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East Sun
3rd January 2017, 02:36
along with all the neg. things we are hit with by the Reptillians I suspect that homosexuality and other sexual problems are caused by them.
In the bible, as if that was the word of god, which it is not, we were forbid to not practice homosexuality. Who cares..yes or no...... they were the gods and called the shots in order to control us, period.

I'm not homosexual, but I can see sexual problems were caused by them also...........

All the religious figures in the bible were E.T.s as I see it. IT IS THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES SENSE....

Look at the things that, specifically, were kept from us, as in paintings, writings,etc. that evil religious manipulator knew and deprived us from knowing. they have kept us in stupidity while they lived high on the hog.

Renounce them at every given opportunity.
to those indoctrinated into the roman church, especially, take tine out
and contemplate on all the millions who were fooled by the so called jesuits,
even their name is deceptive=they are the opposite to what they portray=opposise;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
they chose the the brightest to bring into their clutches= evil is what evil does...........

the e.t.s will take care of you---mark my words......

3rd January 2017, 05:52
As a self identified gay male I intently wondered as a youth how/why I had to be different when at that time I didn't want to be.

Was it really "The devil"?
Was it really poor parenting, an overbearing mother,perhaps an absent father?
Was it too much television, music videos? etc
Was it playing with dolls?

At this point I tend to be of the opinion that it "may" work something like this.
1. There are those who are hard coded to be gay. This seems to be part of the human experience since time immemorial.
2 There are those who are genuinely attracted to both men and women. They would be/are bisexual
3. Some people are sexually opportunistic/curious and will sleep with practically anyone...for whatever reason they have
4. Some are "conditioned" to it as in Roman and Greek eras it was relatively common among soldiers and among some indigenous tribes as a rite of passage until marriage.
5. Some are indoctrinated to it probably at a young age, and probably not by choice.
6 Some are just "gay for pay" which would be about 90 percent of adult film/porn "actors"

We can posit a few things on this forum that may gain a bit more traction and contemplation than elsewhere.

We do know that their is a very sincere depopulation agenda and that "science" is VERY much further ahead than we are led to believe. Gays tend to NOT reproduce.
If the mechanisms for sexual orientation are known they can be tampered with. It is expected that the VERY dramatic rise in transgendered persons is quite possibly due to pollutants as frogs are now "gay" AND some transgendered or being born with "ambiguous" genitalia. Frogs are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Some argue that as the "pressure" is off of gays we're just popping out of the woodwork because we are no longer pressured to "conform" to strict rules of "heteronormal" behaviours. THIS would actually, over time, reduce the numbers of gays as we won't be "pretending" to be hetero, get married, and have kids. Our straight brothers and sisters could carry the "potential" and pass it on through their genes IF it is genetic.

Others argue that certain conditions the mother experiences can "trigger" changes that make it much more likely her offspring is gay. Lack of resources...or conversely an excess of resources. That's still up for debate.

I cannot speak to much of a "reptilian" agenda, although I have come across some information that suggests the lowest chakra can be "forced" open through some sexual acts. I don't know much about chakras or reptilians other than they are truly viscous, brutal and exude malice. Except for one or 2 reports stating otherwise.

So, putting it all together it is entirely plausible that if someone has agendas that benefit from redefining "traditional" families and society, upsetting the usual reproductive order than weaponsising knowledge and polluting our breeding pool then increasing the # of homosexuals and transgendered persons is ONE good way to do it. As was playing with economics so 2 adults had to work, kids go to daycare, grandparents in nursing homes, divorce is common and being a single parent is an "okay" choice at 13.

Could it be in the vaccines?

What is NOT okay is weaponizing the "Word of God" to condemn those who either come to their sexual orientation entirely NATURALLY or who through no fault of their own had it imposed on them. I believe we are called upon to love people in those types of situations.


3rd January 2017, 08:16
I think the bible is a precursor of the internet today where you get some truth with a large portion of manipulation and lies. There are alot of 'artistic interpretations ' in the Bible but also a heck of a lot of great profound stuff too. As for how the bible deals with being gay I think just like in other mainstream religions it's the prejudices of man and not any higher being. How can you condemn something on one hand and speak of unconditional love and forgiveness on the other? Unfortunately I think the good book is a corrupted document and not even a complete record....... Pity.

