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2nd February 2017, 05:41
In Athens, a scientist claims to have developed a revolutionary method for turning water into electricity. The search for cheap, clean energy is something consuming scientists around the world. But Petros Zografos believes his discovery is the most efficient to date, and he's created a mini power station that he claims could be the future of energy. Special correspondent Malcolm Brabant reports.


Sounds interesting!

Johnny :)

2nd February 2017, 13:03

Claims are:

Resonance leveraged electrolysis

I suppose it's possible.. but I'm not so sure.. I'd certainly like more explanation.

2nd February 2017, 13:52
Petros Zografos Explains how his Reactor Fuelcell is working - English language translation.


It is new for me too, but I remember a movie: 'Chain Reaction' (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0115857/?ref_=nv_sr_1) where the missing part to make cold fusion, was a specific frequency. BTW imo much better than the rating 5.6

Johnny :)