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15th June 2017, 16:40
Long time reader 1st time poster, good evening all. I have some doubts and hopefully this is the right forum to ask and my apologies if it isn't. When we talk about food (consumables), and the awakening process, what is good?, what is bad? vegan? what about organic meat?, alcohol? (not in an abusive way, of course). I am an athletic person, even in my 40's,(which I am at now), and always had this approach to natural stuff, healthy consumption etc...

If there is a link or a topic already in the forums for it please redirect me and if anyone feel to just post some insights I would greatly appreciate it.

BTW, great group of people here, my best wishes.

15th June 2017, 18:09
If you are interested in the subject of awakening please read "Perfect Brilliant Stillness" by David Carse. One of the best reads out there on awakening. It is, beyond question, the most fascinating journey anyone can take. Carse's book comes from the perspective of one who has awakened quickly. Keep that in mind. Most ease into it slowly, but the last jump is fast. If you would like more references to good reads, ask away.

As for your personal life style, it doesn't matter. One of the good authors on the subject is Wei Wu Wei. He was a life long wine drinker, never exercised, and ate anything he chose. If you seriously pursue awakening your lifestyle will, in all probability, change naturally. No big deal. Most people I know who are on a spiritual journey avoid chemically altered food and highly processed food. Except for mabye potato chips and ice cream. Yum.

It just doesn't matter.

16th June 2017, 08:05
Hello Madeira,

While there are many opinions and personal recounts regarding the subject of the ideal enlightened lifestyle, I would encourage you to follow your own nose on the path of your awakening.

With that being said, it definitely does 'matter' what you consume - in both the physical and psychological sense. The old adage 'you are what you eat' holds true, although it would be more precise to say 'the body becomes what it ingests', just as the mind becomes what it thinks.

Consider that the body is like a consciousness antenna. The quality or 'energetic state' of this antenna will effect it's ability to conduct awareness. As such, when it comes to the consumption of any thing, one must consider the 'energetic state' of that which is being consumed as this will have an impact on the state of the body which incorporates it.

When we eat domesticated agricultural animals and their byproducts, we are consuming of a body that has lived a life of varyingly severe incarceration having itself consumed varyingly un-nutritious food, being exposed to varyingly toxic doses of medicines and other chemicals and then - in most cases - been brutally slaughtered. This lifestyle leaves it's energetic imprint on the flesh (and fluids) of the animal which we then ourselves consume. It is up to you if this is the type of energy you wish to introduce into your body.

Now, in a different world where animals roamed free and one chose, by the skill and strength of their own hand, to take a life for the nutritional benefit of ones own, there would in my mind be a natural justice to this action. However, this is not the case for the majority of us living in the so-called civilised world.

And so to me it seems that the best way to nourish the body, within the present context, is to consume primarily plant based foods. Although it is true that even these are also compromised by genetic modification and the introduction of various chemicals into their life cycles, if one is diligent in pursuing organically grown options, these negative impacts can be minimised.

I hope these thoughts go some way to furthering your understanding on the topic, with warm regards,


16th June 2017, 09:58
Silly me, I just caught the word "consume" LOL:facepalm: Okay, got my coffee:clapping:
Green tea, leafy green veggies, lots of salad to keep the body cool, yet with vitamins. REAL spring water if you can find it, not the osmosis stuff they are selling, organic farmers sometimes have a spring. light on the heavy carbs, and increase protein during the energy months/summer months. Remember to always hydrate even if it's just a cool towel on the head it's gonna get very...very...hot.
This emergency supplies for when shtf and we scramble. Keep them by the front closet or door closest to your vehicle. You may not have time to go back inside to get them. Grab and go gym bags are good.
I'm doing dehydrated milk, dry beans, rice, instant mash potatoes, dehydrated onions/garlic, seasonings, oodles of noodles,(chicken and beef flavor) beef jerky, vienna sausages, tuna, salmon canned as much of that as possible, stashed in plastic and boxed. I've taken 20lb bags and put them in family size zip lock. also Macaroni.

16th June 2017, 12:20
Nice...as you all mentioned above I was following my own instinct, which, so far I do feel is working. Thank you all for pointing some interesting things and blessings!

Baby Steps
16th June 2017, 13:05
Random Facts I have gathered:

- Human physiology, and enzymes indicate a primarily carb based diet
- The China study provides confirmation of the above
- Humans are omnivores and have enzymes to digest meat
- Okinawans have the highest life expectancy & they subsist on sweet potatoes
- The inuit subsist on fermented blubber for much of the year and have vry low rates of heart disease
- the china study associates strongly consumption of animal protein with cancer
- Indigenous societies would mostly be amused by the idea of not eating meat, however they eat less and do it spiritually (thanking the Animal for its gift)
- The amount of animal fodder grown on earth is enough to feed the human population
- Most land that has been farmed for more than a few generations is depleted of micro minerals-leading to dietary deficiencies
- high life expectancy in Georgia (not USA) attributed to microminerals in water from glacial melt (check out glacial milk for remineralisation)
- Spontaneous healings from spring water may relate to micro minerals
- The world has food back up- when prices rise, huge tracts of Russia become productive.
- Hemp has a much higher caloric yield per acre than wheat, potatoes etc
- Antibiotic use in the meat industry is filling our food with antibiotic resistant bacteria
- The gluten intolerance increase is probably a deliberate masking of issues caused by GM wheat including Glyphosate
- Increases in IBS, Gluten intolerance, Crones, etc are linked to bad digestion (not enough stomach acid and too much stress) but also over stimulation of immune system by vaccines
- Fracking is proven to contaminate local ground water. This will eventually kill off farming nearby.
- Destruction of bees with neonicotinoids etc feeds back to more profit for Big AG companies who are carving out dependence on their seeds as a tyrannical strategy