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10th October 2016, 16:43
So here's an article on how the Ontario provincial government has removed the freedom of choice for municipalities to remove fluoride from their water supplies. The article claims that opposition to fluoridation is based on junk science:


Here's the email i sent to the 'junk' journalist:


I know you are paid to be a fluoridation promoter. Any objective journalist, of which very few exist these days, would have done some research on the other side of this fluoridation issue. A simple google search on the topic reveals that there are multiple reasons why fluoridation of municipal water is wrong:


Morally it is wrong because it is forced medication without the subjects' consent. Secondly, there IS scientific evidence that fluoridation IS harmful. The list of objections goes on. Now, the corporately owned provincial government wont even give municipalities the freedom of choice on the matter.

You are likely one of those journalists who also supports the forcing of genetically modified food down the unsuspecting public's throat. The public agencies that approved these frankenfoods only looked at biased/fabricated/fraudulent/incomplete research conducted by the agri-businesses that invented these unnutritious and harmful organisms. Other, objective research done on these products shows alarming reaults, such as sterility.

I have come to the conclusion that mainstream journalism is just a hired hand to the big corporate, fascist group that owns our politicians. Your article calls the arguments against fluoridation as based on 'junk' science without providing any facts or research to back up your position.

If proper research had been done beforehand, western society wouldnt have had to suffer through diets of transfats, food coloring, excessive sugar, etc., etc. The same results will be found some years down the road on gmo, fluoridation, and whatever newfangled food invention the corporate fascists come up with. And bribed journalists like you will always be around to promote this crap.

If you really cared about the public, you would research your articles better and perhaps get a little closer to the truth.


10th October 2016, 17:07
flouride is a toxin (a component of rat poison); it calcifies the pineal gland; it makes us "stoopid"- thank God Germany quit flouridating its water in 1971-


10th October 2016, 17:26
Sooo, was there a reply to you letter of discontent??

10th October 2016, 17:55
PROZAC is 94% Fluoride --

AND . . . what is being put in our water is NOT naturally occurring fluoride -- it is the WASTE
from manufacturing of aluminum and other products -- fertilizers, for instance.

Same for our toothpastes and other products which may have fluoride in them -- it is NOT
naturally occurring fluoride -- it is the waste product of manufacturing.

10th October 2016, 17:56

Pure poison.

10th October 2016, 18:14
Not a reply so far, Athena, but i will post it if received.

Michelle Marie
10th October 2016, 20:32
PROZAC is 94 % Fluoride.

Wow! Curious77, I didn't know that!

What I DO KNOW from personal experience is that Prozac has been prescribed right from inside the public school system. Here's how I know...

One day when I was substitute teaching (Oregon, about 2012), a student came up to me with a note to go to the on campus doctor's office and said to me, "Ms. --, I'm going to tell them that I don't want to be on Prozac." I was stunned. When I taught full-time at this same school, this medical facility within the office building of the school did not exist.

Parents be-Aware. There are methods to eliminate the awareness, will, and consent of the parents. (Or tricked into consent without their knowing.)

Thanks for this information. Let's hope it is broadcast rapidly, wide and far.


PS. This same school district passed out fluoride pills to students every morning...I still remember the 5th grade class where I subbed regularly. There were a few on the list that did not receive them. Students were actually put in charge of passing them out...it was part of their morning routine, such as submitting lunch choices to the cafeteria. I cite these things as crimes against humanity. We who are awake cannot participate. Clearly, we are still awakening.

10th October 2016, 22:38
Curious77, would you please give some background for your statement that Prozac is 75% fluoride? I find that an amazing statement without any underlying information. Actually, I think you are saying 94%?

11th October 2016, 00:27
Regarding prozac, this can be found on the 'little shaman' website:

So, once and for all: does Prozac contain fluoride? The simple answer is yes. Prozac not only contains fluoride, Prozac is fluoride.

Prozac is the brand name for a chemical compound called fluoxetine hydrochloride. Fluoxetine is made up of five different elements (C17H18F3NO). Fluorine is one of those elements (F3). Fluorine is a gas and never occurs in a free state in nature. Fluorine exists only in combination with other elements as fluoride compounds. Both organic and inorganic compounds containing the element fluorine (F) are considered fluorides. This means fluoxetine is a fluoride. Therefore, we could say Prozac is fluoride. Fluoxetine is the only ingredient in Prozac and fluoxetine is a fluoride.*
The bigger problem that comes up when we are talking about fluoride and chemical toxicity in general, though, is that people like to say “the dose determines the poison.” This is very true, but it’s misleading sometimes. Perhaps the amount of the type of fluoride in Prozac is safe by itself, or perhaps it does not “break down” and release fluoride into the body (this is unknown as of yet, but some organofluorine drugs have been proven to expose the body to fluoride). However, how much fluoride of all types are you actually exposed to every day besides Prozac? It is in more than just mouthwash and toothpaste and in more drugs than just Prozac, including Haldol, Celexa, Cipram, Luvox, Paxil, Lexapro, Dalmane, Cipro, Levaquin and many more. Because of pesticide contamination of foods, groundwater poisoning and deliberate contamination of our drinking water, we are taking in much more than the “recommended” amount of fluoride every day (in quotes because fluoride is not essential to our health in any way). It is literally in almost everything we eat and drink. As mentioned above, the fluoride added to our drinking water is a waste by-product from industrial manufacturing, including aluminum and fertilizer. Drugs like Prozac and Zoloft are not being cleaned from our waste water, and they are being found in freshwater streams and worse, in our drinking water. It’s true that the dose determines the poison but with no way to measure how much we are ingesting daily – and with different types of fluoride metabolizing differently – how can we be sure what the dose actually is?

We can’t. This is where it becomes dangerous. Not knowing what is in drugs commonly leads to overdoses, and fluoride is no different. Only you can decide what medications are right for you and on the subject of fluoride and fluorinated drugs, accurate information can be very hard to come by.


11th October 2016, 03:02
This is annoying in the extreme! I already pay for water filtration to remove fluoride and other contaminants and just as I was beginning to see a glimmer of reason in some municipalities they are placed in check mate by the Province...I'll write my MPP but I doubt it will do much, if anything. Perhaps enough people will voice a concern that we will be heard.

11th October 2016, 07:05
JustPlain, Thank you for the info. I had not heard that before.