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2nd April 2017, 09:02
I intend to comment on videos and other material, all kept in this one thread. My opinions are highly biased, unscientific and sometimes plain wrong. With this disclaimer given... enjoy.

James Bartley's Cosmic Switchboard

Sachita | Inside Reptilian & Military Bases

Published 31st March 2017

Meet Sachita, She claims to have had encounters with reptilians, ETs & Genetic hybrids which work for the reptilians. She's also had encounters with the military. Sachita talks about the role the military, contractors & medical personel play in the underground bases. Sachita has interacted with reptilians many times & is familiar with their culture. She developed a relationship at ome time with a reptilian male who has a high rank in a particular reptilian civilzation. Sachita talks about the missions she has performed on behalf of the reptilians which include travel to the future. She also talks about how she has been energetically & genetically altered in order to live & work in a reptilian enviroment. Sachita also talks about the reptilian culture & why they behave the way they do.

Supporting link: https://www.thecosmicswitchboard.com/2017/03/31/sachita-interview/


Great interview, which is also horrible. She reminded me of this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyejaVHwqMM) CIA agent 'everyone believes they are the good guys'. Sachita emphasizes human's weak point 'always wanting to be made very special' with a bit of a condescending tone while she herself was one of the most special. Just for the general attitude, which comes through in very subtle ways, time well spent.

2nd April 2017, 09:24
Well said. The arms dealers never loose the war - wikipedia.org/War profiteering (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_profiteering)


People think that Iran wants to destroy the west but that's not true, it's another trick of the war profiteers, the truth is that 'Iran is the most peaceful country in the region' (https://www.dawn.com/news/1312688)

What will happen when there are no terrorists or enemies left? What will they do then?

2nd April 2017, 09:51
While I generally agree with you Atlas I have to admit that I put this thread in the wrong category. Right now it's in "Media Manipulation" and you are spot on... but my overall intent is more appropriately placed in "Spirituality". I'll ask someone whether it can be moved.

2nd April 2017, 10:12
The media is certainly complicit in manipulating spirituality ;)

2nd April 2017, 10:18

Two great people at opposite ends of the spectrum yet both working for the betterment of humanity. Fantastic interview even though I needed to show some patience. I liked what Richard Dolan said a lot and feel confident that many people can identify with his presentation... but it's also clear that he lacks the first-hand experiences that Sebastien had which changes everything in someone's life.

How do you know you are dreaming? Usually it's after waking up through comparing the two states of consciousness. While awake things seem more "real". You are more present, more >here<. Your stream of consciousness runs uninterrupted... all in comparison to what had happened only minutes before in a dream.

Now imagine you are wide awake and are gifted with a similar experience. There then you are even more awake, more present... with everything being even more real. This is so convincing that it might change your life completely.

You can see how "hearing about it as some questionable woo-woo" or living the direct experience makes all the difference in the world.

2nd April 2017, 18:07
What will happen when there are no terrorists or enemies left? What will they do then?

Fake alien invasion. Contingency plan already created.

3rd April 2017, 17:05
Thanks for the topic Akeron. The interviews are good choices. Sachita's insights about the predation upon humans by others is clinically accurate, as well as how much more inhumane humans can be towards other humans when compared to the simple yes or no many humans think of when they look at a cow or a chicken. Fear and hierarchy is an entrainment upon humans, wherein the trainers themselves couldn't have asked for more from the slaves.

It is good to include Richard Dolan's perspective in his interview with Sebastien because Rich politely questions Seb's assertions of his perspective not making sense. As hard as it was for you to sit thru Rich's questions about the meaning of Seb's experiences equals how hard it was for me to listen to Seb's assertions with the wording he uses. I like them both and they both come to us with sincerity. It seems that they both understood each other's intent and the meaning behind the phrases used, but it is hard to listen to the oversimplification of experiences when they are worded in the way Sebastien uses them, which is common when he has been taught to describe his experiences in those terms.

