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eric charles
22nd December 2010, 04:10
Hi all ,

I was just wondering , if its just me . Seems myself and many people in my entourage seem to be all downed and depressed .
I am generally a very very happy,realistic person , also my amazing girl who we are both very happy together, and jump in eachothers arms everyday when we see eachother at days end . we are just so downed and depressed lately , seem to have no confidance in ourselves , kids are acting very eccentric behaving very negatively .

Not getting good sleepies , uptight , every little thing we seem to take it in a bad way .

I could go on and on but i assume you all get the generel direction I am heading in .

Is it just me or are any of you not in the Holiday festive spirit .

Is anyone else feeling the same ? been about a good hmmm 2-3 weeks for certain .Could be just getting accustomed to weather changes (im in Canada) .
I dont know what the hell is going on but I know its not our relationship , we still cuddle and kiss and feels amazing all the time( yes laugh all you want but thats the love we share and it is an amazing one to say the least )

Anyhow , if you guys are feeling the same general sentiments please share them , by all means

Big huggs all around



22nd December 2010, 04:31
We're in a state of energetic flux. The old energies are falling away, while the new energies haven't fully taken hold yet. It's normal to feel this way at times like these (and there has never before been a time more "like these" than NOW!). Personally, I'm all over the place at the moment, forgetting things and up and down with my emotions.... It's normal, it's a confused state.

We're in a period of rapid change, it's going to get worse before it gets better- but BOY is it going to get better! I can feel it!

When I looked up at the sky yesterday - I felt drawn up, like my consciousness was trying to exapnd and fill the great blue sky before me. I feel we're in the new world now - but the systems of the old world are still in place. I feel like they're going to start falling away as they no longer fit... And people are going to really start waking up.... But the interim is going to be very interesting, as I don't think the old ways (PTW) are going to fall away without a fight!...

It's going to be an interesting few years ahead...gather your strength, I think we're going to need it!;)

22nd December 2010, 04:35
Yes, I feel it. It comes every holiday time. For me it's a time of natural comparisons, expectations, regrets, life changes, life elements not in control. Since it comes every year there is something of the past to be remembered. The past is never like the present. The past is fixed in one's mind. The future is formless except for expectation and hope. Currently it's hard to trust one's expectations and hopes. The economy, the state of governance, the endless conflict between countries all contribute to an uneasiness even if a person is relatively happy and secure.

Just as they say "be the change you wish to see in the world" the best thing to do when you hit a low point is to move forward as if you didn't feel down. Go through the motions of the holiday even if you don't feel like it. Take your significant other out on a special date. Read a story to your kids. Sing holiday songs. When you look back on this time, you'll be glad you did. It takes courage to live well in spite of your dark days. Consider it practice for better days.

22nd December 2010, 05:10
We are in the middle of mercury retrograde. It is said to bring up unresolved issues. It lasts from Dec 10-30.

22nd December 2010, 06:16
as if we didn't have enough to deal with........;)

22nd December 2010, 10:52



Radiate Love and Peace!

Exist in Love and Peace!

Resonate as one, a harmony. Sing as one, a harmony. Be harmony.

Take a look around you... have boundless compassion for those you see that don't yet understand what is really going on.


Radiate that Joy and you will inspire those around you that need your strength, knowledge, perspective and especially courage in the face of the unknown.

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PS: Drink more pure water.