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9th April 2017, 03:00
Television as Mass Deception (https://www.henrymakow.com/2017/04/tv-as-mass-deception.html)

April 8, 2017
by John Hamer
(henrymakow.com (https://www.henrymakow.com/))

With the advent of the popularity of television in the 1930s and 1940s,
for the first time in history, the banksters had an instrument through which
the masses could be controlled effectively, immediately, and effortlessly.
British author, John Hamer says, "Television is by far the most devastating
brainwashing device ever unleashed upon humanity."


Ironically, the BBC, upon which Orwell modelled his 'Ministry of Truth,' became one of the pioneers of television, the ultimate newspeak/doublespeak medium.

When Orwell died in January 1950, there were only 100,000 TVs in Britain and 5 million in the United States. Today, there are almost as many TVs as there are people in the western world.

Most people do not realize that when they turn on the television in their home, what they see as a constant flow of images is actually flickering and although we do not recognize this consciously, the repetitive pattern of flickering images creates a state that is similar to hypnosis in the television viewer.

Studies by researcher Dr. Herbert Krugman have shown that within 30 seconds of television viewing, brain waves switch from predominantly beta waves, indicating alert and conscious attention, to predominantly alpha waves, indicating an unfocussed yet receptive lack of attention. The brain's left hemisphere, which processes information logically and analytically, tunes-out whilst a person is watching TV, whilst the right hemisphere of the brain, which processes information emotionally and non-critically, is allowed to function without hindrance.

Due to this phenomenon, television transmits information, which is not actively recognized at the time of exposure, much like hypnosis and therefore when viewing TV, we do not consciously rationalize the information at the time of transmission and we become more open and suggestible. Because of this passive, hypnosis-like viewing of television, as well as its predominance in our homes, television is one of the most powerful tools of control, today.



Cabalist Jews Bill Paley and David Sarnoff fronted for the central bankers in the establishment of CBS, NBC and ABC. During World War II, CBS founder Paley served as director of radio operations of the Psychological Warfare branch in the Office of War Information at Allied Force Headquarters in London, where he held the rank of colonel.

As of 2015, only five companies controlled all of the major media outlets (of all forms) in the United States.

The media giants work hand-and-glove with our bankster-controlled governments and corporations to disseminate carefully planned messages. They instruct us in what to think, what to worry about, what to laugh at and what to be scared of and have completely 'sold' the public on the idea of the newscaster being an extension of the family, a trusted father-figure who encourages the acceptance of the information being presented as true and accurate.


In 2012, the Pentagon spent more than $3 billion compensating major media outlets for disseminating their 'public relations' messages which are deceptively presented to the television viewer as news, produced by the television station, not as propaganda from the Pentagon. In the same year, pharmaceutical companies paid television outlets more than $5 billion for advertising, which included Video News Releases (VNRs,) specially tailored pieces that appeared within the nightly news disguised as being the result of research by the local stations. No other industrialised nation in the world even allows drug ads on television, let alone these cleverly disguised VNRs hidden within the 'news.'


The public has been totally duped into placing all their trust into the major media outlets, believing that the mainstream media reports only strictly objective news, whilst any information delivered from alternative sources should always be questioned. Somehow the public has bought into the idea that the TV would never lie to them and many people will not pay any regard to information that is not covered by the major media.
Most people simply believe that they are just being informed or entertained, but they do not realise that their way of life is being shaped for them and their opinions are actually being given to them. They are being familiarized with ideas, concepts, and fear so that they will not question future events. Through the subtle use of propaganda, TV imprints messages in our minds, instructing us in what to believe and how. But why would they do this?


When someone or something controls information, they also control the people absorbing that information. The manufactured and controlled information on TV could be referred to as the 'signal' and that constant signal is what shapes and guides the masses to form their 'own' conclusions.

News of no consequence or importance is constantly debated, dissected and analysed, and as we listen-in to the conversations of people around us, we will thereby realise that most are simply 'robots,' repeating as fact what they have heard on the news or in 'documentaries.' This is exactly what bankster-puppet Zbigniew Brzezinski referred-to in his book 'Between Two Ages,' (Left).

Today, the average American over the age of 2, spends more than 34 hours a week watching live television, plus another three to six hours watching recorded programmes. Staggering really. Children aged 2-11 watch an average of 24 hours of TV a week. That number dips to 22 hours for teens, ages 12-17 then, goes back up to 25 for 18-24 year-olds. After that it rises steadily until people over 65 average 48 hours a week, or nearly seven hours a day. And we wonder why no-one can grasp or is even interested in what is really happening in the world today?

Television in fair and balanced hands, could have become one of the best things to ever enlighten mankind. A means to both inform and inspire but instead, it has been developed as both a weapon of mass distraction, deception, and destruction! A weapon that the Zionist banksters have owned and controlled from the very beginning. Everything it broadcasts, is from a Zionist perspective. From sitcoms to social dramas, from so-called educational documentaries to the nightly news... a Zionist perspective that is always hidden behind an innocent Jewish front.