When Seb describes his journeys they are non-local and they, as words used to imply an experience, can be and definitely are used to guide an experiencer away from any deeper understanding. The jargon of modern spiritual language, to me as one who has experienced some things I see as normal and others see as spiritual, is often not an accurate description of most experiences in this area. Understanding the depth of how manipulated "spiritual movements" have always been is to understand the limitations words put on experiences. Words get in the way of deepening our journeys. Rich, from my very limited perspective, in no way discounts the validity or impact of Seb's experiences, or that they happened. It is quite okay for Seb to not find the words when he may have a limited vocabulary for conveying the power and personal impact of an experience.

I laugh when I hear about people discovering the cloaking devices that abductors, and some of their allies, agencies, corporations, use as being described relative to the cloaking imagery used on film in The Predator movies. Although it is true, I RARELY see humans NOT cloaked in their own illusions and self-importance, self-denial and wanting. Humans are their own food, ignorantly wasting the precious time they have in these bodies. The deer seeking the scent it makes from it's own body will never find the source outside.

It is also hilarious for Rich to say he practices Kundalini Yoga. I'm not saying it's not good exercise, and a beginners course in sustenance thru breathing techniques, but the likelihood of him learning from his own experience some greater depth of understanding and control is greatly diminished if he thinks that the mumbo jumbo taught by a fake yogi (and the cult of personality he created, a man who considered himself "the most corrupt man on the planet" and who wondered "why those fools followed" him) is really a kundalini yoga. Rich, of all people living in the integrity of his personality and efforts, should look just a little deeper into the methods taught. Sometimes the brothers and sisters, whom we have much love and respect for, need to be shaken a little before they fall and forget to take the good things with them that they have learned, when the veil is lifted. That is my challenge to him.

It is not off topic to consider Rich's very healthy, 'spiritual' if you use that word, outlook as a contrast to the lies. However, remember that it is thru the implied emotional power of The Words, that someone of powerful insight, yet of deep, unethical behaviour, used to sell a very limited set of tools to humans, tools which exclude the essence of kundalini, but which are taught in various other forms throughout this world, the art of occlusion by the advanced Jains, the 8th strand of the brocade brought by the ancient teachers of the Chinese and the methods of Sant Mat, to name a few .
In fact, if we are talking of the same individual and most likely we are, he said his job was to "insure that their (his students) kundalini did not rise"(Beads of Truth,1976). Why then is that pseudo-yoga called kundalini yoga, when it's seller himself contends that it is not what it's very name contends? Words abused, misused, twisted and contorted in the most unethical manner. The answer is as simple as the cult of personality his students had been sold, THRU WORDS. I liken it, as I have stated before, to taking a class on orgasms and no one comes, literally or figuratively.

As a note of reference for anyone practicing any "busy" method of yoga, it is important to spend as much time in "listening" (soon ee eh) as it is in being busy within the practice of the exercises, the breath rhythm and the Naad, the sound current that penetrates deeper. It is no coincidence that within the original prayer of the religion that fake yogi came from, but lived as it's moral opposite, that the emphasis is upon listening. "It is within the listening that insight is obtained, pain and sorrow removed". When we listen we gain deeper, often unfiltered, understanding of ourselves relative to outward stimuli and we often see the unmasked truth of someone, something that has an impact on how we live our lives.

As someone impacted by my personal experiences from within the open doors of the guidance provided by the sacrifice and integrity of many people before me, I found it very, very hard to stay around those, some good friends, who never stood up to the tyranny, whose words could not make the 'spiritual' impact upon their own integrity, simply by being spoken. Yes, words sometimes do have impact upon the core of our beings. Sometimes you must speak the truth in order to move on and overcome the programming.

Words do often get in the way and are the primary vehicles of deception. They can inspire insights and understanding but I would suggest many to feel and to see in the real world how limited words are when the importance of living is considered.

3rd April 2017, 19:14
Thank you for taking the time, Hym. Let me address a few things that stood out to me.

how much more inhumane humans can be towards other humans

We don't actually know whether it was humans... or humans possessed by other entities. A nasty subject I'd rather not focus on.

The jargon of modern spiritual language, to me as one who has experienced some things I see as normal and others see as spiritual, is often not an accurate description of most experiences in this area.

I agree, words are a huge barrier... in so many ways.

"It is within the listening that insight is obtained, pain and sorrow removed". When we listen we gain deeper, often unfiltered, understanding of ourselves relative to outward stimuli and we often see the unmasked truth of someone, something that has an impact on how we live our lives.

Well said :o

3rd April 2017, 20:36
You're welcome, Akeron. Thanks again for the posting. Your opinions are the reason for the existence of Avalon. Your opinions do not seem unscientific, or biased or "wrong". You are very welcome here, especially posting subjects like the ones that Sachita explores here. She is succinct in her details from her perspective and that is all she can be expected to give.

Although the details Sachita talks about seem horrible and nasty, they are a true insight into the hypocrisy of human interaction. If you read her short website she offers many ways to understand how humans are caught in a web of manipulations by others, and thus themselves. More importantly her posts are all about self-protection and empowerment against unwanted intrusions. Even if one were to take absolutely none of her experiences with reptilians and others as real, her suggestions are spot on when we see how delusional humans can be and how they are drawn, thru internal proclivities or external manipulation, to become victims.

The first rule in serving any healing process is inspiring others with the courage and the simple act of walking thru, one step at a time, beyond victimhood. Though the manipulation of humans by other species is as old as humans themselves, with varying degrees of control and greater periods of deception and interaction, the things that humans do to each other overshadows anything an entity can do. In terms of the millions killed and starved, poisoned and not considering mind manipulation at all, humans have few equals in the worlds.

The purpose of humans now, much more so than it has ever been in history, is to take control of their own lives collectively, however in the now by feeling that power thru personal strength. That has everything to do with the spiritual impact of the words we use, as that empowerment to serve others, to relieve suffering and ignorance rarely finds reality when we tag ourselves with incorrect wordings and hold so dearly to them with the power of our egos.

In our efforts to describe and share the experiences, and thus give ourselves the community of like souls we so often seek, we lose sight of the world as it is and comfort ourselves in the illusions of belonging. There is no other battle worth engaging in than the one that allows us the insight to see those harsh realities as they really are, in comparison to those things humans see as inhumane when done by others not of our species. We have no moral ground to criticize the seemingly cold actions of predators when we have not stopped the wars, the poverty and starvation we allow.

3rd April 2017, 21:19
Well, that was simply my "style" of giving a disclaimer. Thanks for the encouraging words though :o

I did not read her website. "People rub off on each other" is the sentence that stuck with me, something I've learned from a Maori a long time ago. He is of course right. She has the predator mindset and empowerment, for me, means something else entirely. It is the inner light we find by going within and doing the work.

You might use the word "humans"... and go on to say what horrible things they do, but for myself, I have to translate it in my head as "beings cut off from source, fallen into darkness, ego's in fear" because there is a big difference. This body is the container, the consciousness that fills it can go in different directions. The way you use the words makes it sound as if there was a problem with >humans<. There isn't. Unless you create it. That's a choice, a habit or simply the way we were trained to think. It's also one of the "problems" with Sachita... as she thinks that way as well. It allows her to be even more cruel... 'look at what they do!' - justifying her own behaviour. I am not judging it, we all have to live in the world we create. Everybody make his own heaven or hell.

So --- do we look at the horrible things humans do and expect them to change, to improve, or see their suffering which causes them to behave that way in the first place, opening our hearts and extending compassion for all beings?

