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20th December 2016, 09:43
I know the topic sounds like a bad ad, but this time it is not, or at least I hope not. :ROFL:

I want to share a technique that can help you make better use of the Internet.

Do normal browsing, but when you have consumed some good content, find out why you had to randomly navigate to that content to find it, rather than having it served to you. Then come up with a solution that picks up/captures the same content automatically for you in the future and now test that this solution would have picked it up.

You can for instance use feedly.com, a pro membership only costs you 45$ per year but gives you access to for instance keyword notifications, like for instance every time Elon Musk reveals some new information you are instantly aware of it. (but you get far using the free version of it)

Please note that in the search box on feedly you can paste in the url to an rss feed and get access that way, makes a huge difference!

By using the feed discovery feature of Internet Explorer you can extract the rss feed, so instantly for instance all YouTube channels become possible to track.

20th December 2016, 19:31
I use google alert .. It's free ..it alerts me when, what i have ask for shows up on the internet .. Example : Zir med a medical company,if it in the news or elsewhere i get a e-mail. As your example: Elon musk, just put his name in and you get everything with his name in it , news reports, announcements, stock reports.