View Full Version : Dr Robert O Young and the pH Miracle for Diabetes

24th September 2016, 19:08
The Truth is in regarding Diabetes. Dr. Robert O. Young has proved that Type 1 (using insulin ) and Type 2 ( regulate diet) can both be reversed


Now no one can say it's impossible to reverse.

24th September 2016, 20:51
I can't remember the Documentary I saw, but there is a doctor in arizona that has a 30 day treatment for Diabetes ( type 1 and 2). All he does is puts them on a raw vegan diet. The 30 days is basically teaching them how to make raw vegan meals. All of the type 1 gets cured in the 30 days, the type two takes a little longer.

Here he is.


24th September 2016, 21:08
To neutronstar: Your picture is a hoot! Thanks for the needed information.

24th September 2016, 22:06
I seem to remember that Dr Robert Young
Was being accused of making fraudulent claims regarding cures.

Yes found it



He was arrested in January 2014 and convicted in 2016 on two out of three charges of theft and practising medicine without a license.[8][9] He is currently in jail and will also be retried on six charges of fraud, after a jury deadlocked 8-4.[10]

I promoted his work on Avalon some years back--I had read his book.
He is not alone in promoting a less acidic diet though and it does make sense.
May be so