interested in deploying professional services to create "artificial rain"... I would endeavour to get back to you, at the earliest, with the tender details, etc. We have... to liaison with State Government of Karnataka on your behalf.
SR - India

The Government of Andhra Pradesh have decided to conduct operations during 2005. A notification pertaining to above invitation has been issued and published in the National dailies. A copy of same notification is also posted as under. The same along with bid document is also available in the web site www.aponline.gov.in for download. I therefore request you to kindly intimate the same to all prospective organizations / agencies / individuals associated with cloud seeding programmes for wide publicity.
Secretary, Rain Shadow Areas Development Department (http://www.aponline.gov.in/Apportal/Mainpage.doc),
K’block, 1st floor, A.P Secretariat, Hyderabad- 500022 (A.P) India.

Dear Sir,
Pakistan normally faces continue shortage of water... due to very less /no raining and negligible number of reservoirs... our met office has warned of a possible drought in the country with no signs of any significant rainfall over the next two months... Drought conditions have already developed in Baluchistan, the largest (by land) province and Sindh besides major segment of The Punjab... we have proposed and discussed the matter with the top management of our met office who supported our idea to explore and invite the possibilities of some multinational company undertaking the anticipated project for weather modification /artificial raining... We contact you chiefly because we understand your company may be the leading in this regards to suggest us... appropriate measures for weather modification / artificial raining... Best regards
MAJ - Pakistan