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17th January 2017, 22:34
The definition of a 'false flag operation' is an event, usually traumatic in nature, that is instigated by a covert group to be blamed on another group with intent to further a hidden agenda that benefits a third party who sponsored the covert action. These actions often involve the deaths of numerous innocent people and are used as excuses to deprive the public of rights, promote other legislation or cause military action.

Some publicly acknowleged American false flag operations include: Gulf of Tonkin incident and Iraq weapons of mass destruction. Just these two events alone caused the killing of how many people and cost the American people how much money? Isnt it time this crap ends?

Unacknowleged false flag operations include 9/11, Sandy Hook and Boston Marthon. I also remember hearing that the original world trade centre bombng done in the early 1990's was instigated by fbi moles, according to testimony at the trial (the moles ensured the bombs were real).

My question is, why didnt the publcly known information on these false flags cause a huge outcry? How can government agencies or the military be allowed to kill innocent people by fabricating events that further an agenda used either to manipulate the public or subjugate them into further repression?

Here is a great interview with Richard Dolan about the horrendous pervasiveness of false flag operations:


Here's a good analysis of the Gulf of Tonkin incident which escalated American involvement in the Viet Nam war:


The sooner the publc recognizes how thoroughly lied to and manipulated they are, and how completely despicable and evil these operations are, the sooner the lght of day will caste the perpetrators out and free us from this terrible burden.

30th May 2017, 12:17
David Icke on the Manchester bombing...