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21st June 2017, 22:00
Hello Project Avalon Forum. Have not really been on in a while,
I usually come just to read. Some of you might know me but if not I am a truth seeker just like you, I seek nothing but the truth, sometimes you find it, and its up to you to live by those truths or ignore them. Well i've recently come across an old video that I created and probably posted on here before, I got curious about somethings and it prompted me to start puling some things together. I thought, why not record it,
recorded it, edited and upoaded it to youtube, I want you to look at some of the key points highlighted in the video and give me feedback on them, If i presented you with real proof, the bio of the video is below after my post introduction, thank you for whoever takes the time and do this real quick appreciate it, i'll be here checking for comments.

I want you to skip to 8:14 and see the betrayal by the united states government, lying to its own citizens. You will see how they purposfully spread disinformation, and how these conspiracy theories are not all that loopy as you may think, the official press of the united states for foreign policies website is named and I quote, "Shadow Government". If that doesn't speak to you I don't know what will. Folks our government is not run by us anymore and when you really look at it they are always rich families with some kind of wealth or ties to secret societies, this video offers proof and disclosure that you can use to come to your own conclusion, discern.

22nd June 2017, 03:58
Um in the title crawl, you made a huge mistake.

Would you listen to a person who starts off by attacking you? Calling people sheep and saying they are your audience seems counter productive.

22nd June 2017, 10:34
IMO, it's pretty safe to say that most governments lie to their own citizens.
The world situation, especially in the westernized countries, is one of leadership by "the golden rule", i.e. "he who has the gold, rules".
You can bet your last $20 gold piece their main interests lie in padding their own wallets while planning how to plunder the natural resources remaining on mother earth with mostly a total disregard for the impact on other sentient beings.
If you want to believe what RT has to say then you may as well believe what the NY Times has to say.
They are all controlled by government and cherry pick their information to suit their agenda.

22nd June 2017, 17:08
The preliminary text is scrolling much too rapidly. The concepts you are dumping on your targets for this video will need a bit slower rate of scrolling to allow the new concepts to sink in step-by-step to keep up with the the transitioning of the subject matter.

Also, I would take the sting off of calling your target audience 'sheep', by changing the word to "sheeples". Humor, appropriately applied, should add a little wry humor to the yucky tasting medicine as it goes down, without diminishing the critical importance of the content.

Do you care about typos? At the FP/Shadow government site, your scrolling has two typos: there version s/b their version ; Not even suprised s/b Not even surprised.

And the browsing of that same website is so disconnected and jerky, you will lose a lot of people here. What's needed for this type of approach is a narrator to help guide the viewer's eyes in following the mouse-driven actions.

Will offer more as I watch the video unless you say "stop".

22nd June 2017, 17:27
Hello again Jayren, if you are going to tell already overwhelmed sheeples that everything you hilight is important, then it would be better to again have a narrator guiding them along and letting them know exactly what info is important enough to perhaps get a notepad to have handy to make notes about the crucial data for later followup.

The music is too loud and excessively dramatic. Yes, you want the viewer to get the sense that the information you uncovered for them is critical for their long term health and happiness, but you don't want to be scaring them so badly so early on in the video that they simply bail.

Better to provide a very firm yet soothing narrator's voice which will help build the intensity and drama as the info itself unfolds.

22nd June 2017, 17:57
Okay, I skipped to 8:14, and for what? You said to look for critical info, so naturally I was looking for it, but frankly everything all ran together because there was no one and no screen visuals to lead the viewer's eyes anywhere, let alone spending countless brain-numbing minutes trying to follow a little mouse icon on the screen.

At this moment I've reached 11:09, and the drumbeat of the dramatic music combined with the eyestrain from attempting to follow your mouse around while not even being permitted time to absorb a fraction of the info offered is giving me a nasty headache.

I'm bailing on this project. Some friendly advice: It would be far far better to stop this project right now and majorly rework its production into a video which will capture the sheeple's attention and convince them of the urgency of your message, than to subject them to this garbled mess.

Just think about it: If they watch this video first, they'll most likely bail a lot sooner than I did. And this version will probably leave them unpleasantly irritated. Then, if you produce a revised or sequel version, they'll look at the producer and run the other way.

Better to pull back now and take the time to produce something that will effectively grab the sheeple's attention, and convince them it's time to take action.

Good luck.

26th June 2017, 02:14
Thanks for all the feedback, I will use this to improve my work, P.S. I made this when I was 14 :P