View Full Version : Remote viewing future threads

9th December 2016, 19:28
This is interesting ...you know like an exercise

Future threads. well let's see.

Avalon FBI seizure will be a hot topic . Someday .


And then death. We have a lot of members and death is a part of life . Everybody will die.
But the way some topics will be discussed implies something else.

And...yes the big future thread that deals with things we don't understand today. The future understanding of our scientific concepts . The real understanding.


10th December 2016, 05:45
Don't see this as informative at all. what is the remote viable part?

Seems very general.

16th December 2016, 00:27
I don't think you need to have the gift of remote viewing to see the future of this thread, no offense in advance... N

Innocent Warrior
16th December 2016, 02:28
Cristian, you're a crappy remote viewer.