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10th April 2010, 13:34
How to describe the sound of MUSE.. thoughtful, powerful, resonating, intelligent, mixed in with rocky/tech beats. In my opinion, really good music.

I believe they are very well connected to what has happened/going to happen. Most of their song titles are after things discussed in this 'field'. be it Scientific/Military/Exopolitical and more.

Snippets of their song titles over their albums (There is more, just a highlight)

MK Ultra
Time Is running Out
Apocalypse Please
Butterflies & Hurricanes
Supermassive Black Hole
Shrinking Universe
United States of Eurasia

I recommend you go to youtube or your favourite music listening place on the net and check out some of these tracks, but don't just listen to them, HEAR the lyrics and the meaning :) If I have brought even 1 new fan to their base, i'm happy.

I'm not sure how well known these are in the USA, but they are mainstream names in UK/Japan. We need more intelligent music in the mainstream! not just "Niche" areas! :hail:

One of their latest tracks:


5th May 2010, 00:38
You should also check out Relation's album, 'Fear Of Night'.

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5th May 2010, 01:48
Great Lyrics, they have their piece of truth:mod: