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16th September 2016, 05:54
A recent report issued this month by the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee into the UK's involvement in Libya has been published.

The "Conclusions and recommendations" gives a run down on the internal processes that allow the disaster of intervention and shift towards regime change possible.

I will quote a number of key points from the 53 page report:

1. "France led the international community in advancing the case for military intervention in Libya"

2. "The possibility that militant extremist groups would attempt to benefit from the rebellion should not have been the preserve if hindsight.....man Libyans had participated in the Iraq insurgency and in Afghanistan with al-Qaeda"

3."....no evidence that the UK Government carried out a proper analysis of the nature of the rebellion in Libya. It maybe that the UK Government was unable to analyse the nature of the rebellion in Libya due to incomplete intelligence and insufficient institutional insight and that it was caught up in the events has they developed."

The rest can be read from the pdf download link below:


Baby Steps
16th September 2016, 08:53
I ain't blaming the French but....

French secret service killed Gaddafi on Sarkozy’s orders: reports
New revelations reignite rumours that Sarkozy was behind Gaddafi's 2011 killing

Libya’s former leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was killed by a French secret service agent, acting on the direct orders of France’s ex-President Nicholas Sarkozy, media reports out on Saturday have claimed.
According to sources quoted in UK’s Daily Mail newspaper, Sarkozy who ruled France from 2007 to 2012, sent secret service agents to infiltrate local gangs that were trying to locate Gaddafi as his regime collapsed in the wake of the Arab Spring.
The agent then shot Gaddafi in the head, the Daily Mail quoted a “well-placed sources in the North African country” as saying.
The source said that the killing was sanctioned to prevent Gaddafi being interrogated or standing trial and revealing the true nature of his dealings with Sarkozy, as well as other western leaders.
“Sarkozy had every reason to try to silence the Colonel and as quickly as possible,” the Tripoli-based source told the UK paper.
Before NATO launched a UN-sanctioned bombing campaign, aimed at ousting Gaddafi in 2011, the eccentric Libyan dictator appeared to have strong ties with several European leaders, including Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi and Britain’s Tony Blair.
Sarkozy, however, was rocked by a scandal in March 2012 when it emerged that Gaddafi had given 50 mn euros ($67 mn) to his presidential campaign – an allegation Sarkozy strongly denies.
The rumour mill around Gaddafi’s killing has been spinning for years, with Mahmoud Jibril, who served as interim Prime Minister following Gaddafi's overthrow, telling Egyptian TV in 2012: 'It was a foreign agent who mixed with the revolutionary brigades to kill Gaddafi.'
Reports at this time in Italian media also quoted sources that alleged a French agent was behind the October 2011 killing.
“Since the beginning of NATO's support for the revolution - strongly backed by the government of Nicolas Sarkozy - Gaddafi openly threatened to reveal details of his relationship with the former president of France, including the millions of dollars paid to finance his candidacy at the 2007 elections,” Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra quoted Libyan diplomatic sources as saying.


We are getting the 'BAD APPLE PSI-OP' in UK at the moment, with Cameron being vilified for this atrocity. I would say the US, UK, and France share the blame. I really hope that the public do not fall for the idea that - oops we had a bad leader or bad decision, but don't worry everything is OK because now we have better leaders , we have learned and moved on.....


We need to exploit this evil, to build peace and transparency processes into our government. We all know this illegal aggression was driven by special interests who control governments. Lets use this to root out the 'bastards' who persist in destabilising the world. ' By their fruit shall you know them'. It's all there for us to see.
We have no more excuses for not demanding changes at the top.