4th April 2017, 00:59
Sachita wrote her website, that i first read just yesterday, for humans, not reptilians. She offers no excuses because she doesn't need any from us. Her admission of serving her mentor, whatever that may mean underground, (sexually?, for "meal" preparation?, who knows?) has nothing to do with her reaching out to humans. She doesn't need to use an excuse to do what she does and for that she isn't hypocritical. I would directly say that if this place was an entirely humane existence that it would be unlikely for her to have such an energetic attraction and response from such a secretive being. We are the ones, not any predatory aliens, who need to change.

As warriors, humans and reptilians have no problems going to battle. It is an easy acceptance to win, lose, live or die. The difficulty is in the weapons of war that exist now. Deceit and misdirect are the tools of those word smiths who conjure up pseudo-spirituality with the aid of those who teach the arts of manipulation through emotion. If it were only humans and others at war it would be an easy win for us all. Reptilians hide because they know this. Evil humans are the only mimics lost in the mix, content as they used to be masters of abusing the power and intent of words. Words are not necessary in the world of pure spirit. They are often a hinderance to understanding, which is an odd thing to say, but true.

As a human transitioning energetically, glandularly and perceptually Sachita leaves us with a statement about the depth of our hypocrisy as a species. However, on her easy to read site and to her intent and credit, she explicitly lists the means we all have to being protected and asserting our sovereignty beyond the control of others, whomever they may be. It is well worth the short time it takes to her few articles. Her humane insight is a gift I will take as a reminder of facts I am well aware of and ones that are at the core of why me and my good friends are here, well aware of the hypocrisies we have shed and willing to use ourselves as examples of the need for personal honesty in order to grow and feel worthy of the gifts these lives bring. It is the duty of parents to lead by the example of ongoing introspection and acceptance, combined with a crazy and easy humor just to enjoy this life. I would expect that parents would also teach their children the truths and lies inherent in the use of language these days. Not to do so would be deeply dishonest, just as it would be not to sing or dance or play with them and use words or papers or titles to call ourselves parents.

I wouldn't do what she does nor allow it in my space. I have friends who have done some very bad things, but they don't do them any more. I have them as friends because I live in compassion for myself and I do see the reality of change in their lives, as well as the twist their lives took when they were deeply abused. Once they removed the original victimization as a contradiction it was to their right for living free of harm they become valuable to themselves and others, opening up all avenues of healing. I also, have enough presence to push out the unchanging manipulator even before a conversation is started, and as such I do not have compassion for those who have no space for it in their lives. No room in the dark heart for the lights of love.

The entire focus of an alien agenda is a misdirect, the craft of words used in lies. Remember that it is not negative reptilians who use words to manipulate the world of what is called spirituality. It is humans that do this. Until humans stop the profit of war designed by humans, engaged with inhumane, albeit predatory reptilian, influences they have no grounds to insist that reptilians stop using them for energetic sustenance, not that they give a s### about what we think.

Is there a problem with humans? Heavens, YES. Many are the problems, but unlike many creatures, humans have the ability to instantly turn a negative into a positive, live-affirming reality. That is unique.

Our words here have "spiritual" impact, even as I see the word itself as varied and understandable only in context. Do we call it spiritual when we eat so much meat and treat animals the way we do? Is it spiritual and not predatory to train a falcon to imprint fear and sometimes predate upon the starlings that dare to eat their trainer's crops? Is it humane to eat an animal when we are starving, or is it humane to let it eat us when they too need the energy to survive? There is no ground for humans to judge other predators when they are so prolific in consuming the very life energy of millions of other humans, thru war and greed, every single day on this planet.

4th April 2017, 01:14
The problem I see is making "human" to be this one entity. A whole being responsible for everything.

If you, on the other hand, look at "humans" to be a conglomerate of many different parts... which, depending on a life path, might be way off track -- then you can take a more balanced approach in assessing the situation.

4th April 2017, 01:20
Yes, I do see humans as being a conglomerate of many, many different parts. Yes, this is a balanced approach. Thanks...:bigsmile:

4th April 2017, 21:16
I love to see young people "getting it" and speaking from their heart... this is a good example why the thread would better be placed in the Spirituality category ^^