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21st December 2010, 09:28


21st December 2010, 09:40
YES.......... lets do a Zappa thread.......


Lily de Cuir
21st December 2010, 10:12
Hey, Yaksuit,

Thanks for that...

I read some time ago the stories of Laurel Canyon and how Zapper was an integral part of that community. It's an intriguing read. I saw another thread here this morning on the story of Laurel Canyon, same as I read. It connects a lot of dots to the overall agenda.

Some observations (mind you I've only watched the first vid); given his level of information from 1984, what is is family background? Military I'm sure! Did you notice when he was talking he hardly blinked? Mind-controlled information?

Mmm...interesting stuff. Would love to know anything of his family history if anyone has any info.

Cheers to all and Merry Christmas and New Year from the land of Oz.

21st December 2010, 10:35
During the early years of its heyday, Laurel Canyon’s father figure is the rather eccentric personality known as Frank Zappa. Though he and his various Mothers of Invention line-ups will never attain the commercial success of the band headed by the admiral’s son, Frank will be a hugely influential figure among his contemporaries. Ensconced in an abode dubbed the ‘Log Cabin’ – which sat right in the heart of Laurel Canyon, at the crossroads of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Lookout Mountain Avenue – Zappa will play host to virtually every musician who passes through the canyon in the mid- to late-1960s. He will also discover and sign numerous acts to his various Laurel Canyon-based record labels. Many of these acts will be rather bizarre and somewhat obscure characters (think Captain Beefheart and Larry “Wild Man” Fischer), but some of them, such as psychedelic rocker cum shock-rocker Alice Cooper, will go on to superstardom.

Zappa, along with certain members of his sizable entourage (the ‘Log Cabin’ was run as an early commune, with numerous hangers-on occupying various rooms in the main house and the guest house, as well as in the peculiar caves and tunnels lacing the grounds of the home; far from the quaint homestead the name seems to imply, by the way, the ‘Log Cabin’ was a cavernous five-level home that featured a 2,000+ square-foot living room with three massive chandeliers and an enormous floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace), will also be instrumental in introducing the look and attitude that will define the ‘hippie’ counterculture (although the Zappa crew preferred the label ‘Freak’). Nevertheless, Zappa (born, curiously enough, on the Winter Solstice of 1940) never really made a secret of the fact that he had nothing but contempt for the ‘hippie’ culture that he helped create and that he surrounded himself with.


Hmmm, thats today, 70 years ago.........
Happy birthday Frank......

21st December 2010, 10:38
you are welcome Lily,

yes your spot on about franks family (Father)
this is taken from Wikipedia:

"The family moved often during Zappa's childhood because his father, a chemist and mathematician, had various jobs in the US defense industry. After a brief time in Florida in the mid-1940s, the family returned to Maryland, where Zappa's father worked at the Edgewood Arsenal chemical warfare facility at the Aberdeen Proving Ground. Due to their home's proximity to the arsenal, which stored mustard gas, gas masks were kept in the house in case of an accident. This had a profound effect on the young Zappa: references to germs, germ warfare and other aspects of the defense industry occur throughout his work."

21st December 2010, 10:45
here is a link to the senate hearings regarding the PMRC and potential censorship concerning rock music lyrics....(the PMRC was founded by senator's wifes such as tipper gore)


Lily de Cuir
21st December 2010, 11:02
Hi Yaksuit, Swami, and all,

Noticed that Captain Beefheart died today. Interesting and very eccentric dude!

On another note, so sorry to hear of your weather woes in the northern hemisphere, strange days indeed...

Even here in Oz the weather is odd. By now we would be frying our brains out from the sun for a few months now. Instead we have had very cool days (still wearing a jumper which is unheard of here at this time of year), even had snow somewhere south of where I live and could definitely feel the cold wind this morning.

Will probably get into trouble for being off topic. Who cares? Hang me. lol...


21st December 2010, 11:09
Don van Vliet died the 17th of december.......

My favorite song from him:


Don Van Vliet, aka 'Captain Beefheart', dies aged 69

American musician and painter Don Van Vliet, best known by the stage name Captain Beefheart, has died aged 69.

Van Vliet's death in California, from complications from multiple sclerosis, was announced by the Michael Werner Gallery in New York.


RIP Cap'ten; Thx for all those vibes..............

21st December 2010, 11:21
3834 Zappafrank

3834 Zappafrank is a main belt asteroid that was discovered by Ladislav Brožek in 1980 at Kleť Observatory. It has been named after the late American composer Frank Zappa on July 22, 1994.


The weather: