View Full Version : The Nibiru Chronicles (parody very funny)

2nd November 2016, 23:58
A few of my friends in the band Gravybrain made this comedy series about a spaceship on its way to Nibiru. Though is is a parody some of the band are into the alt truth scene and are just having some fun here. It is well produced and the music is good too! Check it out. There is an entire series of eight episodes w/ more to come.



3rd November 2016, 06:52
At least these guys are having fun with their super sized budget! (Courtesy of GNN).
I have only watched one 'sode and wondering (on tenterhooks), "Will they get there?"
No spoilers please...

3rd November 2016, 12:19
I'm not so sure they are ever going to get to Nibiru or Niribu as they call it. LOL. The episode w/ the zombies and brain burgers is priceless. The band gets their name from the movie "Conspiracy Theory" w/ Mel Gibson and the "Gravy for the Brain" scene........