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2nd January 2017, 17:07
In my research into how things work, I am at this point looking into a density based reality hypothesis.

This hypothesis suggests that within the subjective consciousness there is limitation applied subjectively. This limitation is the sum of the weight - the density - active in each chakra point, hence I call the chakra points "density centers".

Every density center is relative to absolute truth, unconditional love is absolute truth, absolute truth and unconditional love are unlimitation and hence every density center is relative to unconditional love and degree of unlimitation. Each density center scales to infinite light density.

Hence, highly dense density means the density centers are at a state of low absolute truth, great amount of limitation is then active at each density center of the being, in the being's subjective consciousness there is a lot of false information that acts limiting on the being's overall state of being.

The density centers are:

Spirituality Inner and outer beauty, connection to spirituality, everyone and everything, pure bliss
Focus Intuition, imagination, wisdom, faith, ability to think and make decisions
Authenticity Communication, self-expression of feelings, the truth, true being to yourself and others
Love Love self, love others, accepting love, joy, inner peace, forgiveness
Passion Self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem, energy, creativity
Sexuality Abundance, well-being, pleasure, sexuality
Survival Financial independence, money, food, shelter

In order to release density, in other words to light up your density centers, a being can ask subjective questions that touch on subjective definitions and judgments about how the being "is" in regards to each of these being-components, more specifically to try to answer what are some of the subjective limitations that are being auto applied on these being-components that are out of alignment to absolute truth and unconditional love, that are simply not so true because of their degree of limitation and because of their lack of unconditional love and then creatively create new less limiting ideas about these, that then become the new way of being.

When you discover the honest answers to these questions, you can start to untangle these limitations from your subjective consciousness by changing your relationship and being in relation to them towards less degree of limitation. This will release some of the density that is acting on the being. This in turn has a profound energy providing quality, it is kind of like density is an energy drainer, so once you release it you become energized and this new energy, which is love, acts positively on the being and brings more desired qualities to being because God's love is no longer to the same degree blocked by the subjective consciousness.

Technically, in order to break free from the current limitations, the current locks/upper limits on the density centers, you need to be aware of the various density centers. Technically think of these density centers as theoretical dimensions and think about the process of unlocking the locks currently active on the density centers, as a multi-dimensional process and hence a multi-dimensional being - you are simply focusing your energy not to just a single being-component (such as for instance the "focus" -density center), but to all of these being-components. Because in order to really lighten the density one has to continuously discover new less limiting limitations that need to be released next.

So technically your goal is not to resolve the current limitations and that is it, your goal is to "walk a path" in regards to each of these density centers, so it is more a continuous process which allows you to keep lowering the current degree of limitation - whatever that is, because as you gradually remove old limitations you stumble upon new not as profound limitations, your task is still to remove these also. Technically the task is hence to continue to take new steps towards less limitation, more truth and more unconditional love in regards to these density centers. Basically this becomes a process of unlimiting yourself from the old false no matter the reason why that false is currently active in the subjective consciousness, so that you can take steps of evolution towards that which is in your destiny and in your dreams, ultimately towards that which is beyond your greatest imaginations, towards that light that God of true unconditional love is always shining towards you.

Technically, try to first of all balance your focus and that what you put your energy into, across all of the various density centers and not only to the "focus" or "logical" density center. This is a process of basically becoming multi-dimensional in being, because you are not focused into the mind only anymore, but your awareness and maybe better put "concern" is now broader - you are aware that there are a number of areas that energy needs to flow more optimally through which requires a more broad attention and a more broad area of concern from your part.

Keep in mind that this is not some kind of game or similar, it is just a way of being, ideally I think in a very relaxed natural cool, peaceful, logical and down to earth way, but a way of being that nurtures truth, balance, quality of being, peace, joy, freedom, intelligence, healing, comfort, safety and unconditional love and results in an accelerated awakening process for your self and those around you. Ultimately you become a more true less limited being in absolute terms as old false stuff is being released from the subjective consciousness, that was always false but you put your focus onto becoming aware of it, you became aware of it and you dealt with it. So it is kind of like moving from a reactive only type of being to maybe a more proactive type of being that is aware that there are already and dare I say constantly things that are really not true within you that can already be changed to truth, both ways of being are valid but the more proactive being might provide some degree of acceleration, which you might desire...

I have no idea what happens when you master this because this is very new stuff to me too (but I think you might basically ascend to a higher state of consciousness, a reality of less density as you are hitting against the upper boundary of the frequency spectrum of the current density and start to resonate beyond its vibrational spectrum, which is possible I think but in my case that happened when God formed a love trinity), for instance what are your new abilities you gain, this is because I don't know what are the limitations our current density imposes onto us by nature, but I am open to the fact that really amazing things can happen and that the well being can begin to rise profoundly as you break free from old habits, patterns etc. that you never liked that had a down/heavy feeling drag on being... Keep in mind that I am writing this stuff from a highly limited perspective, but it is based on a very profound experience I've had, the emotional information gained from that experience I translate in this way in terms of the technical understanding of it... So it forms some kind of Esoteric knowledge, but it is unfortunately beyond my ability to really say what of it is correctly understood, what am I not understanding fully correctly and so on... So when I share this it is basically the sharing of a hypothesis, how it might work technically and how you might be able to benefit from being aware of it... So when I describe this in strong absolute terms, I do so for practical reasons knowing that I cannot fully know this as 100% true facts, I can only do my best to share my subjective perspective and interpretation about what I seemed to learn from my experience. I gained this knowledge through experience, the hypothesis is a combination of what I experienced and from that experience how I bridge whatever gaps to form a complete hypothesis based on how it appeared to me based on what is in my total knowledge base. A more intelligent being than me with a broader perspective could with pin point accuracy tune this stuff from hypothesis more into spot on facts and into more practical terms too, if you are through personal direct experience aware of what I am sharing and are able to correct anything, please do, it would help me too, because I would really want to know really precisely how this works and what to make of it... I was to begin with in a 4th density type reality where I learned this, the knowledge I gained I think was beyond that, could be 5th density or even higher, because I went passed the upper density barrier of the 4th density... In this case with 4th density I mean a place where there is peace... Therefore compared to our reality this stuff might appear "distant"...

Actually there could be additional density centers, the chakra points might be a limited version of what the true density centers really are.

Here you can find some more information on the various density centers, from a chakra point of view:


Love, Truth, Peace & Joy :heart: