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Michael Moewes
19th November 2016, 21:08
Nada mas que decir.

20th November 2016, 10:09
Thanks Michael.
I have whatch untill minute 15.
He confirms it hasen´t been seen yet, but that is is coming through sagitarius and the asteroid belt. The planet X´s location is being triangulated since 1979. Soon we will see it in the sky like a red dot, which will grow and grow. When the size of the moon no one will denied it. It is a planet but it behaves like a comet with erratic moves.
He states that a chinese astronomer had beein killed, as well as Robert Harrington. He is not going to take more risks and wont speak too farder for protection of him and his own family. He says he has read more than 20.000 papers on this issue and he is fully aware of this being truth.
He says there have being meetings at FEMMA with astronomers and geologists, also independent ones (that´s seems to be his source), as well the Army , high clearence officials. In those meeting they talk about the catastrophy which is about to come over the US. He states that by the weigth of the water over Missisipi´s valley, techtonic plates will collapse, bringing forward earthquakes, serious ones of about 9th magnitude. Dividing the US in two , and the Misissipi´s valley will be ocean. In those meetings talked about the infraestructures, the collapse of it. Also increasing in climate issues, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc...

HAve to stop now, but i´ll come later

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He also says to be prepare, specially spiritually
much love
no fear

20th November 2016, 11:00
from 15 to 25 minutes
He insist about the weigth of water and how geologist and sismologist are worry about big masses of land being separeted, huge scale, he states to wacht the continius tremors, shakes, that will increse in rate and strength going from 5´s to 6´s or even 7´s that could triger megaquakes. THis is happening all around the glove and the data is being censured or hidden, or being given late with changes in the dates/time. Femma meetings are discussing about big migrations of people. He states that Californi can sink and the US divided. Also, the current of the Mexican Gulf was stoped by 2010 and that warm water doesn´t reach Europe anymore, and it affected the US jet stream which now flows erraticly.

Well so far he haven´t mention Cern or Haarp, it is like all that is happening is becouse planet X.... a bit smelly???
I will continue later.
Much love

20th November 2016, 19:19
Thank you so much for relaying the information, betoobig.

Michael Moewes
20th November 2016, 22:07
I have much more confidence in Alexander Backman than in the other guy from my last post. Alex is a high profile reporter and has astonishing contacts.
If the cataclysmic event, that he describes here will happen in the timeframe he mentioned, Trump will never get the chance to see the White House, because Obama will declare Martial law and that's the end of it.
Just saying

21st November 2016, 09:42
Allright, here it comes.
The wáter which is in the ecuator will go south and north when earth enters the tail of planet/comet X. Planet x wont collide but it will pass very close and lots of fragments, all sizes, will fall down on us from his tail. So coastal waters will rise. He brings forth an ecuatorian news paper in which there is an article about the wáter washed off the coast line, showing a picture of lots of ship laying on the sea dryed bottom, fisherman are very worry about the extrange behavior of the ocean, which they have never seen before, this is like the first sign. He encourage us to learn how to live without electricity, and recalls a Hoppy profecy and how they have moved to the mountains in Arizona. The hoppies know. At 36:58 he shows a map done by the hopies. All this will be acompanied by groups of earthquakes he talked before. He does trust more in the data he has from US Army tan the hopi´s profecy, and he has no voices in his head telling him, he has data for saying what he is saying. When all this happens will be stage 3, from which we have from 45 to 90 days to the event, stage 4, the event that will end up our world as we know it. We will probably start to see planet x in our sky by March to September 2017.

More or less this is it.
As i said he does not take on account what Cern is doing, nor haarp, nor higher forces which are in play too (no doubt about it, either believe). To me is part of the fear porn to bring that timeline into being, a last attemp by the cabal to bring forth their desired reality. Now is not WWIII, is Planet X!!!
He is really truthfull of what he is telling , he does see this as a reality, it will happen for him? ...maybe...
Keep being kind no matter what and hold the highest visión for our mother Gaia thus us.
Much love each and evryone.
He recals that it is not visible yet. That

22nd November 2016, 02:02
For those of you who missed the video I posted about the "Dragon in Flaming Color" photographed by a vigilant sky observer, here it is: Have a look. https://youtu.be/Dj8gjC7YLg4?t=826. According to my memory, what looked like an illustration of another Planet or Sun coming from under our Sun was accompanied by a Flaming object leaving two tails. The object emitting the Flames resembled a white spool with holes on each side out of which Flames roared. On closer inspection, the object was spinning and on either side there seemed to be another smaller, similar object doing the same thing. Crazier still, the illustration showed a pathway utterly reminiscent of the Chinese Dragon.

The reason for my reposting this is to make the point that the Powers that Be want us to think this thing is just entering our system, while in fact according to Marshall Masters they moved above the ecliptic possibly around 2011 (my observation not his) and should now be on their way back South of our ecliptic. If the illustration shown was correct, the Dragon flew around us, as though to inspect us, and continued around its accompanying Sun. Meanwhile, Earth continues around our Sun and in another year should be in a seemingly relative position again. By that time, the Two Objects should have moved Downward under our ecliptic at its Angle and be far enough away from passing Earth of 2017 not to be tempted to come around for another inspection. Surely some other sites would have photographed this event as well so that we would not have to depend on an illustration in part.

22nd November 2016, 09:30
There you go Amor. I agree with you. The man talking in the video posted by Michael talks a lot about the company of Jesús, so he is involved in Religión groups, which, ofcourse, are involved with the cabal. So is not surprise he is so confident about the data he has. So far an earthquake hit Argentina, could that be part of what he is telling us?? or haarp helping out for this to come true, as well as Cern and chemtrails??? Are they hidding the result of all this evil forces toguether by blaming it on Planet x???

Michael Moewes
22nd November 2016, 20:37
The Tibetan call this Planet Red Dragon.
They also don't consider this red dragon as dangerous.
They say everything is changing always.
I imagine that there will be problems here on earth due to the influence of this planet, but I see this as a sort of purification.
Once he's gone the energy on earth will have changed. That's what I feel coming.
Just saying

27th November 2016, 19:28
[QUOTE=betoobig;1115238]Thanks Michael.
The planet X´s location is being triangulated since 1979. Soon we will see it in the sky like a red dot, which will grow and grow.
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Hi Be too Big,
Where are the triangulations ? , thanks