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Did You See Them
22nd February 2017, 10:02
Over the years I have on a few occasions witnessed what can only be described as "blobs" of clear slime in the garden or on the patio - i often wondered what it was and read all kinds of theories over the years.
Last night i watched a program showing the defense mechanism of Hagfish and their ability to produce vast quantities of thick gooey clear slime when harassed by a predator - i.e sea birds ( Gulls ).
I think that Gulls flying overland and dropping the "slime" after an encounter with a Hagfish seems a very good ( all though unproven ) explanation.
Have any other Avalon members come across this phenomenon ?


22nd February 2017, 12:29
Attacking Shark Gagged by Slime | National Geographic

Jan 19, 2012

For the first time, scientists have recorded the defense abilities of the hagfish, which secretes slime from hundreds of pores across its body when attacked. In this video you can see sharks and other predators gagged by the slime as they try to eat the hagfish.

HagFish Fiber

Published on Nov 4, 2013

excerpt from NOVA's Making Stuff Wilder

Did You See Them
22nd February 2017, 19:24
Star Jelly


22nd February 2017, 20:00
So many alien life forms right here on earth! It's fun to use their example to extrapolate what life might be like elsewhere based on these examples.