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Bill Ryan
16th December 2010, 09:11

I've just received an e-mail from an old friend of Camelot witness 'Henry Deacon', who had discovered Project Camelot on Google. They were enquiring about their own safety, and about that of Henry himself (real name Arthur Neumann). In their message, they confirmed that the passport picture in the Barcelona 2009 Futuretalk 5 video (http://projectcamelot.org/lang/en/future_talk_5_webre_dean_neumann_en.html) was that of the person they knew. They also confirmed that he had been involved in classified programs at Livermore which he had never once talked about.

Here's my reply, slightly edited for confidentiality:


Dear ________ ,

I can reassure you completely about your safety. The authorities (Arthur's past employers) are not vindictive - just security-minded, protecting their interests.

Tens of thousands of people who have followed Arthur's revelations via Project Camelot may well know much more now about his work than you do. That does not place them in danger. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.

We're as sure as we can be that he's safe. From what we know he was approached and warned last July 2009 (we've said as much publicly, so this statement here is nothing beyond that) and was then made an offer he could not refuse to assist him in relocating to a friendly, comfortable place where he'd always wanted to live.

We don't this happened as a fact, but have fairly good reason to suspect it. We never knew his wife. Our last direct contact with him was over a year ago. We're not expecting to hear from him again.

Arthur suffered emotionally as well as physically. It was clear that his work had had a post-traumatic stress effect on him. We met and spoke with him for literally hundreds of hours and yet there were some things he would or could not talk about.

We suspected that he had some degree of engineered memory loss... i.e. blanks in his recall, maybe deliberately 'wiped'.

Soon after we met him, it became clear that he had visited Mars as part of a highly classified program. He traveled there by teleportation in a device called a 'jumproom'. His role was as an electronics engineer / technical specialist.

There was much that he never explained, and maybe did not know or could not remember..

He also told us (as referenced on these Project Camelot pages)


...that he'd been involved in the technical preparations for 9/11. This disturbed him greatly.

It was only at the last minute (the day of the event) he was briefed on what his technical work had been for. For a few hours he considered sabotaging the project (he could have) - but he didn't. He lives with that guilt, which was unreasonably placed on him.

Kerry and I have always maintained that no-one who has not been a part of these kinds of classified programs is in a position to understand what the participants have to carry with them on their shoulders... it's very heavy.

You're perfectly safe, and there's absolutely no reason for anyone in authority to have any attention on you. They will certainly be reading this e-mail (this is their job, which we understand) - and will know from its content that there's nothing here of any concern.

They will also know that we really do not know Arthur's whereabouts, and that he never told us anything that we didn't publish (with his consent at all times).

That phase is all over now, and Arthur has been 'retired' from the game - so to speak. Nowadays 'nuisance' people are not hurt... they're quietly removed by being paid off (or having a problem nicely 'solved' for them), or scared off, or (in Arthur's case, we believe), possibly both. We still consider him our friend.

With all very best wishes,

Bill Ryan

The One
16th December 2010, 09:20
Accountability for
Livermore’s Secret
Classified Documents
Is Inadequate

This is what the above company had to say about there secret documents.The laboratory’s secret document control program is inadequate. A substantial number of secret documents are missing, and the accountability controls over them do not ensure that classified information is being adequately controlled. Although it is encouraging to see that laboratory management is developing and implementing a centralized computer data base for controlling secret documents, more can be done to improve the management of and control over such documents

Below is a link you may already be aware of this PDF so apologies if this is old


16th December 2010, 19:41
I had a good contact and friend of mine look into Deacon's history at LLL. This friend is/was a high level project manager. After I requested this of my friend, and I had only supplied Art's name alone....My friend simply did not respond to me.

Message received.

16th December 2010, 20:27
I posted this in the wrong forum. Go figure.

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16th December 2010, 21:53
I noted that in David Wilckock's latest interview, posted by member Zillah Here :

David comments that he has been in contact with Henry Deacon very recently, so if true, could Bill find out Henry's situation off David. He obviously hasn't disappeared completely to have contacted David Wilcock.

27th February 2011, 15:19
Of all the interviews on Project Camelot, Henry Deacon (aka Arthur Nuuman) impressed me the most. It wasn't just what he had to say, which was absolutely fascinating, but he came across as such a genuine lovely guy. Loved him and I wish him well ..... xx

27th February 2011, 16:06
There is something so sad to me when a major whisteblower has to quietly fade away out of fear or retaliation.
What is it in our world right now that makes it so that after PC does amazing interviews, some of these people are no longer available?
I know it's the PTB but I often wonder after watching PC videos if the obviouse fact that these people have come forward hasn't changed things in their favor. I mean going public should account for something but it I guess not. Since I don't live in their world I can't imagine the fear or concern for loved ones, but than I wonder if so many have come out to speak the truth if that in some way alleviates the pain of responsibility.

Anyways I appreciate all whistleblowers coming forward and I felt in my heart that Henry Deacon was genuine and doing what he felt was the right thing to do. My heart goes out to anyone under pressure not talk but does so anyways. Thank you!:hail: