View Full Version : Noting more changes

Humble Janitor
10th April 2010, 06:58
Lately, I primarily get my nutrients from smoothies and my eating habits are in decline, mainly due to thyroid medication, which reduces unnecessary cravings. However, I do feel lighter sometimes. As I increase the nutrient content of what I am taking in, it just helps in more ways than I can ever tell.

Sometimes, I eat crap but I follow it up with a smoothie of several different berries (I usually go frozen and organic...cheaper) and organic juices (apple and acai are just two). I need to actually drink a veggie smoothie more often but need ideas.

Regardless, my life now is nothing but a tug-a-war between positive and negative forces and I usually come out about even most of the time. I'm starting to call out people and notice when they're trying to draw me in, hence my refusal to have anything to do with them.

It's definitely an interesting time. Should calm down in the summer without classes.

Anyhoo, just noting some changes that I can come back to down the road if anything new happens.