No, television has never 'helped' the Palestinian, Islamic people, or even the Jewish people, but it has made the Zionist's job to fool everybody, very easy. As a result, you never, ever see on TV, anything that is critical of the banksters, Israel or Zionism and if you do hear even a slight piece of truth, it is usually labelled as anti-Semitic or 'hate speech,' and dismissed immediately.

There is no open debate on the holocaust, Eisenhower's death camps, the Zionist-Jewish control of everything, unlawful taxation, the creation of money, wars, you name it... You will never see any truthful documentaries about the firestorms of Hamburg and Dresden, the holocausts of Nagasaki and Hiroshima or the Rhine Meadows killing-fields or indeed anything at all that does not show Nazi Germany in a bad light and/or the Allies in a good light - period! Truth and freedom of speech is not the purpose or remit of television, radio or newspapers, or indeed any other means of mass communication.

Television is first, second, third and lastly... all about control of the masses. - See more


9th April 2017, 17:54
The script


The script writers


Television personality Mika Brzezinski delivers the script


Television personality Jenna Bush Hager delivers the script

http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2016/04/15/17/333724E300000578-3542099-Co_hosting_Jenna_Bush_Hager_shared_family_photos_o f_her_three_ye-m-4_1460738824896.jpg

Television personality Walter Cronkite and cronies deliver the script at Bohemian Grove


http://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/trapper/2014/cia_psyops_deception_william_colby_casey_james_ang leton.jpg

Results are in

http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2010/10/18/article-1321627-0BAAF448000005DC-560_468x286.jpg http://img-aws.ehowcdn.com/340x221p/photos.demandstudios.com/getty/article/110/31/76025548.jpg

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this is all just so, so true!


10th April 2017, 03:59
"When someone or something controls information, they also control the people absorbing that information. The manufactured and controlled information on TV could be referred to as the 'signal' and that constant signal is what shapes and guides the masses to form their 'own' conclusions."

That is why whenever I am not sure, I choose to believe the opposite of what the community believe.

10th April 2017, 15:05
Television personality Ronald Reagan delivers the script


Television personality Donald Trump delivers the script


Television personality Shaggy seriously considering 2020 run


CAUTION: The media is not a reflection of reality


11th April 2017, 16:38
CAUTION: The media is NOT a reflection of reality

http://www.imfdb.org/images/thumb/d/d4/LOCIS1_101.jpg/350px-LOCIS1_101.jpg http://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/59/29/f2/5929f20c690040e13f8b502946d1837e.jpg

http://knoji.com/images/user/riflemanconnorscrawford.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-3NJLapk9Las/VsqCG16VzEI/AAAAAAAAFVw/QxRCFf9FltY/s320/loganlookinfrontcover.jpg

http://www.metropolistoys.co.uk/images/album2663.jpg http://www.smh.com.au/ffximage/2004/04/07/starskyhutch,0.jpg

http://www.truth-out.org/buzzflash/images/2013.11.13.TV.BF.jpg http://assets.marthastewart.com/styles/wmax-300/d27/6001_101110_martha_frosting/6001_101110_martha_frosting_hd.jpg?itok=IRsMyVvC

11th April 2017, 20:13
Here is the script ...
All streaming all the time
Swallow it or don't


It's just a ride and a choice between love and fear and it is so so fun for one to choose
Love over fear forever
It can happen in one second
In literally the blink of an eye


All day every day

http://truedemocracyparty.net/wp-content/uploads/massmedia-e1337700862905.jpg http://www.diyexplore.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/tv-violence.jpg

They've been at it for a long time
*the TV will guide you*

http://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/e8/5e/85/e85e8507786b0c3c19895a75e558432f.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-rfn7MdQncUM/VIt-v82GOII/AAAAAAAAEZs/v5BqR9Js0d8/s1600/GETheater.png

Results are in



12th April 2017, 00:54


I couldn't help posting this, it should be a sticky or played on the TV every hour instead of the news.

We were warned.

I would like to thank my late Father for not sending me out of the room because of the raised voices when this was on the TV, way to go Dad, thanks for the heads up :thumbsup:

12th April 2017, 03:21
Unhappy people watch TV, happy people read/socialize, says study (https://phys.org/news/2008-11-unhappy-people-tv-happy-readsocialize.html)

phys.org (https://phys.org/)
November 14, 2008

A new study by sociologists at the University of Maryland concludes that unhappy people watch more TV, while people who describe themselves as very happy spend more time reading and socializing. The study appears in the December issue of the journal Social Indicators Research.

Analyzing 30-years worth of national data from time-use studies and a continuing series of social attitude surveys, the Maryland researchers report that spending time watching television may contribute to viewers' happiness in the moment, with less positive effects in the long run.

