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2nd April 2017, 13:05
From March the 14th GNN Steiger/Olson Special report


SPECIAL REPORT further data from Mar 14 shows that we were in some kind of magnetic hell - - we just cannot get off of this. We noticed an 80 day cycle now, of this type of thing. Check it.

Red Skywalker
2nd April 2017, 15:02
Looks strange, but the video is published on 1 april ... fools day.
Don't now to take it serious. On any other day I would be interested.

2nd April 2017, 16:08
I trust these two I don't think they would be that irresponsible.


This one was put out on the 21st of march. there are others.

Bill Ryan
2nd April 2017, 17:48
As a reliable source of information (and analysis/explanation), I'd first trust http://spaceweathernews.com.