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13th November 2016, 20:43
Here's episode 2 of season 1 ...


Star Tsar
13th November 2016, 20:58
Episode one & intro can be found here: http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?93426-Decoders-Of-Truth-The-Anunnaki-Podcast-Series&p=1113240#post1113240

13th November 2016, 22:16
There are several vids by Gerald Clark on this thread.....

Iraqi Minister: Ancient Sumerians travelled space and discovered Pluto // 12th Planet by Z. Sitchin



The 12th Planet written by Zecharia Sitchin




Enki,Enlil,Thoth,Anunnaki,Archons,Reptilians,Serpe nt's,Illuminati,Nag Hammadi,Gerald Clark


Published on 11 Sep 2016

Enki,Enlil,Thoth,Anunnaki,Archons,Reptilians,Serpe nt,Beings,Illuminati,Singularity,
Nag,Hammadi,Mind,Control,Latest,Gerald,Clark,Leak, Project.

The Archon Interface - Serpent Beings - Soul Suckers - Clandestine Controllers

Thoth common influence of many Nag Hamad treatisei, the Kyballiion, the Poimnandre
Dialog with Hermes in the Secret Teaching of All Ages, Excerpts from the Masters of the Far East.

Holographic Model of the Universe

The Pillars of Consciousness and connection to Charkra Systems

System of Spirit, spanning thru the Cosmos and various levels of source manifested. “With Charts & Graphs”

The Lower & Higher Dimensional Beings and their Roles to help and hinder Mankind into the Age of Aquarius
and Source.Special thank you to Gerald Clark from http://www.geraldclark77.com for your contribution to
the evolution of Spirit and Truth.

Gerald has 2 must read books “7th Planet Mercury Rising and The Anunnaki of Nibiru. Also at
http://www.geraldclark77.com you will have access to the Genealogy of the Gods Scroll in
either high quality vinyl at 7’ or e-download.


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Baby Steps
1st December 2016, 11:00
I do not think the following has been shared before - very good...