"TV doesn't really seem to satisfy people over the long haul the way that social involvement or reading a newspaper does," says University of Maryland sociologist John P. Robinson, the study co-author and a pioneer in time-use studies. "It's more passive and may provide escape - especially when the news is as depressing as the economy itself. The data suggest to us that the TV habit may offer short-run pleasure at the expense of long-term malaise."


Based on data from time use surveys, Robinson projects that TV viewing might increase significantly as the economy worsens in the next few months and years.

"Through good and bad economic times, our diary studies, have consistently found that work is the major activity correlate of higher TV viewing hours," Robinson says. "As people have progressively more time on their hands, viewing hours increase."

But Robinson cautions that some of that extra time also might be spent sleeping. "As working and viewing hours increase, so do sleep hours," he says. "Sleep could be the second major beneficiary of job loss or reduced working hours."


In their new study, Robinson and his co-author, University of Maryland sociologist Steven Martin, set out to learn more about the activities that contributed to happiness in people's lives. They analyzed two sets of data spanning nearly 30 years (1975-2006) gathered from nearly 30,000 adults:

-- A series of time-use studies that asked people to fill out diaries for a 24-hour period and to indicate how pleasurable they found each activity;
-- General Social Survey attitude studies, which Robinson calls the national premier source for monitoring changes in public attitudes in-depth surveys that over the years consistently asked subjects how happy they feel, how they spend their time among a number of other questions.


Robinson and Martin found that the two sets of data largely coincided for most activities with the exception of television.

From the General Social Survey, the researchers found that self-described happy people were more socially active, attended more religious services, voted more and read more newspapers. By contrast, unhappy people watched significantly more television in their spare time.

According to the study's findings, unhappy people watch an estimated 20 percent more television than very happy people, after taking into account their education, income, age and marital status as well as other demographic predictors of both viewing and happiness.


Data from time-diaries told a somewhat different story. Responding in "real time," much closer to daily events, survey respondents tended to rate television viewing more highly as a daily activity.

"What viewers seem to be saying is that 'While TV in general is a waste of time and not particularly enjoyable, the shows I saw tonight were pretty good,' " Robinson says.

The data also suggested to Robinson and Martin that TV viewing was "easy." Viewers don't have to go anywhere, dress up, find company, plan ahead, expend energy, do any work or spend money in order to view. Combine these advantages with the immediate gratification offered by television, and you can understand why Americans spend more than half their free time as TV viewers, the researchers say.

Unhappy people were also more likely to feel they have unwanted extra time on their hands (51 percent) compared to very happy people (19 percent) and to feel rushed for time (35 percent vs. 23 percent). Having too much time and no clear way to fill it was the bigger burden of the two.


Martin likens the short, temporary pleasure of television to addiction: "Addictive activities produce momentary pleasure but long-term misery and regret," he says. "People most vulnerable to addiction tend to be socially or personally disadvantaged. For this kind of person, TV can become a kind of opiate in a way. It's habitual, and tuning in can be an easy way of tuning out."

Source: University of Maryland

14th April 2017, 18:36
All wars are banker's wars.


"Well, Mr Brzezinski, our money-making war machine is rolling along quite nicely, and seeing as how we own all the munitions factories, aircraft companies, and military outfitters, I am making obscene amounts of money, more than I'll ever be able to spend. But its not enough. I want more. More power and more money."

"I'm totally on board with that, Mr Rockefeller. Let them eat cake."

"My paid lackeys have discovered oil in a country called Vietnam. Because I have a god-given right to own the planet and its resources, we'll have to move in with the Army and steal it like we usually do. But how do we convince the useless eaters that war is peace? And more importantly, how do we find the hired killers we need to staff the military and carry out our nefarious plot?"

"No need to worry, sir. I have just the plan ..."

According to Wikipedia, the impetus for the US invasion of Vietnam was a false flag event.

"Get a load of this, sir ... the TV will guide them ... right into the fold ..."






Illuminati programming:


"Ziggy, you are a genius. Why don't you come over to my place this weekend for some pizza..."

"Yes sir!"

14th April 2017, 19:37
"We'll present life in the military as one big barrel o' laffs ..."
http://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/e6/76/e4/e676e4cc5c30d77bd71e15e436fd62b0.jpg http://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/96/a3/b6/96a3b6292cd746a4ffb361e84104cbbc.jpg

"We'll capture their minds while they're young ..."



http://parkerplatform.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/boys_playing_soldiersb.jpg http://img.tfd.com/WEAL/weal_10_img1829.jpg

All wars are banker's wars.



14th April 2017, 23:46
What's funny to me is that history, as it has been presented to me, may be completely false, news is fake, and t.v. is brainwashing, but this may be real!


(I am joking here. Not trying to offend any group, race, religion, gender, Furries, Nazis, Jewish people offended by Nazis, newscasters, t.v. networks, newspapers or anyone else. This is my style of humor.)