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23rd April 2017, 14:00
How Reality Is Being Manufactured


ATTENTION: Reality is being manufactured to manipulate your emotions and actions! In this video, Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media brilliantly breaks down how our reality is created in the Information Age using very interesting Google Trend charts. It used to be if you controlled the oil, you controlled the world. Now itís if you control the information, you control the world. That is why they are cracking down so aggressively on independent media.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4x2sJWmAnjY ... 16 minutes ..

With in she talks about : Gotham Shield & E M P's which plays to the power outages

which have occurred. She delivers the information clear and concise a good


23rd April 2017, 15:17
IMO we are all creating all manifestations of form in reality. Also, IMO, to the degree we accept the responsibility each of us has in what we manifest is proportional to the degree that which we collectively manifest is fulfilling for all.

Of course, then... there are those whose idea of utopia differ from others and therein lies all the fun... and horror.

23rd April 2017, 17:24
Our thoughts hold sway over our actions/choices... choices determine cause and effect, hence you live in the words you speak in a sort of way ... always speaking negative produces negative results, for you reap what you sow, you grow what you plant, it's all tied to the way a person thinks... with negative forces grouping together running our world (the cabal) we see the results in every country around the globe ... hunger, war, chaos, ego, deception ... its why we should always be united in purpose, to be the yin of the yang ...

23rd April 2017, 17:32

David Icke has been explaining this "manipulated reality" for a very long time now- not yet aware of Icke's existence and his incredible work/research?- start here: www.DavidIcke.com-

or am I preaching to the choir?- you tell me-

be well!


23rd April 2017, 18:02
Yes i'm in the choir, thought that Melissa Dykes explanation was spot on and concise, plus to see the graphs, and the google trend

charts interesting. Short and sweet, david icke can be long,thought this would appeal to those with limited time.

There is a man named Roy Masters in grants pass oregon that has always said with your thoughts you do create, the boob tube

sure does shape ones thoughts, that's what i was trying to drive home. Many have said the same, just trying to make a an

affirmation. Thanks Cardillac

23rd April 2017, 19:14
Yup, the Internet as a means to harness the collective consciousness to create and shape reality, to move an agenda along! I would love to see some Google trend graphs for terms associated with the awakening.

23rd April 2017, 19:25
[I would love to see some Google trend graphs for terms associated with the awakening.]

I would think that trend graph is probably a very dearly held secret, and i think that trend graph exist.

24th April 2017, 03:40
If we knew how reality was manufactured we would be inside the head of aliens who covet that technique. Or in some elevated state of consciousness we may get that answer. Remember Truman the movie? He was showing us how we are duped. Seemed appropriate since I have read that Jim Carrey, the main actor of Truman, is a high level Illuminati handler, in fact of LA territory. I guess all the ilks have their preference.

I do believe there are times even in the course of a day, when reality shifts. Happens to all of us. Either we are in a peaceful mode either awake or not, and we travel to another time, space room, age. My husband experienced it dozing off for just seconds the other day and remembering every detail. I think we do shift to parallel realities, depending on our state of consciousness. I think those probabilities are always there, we move toward them energetically.

24th April 2017, 10:34
A manufactured reality starts (and ends) with thought and speaks volumes of the origin of thought itself.

"I thought, and it was all over."

24th April 2017, 14:08
You are as Gods- that which you see consistantly takes form - Take your power and create beautiful places for mankind to develope and evolve. My garden grows and the flowers and fruit gifted multiply and it is wonderful.