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19th December 2010, 14:19

19th December 2010, 14:26
This is certainly strange. Never saw or heard of this before. I read yesterday that the Gulf Stream had stopped. (ECETI e-mail)

19th December 2010, 14:32

magical things happen in newfoundland..

Great footage...though i think it is something that happens often, just not so spectacurly

19th December 2010, 14:45

Same video shown here with comments. This phenomena occurs rather frequently and is considered normal.

19th December 2010, 14:46
This is normal thin ice movement, nothing extraordinary. Happens every year around the world and is beautiful to watch, unless you build your house too close to sea.

Next time use little logic. Is it possible to freeze waves on move? Will people walk around and laugh when “waves freeze”?

There is nothing wrong with weather, except normal fluctuation. This fear distribution starts to become really stupid.

If someone become aware of jewish, political or corporate crimes, don't fell into next lie like never ending danger, new age religion or russian fairy tales.

19th December 2010, 14:51
Anyone who has been to a bay or cove where the waves roll in in winter has seen this.
I have spent countless hours watching the ice flows around the southern part of my island.
In December the waves can cause the ice to build up to 10-20 feet high in places before the water solidifies completely in January

Very Zen like experience if you don't mind a little cold

19th December 2010, 15:25

There's a buddy in shorts at about the 4:00 mark ... did he wander out the unlocked door of the local mind sanctuary when no one was looking?


19th December 2010, 15:34
Hahaha! Zook,
Nah.. just another 'tough' Maritimer with steel coursing through his veins!

19th December 2010, 16:10
These frozen waves are new to me. I have never seen them before.

So, thanks for the vid!!