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16th December 2010, 02:22
Well i found this news info today... its from the Laywer Athens Union release.

OnAlert.gr (http://www.onalert.gr/default.php?pname=Article&catid=2&art_id=1754)

the translation is roughly this..

" The elimination of conditions which affect our sovereign rights under the Memorandum of the loan agreement requires that we sign the Athens Bar Association in a press release!
The text, signed by the President Dimitris Paxinos saying that "Article 14 of the Convention para.5 Greece renounces irrevocably and unconditional immunities protecting national sovernity .This is unprecedented term does not occur in either the colonial agreements ... This condition which violates the fundamental principle of respect for sovereignty, threats, endangering the heart and affects the sovereign rights, its own sovereignty and the reality of the country.
The most appalling in accordance with DPS is that "the Lenders, together or with the consent of all, they can transfer to a third country of their rights under the Convention '!
The DPS, indicates strongly that the loan agreement is unlawful! "

They add and say that the agreement is (cant translate this properly) "controled" by the English Law and the ONLY Court that has any power to judge this is the EU Court.

If this isnt the official sell of Greece to the IMF/EU/Bankers what else is it... i guess the lawyers would know what "our" Government has signed.

Sad times ahead...

16th December 2010, 08:47
No comments? This is hidden from the media ofc, we are not told about this we are told that our government is trying to negotiate with IMF to get better agreement and more time to pay off.

We are not told we sold off... we are not told Greece is dead.

16th December 2010, 16:05
Wow, Etherios, I have just read your OP and I am nearly flabbergasted! The removal of national soveriegnty is definately in the plans of the EU/UN (the eventual NWO) government. I posted something on this fact on the forum this summer(I think!).


Although this mentions "global warming" regulation, what it says about soveriegn states jumped out at me.

So this is how they are getting about doing it in the EU. HMMMM... very sad (shakes head and frowns).

My prayers are with you, there in Greece. Don't lose hope and faith! We will overcome!

16th December 2010, 17:10
Last time I checked, national sovereignty was abolished the moment EU nations signed "Lisbon Treaty" , as it established that EU directive/rulings as senior to national ones ... consolidated EU as legal personality,
You know, the treaty that was voted in Ireland till they said yes, and the one no other country put to public vote?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisbon_treaty ...

What transpires now are only implementation of means already present, from signing of this document on 13 December 2007.

16th December 2010, 21:03
Until we realize there are no LAWS, just rules, regulations, codes, and statutes.

OMG, China is going to legally own the US soon. lol. That might just be infuriating enough for people to say, wait a minute, this is ridiculous, thats just paperwork , you dont own anything. Remember what they say, 9/10ths of the law is possession.