East Sun
3rd January 2017, 15:36
Thank you CurEus for the very interesting video.

It grieves me that big corporations can be so vicious and employees have to "sell" their soul, so to speak and cause damage to others.

Back to the reptilians-- they have a lot of power and influence a lot of what happens in just about every part of everything we do IMO.
They screw with nature to our detriment. we are as humans so out of the loop it seems impossible to get the msg. to the majority.
We are slowly making progress and at a faster rate of speed all the time. We may lose or we may win but we will keep trying.

3rd January 2017, 18:21
I can observe with some considerable dismay that there does seem to a very long objective of destroying our relationships with one another. Races, Religions, Cultures, Sexes, Orientations and Generations pitted against one another. The youth today are positioned to be furious for lost opportunities and blame adults, women are blaming men and men blame immigrants, radical feminism or whatever comes to mind.

To destroy a nation the first step is to divide the people against one another. I expect the same holds true on how to destroy a planet...we are at the end stages now with children attacking their parents and demanding "emancipation". What is difficult to deal with is the insidious nature of how this "plan" or whatever has come about.....there is no one organization or person to call to account because it is systemic and pervasive.

We must try to hold the thought that we are not each other's enemy...divided we will have to stand alone.

3rd January 2017, 18:27
I don't think that all the estrogen in plastics and inorganic food is helping the situation. I subscribe to the theory that people who have spent many lives in one gender role have trouble with sexuality when they live a life in an opposite gender role. I can imagine that if one has been a man or woman for most lives, it might take a few lives to get the hang of living as the other gender.

3rd January 2017, 19:28
Thanks CuEus. It seems natural for you to explore the reasoning of a biological gender issue. I have two gays in my family circle, extended and oddly, they choose not to associate in any big way with the rest of us, even though we love them and accept them. Yet, our gay patients and friends feel like family. Go figure. Does guilt really play out with family more so than extended relationships?
Regarding the DNA. I have read so much on the subject of the Reptilians dickering with our DNA massively and I am a believer of that. When you think about the prior civilizations who could be relegated as magicians with their abilities and then all of a sudden we are dumbed down makes you put it all together. All I can theorize is that homosexuality has been around a very long time and that gene mutation(?) or addition or subtraction is handed down over the generations. We will never know unless we do a massive study of ancestry, bloodline related to us. Second, I need to mention the whole field of infertility ( this would apply to the last decades) where chromosomes are mated in a petrie dish and then there is the Doctor that eliminates the "defective" ones, sorry-- playing God of course. Thirdly, I agree with some one's posting regarding a healthy child given the barrage of vaccines. Don't get me started. Fourthly, idiosyncratic developments from a mother and grandmother perhaps that crossed placental lines posing deficiencies that would normally give nutrition to the genes. I am speaking about metal, chemical toxicity.
We all used to worry about birth defects but now we worry about autism and who knows? Gender issues.
My wishes of health to you CurEus to continue to love yourself and love others without guilt, shame or indignation. You are here with gifts to elevate this world. We all could be eunichs or half breeds and can do the same thing.
Grow your heart large. It is not a gay issue to defend your paradigm. It is a whole host of other things. I think about the family members who have closeted themselves without reason in my own family, despite my reaching out to them. THAT is ingrained personality, not homosexuality. THAT was a choice not to engage based perhaps on their own fears.

The Freedom Train
4th January 2017, 07:48
My theory is that the Reps, along with Mantids and Greys, are slave races of the Archons, and will be swept along with the massive consciousness shift that humans are initiating. They are being controlled by the Archons, and so many are opposed to the collective shift that will result in freedom for all beings on Earth. However, the shift cannot be stopped, is growing exponentially, and will indeed affect them.

East Sun
4th January 2017, 23:10
That could very well be. But wouldn't they the rept. etc know about what was happening and do something about it? if they could, that is.
Is it up to us to bring universal enlightenment?

P.S. If 2017 is the beginning of a timeline that will bring us to an awakening, things should start to speed up in many capacities,

Once we learn what we are capable of the universes are our playground to explore.

When we learn what has been kept from us we are on our way.......