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23rd December 2010, 22:37
Hi All,

Has anyone seen this?


This person was on his balcony in Thailand and saw a bright light in the sky as others have been seeing recently.
He decided to take a video with his camera on a tripod and use telephoto lens to zoom it.
The light chat he is having with his wife helps to keep this in perspective.
The action really begins at around 45 seconds.
It is very pretty writing.
I took a series of screenshots and I will post one as a teaser.



23rd December 2010, 23:04
Very interesting video and also different then anything i have ever seen tho.

24th December 2010, 00:00
i noticed the same squggle effect at the end of the video as he pans down on the lights of the city...

my guess is a tower or other tall building... but not a UFO.

24th December 2010, 00:33
I used to be fooled by squiggles from my camera, but they didn't have these colors.
The light of the porch squiggles and keeps its yellow color.
Anyway, the tripod prevents the squiggles.
It would take a lot to do this as a fake. (of course anything can be done) but part of what makes this seem authentic is the voices.

He said it LOOKED like a light hovering in the distant sky, but with the tripod he could prevent squiggles and zoom it up close.
His wife asks him what he is looking at and he tells her to look in the camera.
This is because it cannot be seen with the naked eye.


24th December 2010, 01:20
Actually, I was hoping for a discussion of
what this might be hanging and dancing in the sky like that,
who might have been doing it?
and, for what purpose?

Is it a kind of written language anybody recognizes?
It could be a kind of holographic script.

thank you,


24th December 2010, 01:26
I am sure whatever the meaning of such language,we just arent far advanced enough to know what kind of message or what the exact meaning behind the flashy lights may be.I doubt thats fake it looks pretty amazing look at all the shapes it formed and the way it was doing it,also it would fade cloak and then come back that seems to be legit to me,but then again i am no ufo video analyzes expert tho heh.

24th December 2010, 01:38
I recently re-watched an old presentation of Alex Collier's at the American Gnostic School.
(can you tell? )

In this video, he draws a half dozen symbols and tries to explain that these are encyclopedic in their meaning.
One symbol can mean reams of information.
And not only that, but, while HE must draw them flat on a page, they are really 3D.

He calls them holographic, I believe.

I began to wonder what that would be like to see them drawn in space.
And today I might have seen an example.

thank you,


Lost Soul
24th December 2010, 15:54
If it's aliens, it's an alien DUI (driving under the influence). Where's the space cops when we need them?

24th December 2010, 16:57
if it is on a tri-pod and he is not touching the camera- why is the porch light continually smeared?, there is a shot of smeared city lights at the very beginning also...

has anyone checked it out for repeat characters, or other decoding of symbols... 'cuz it sure looks like something an electric ball would do...

you can hear clicks at about 0:41-48 (maybe changing the view settings - not slide zoom in/out)

24th December 2010, 17:06
The UFO I saw on two separate nights in September 1999 did something similar. It did the dance too, but was really fast. It turned the night sky a dull bright pink that would literally blind me, and I would have blink my eyes repeatedly until I regained my sight. The other colours it used was green, blue, and red. Those were used when it was moving slow. It would move slow at first and alternate the the 3 colours then go into its dance. It did this over and over for hours. I have no idea why it was doing this.

24th December 2010, 19:18
Right from the beginning of this video, it appears 'choppy'. The light on the porch in the upper left hand corner even leaves a bit of an 'after image' as he zooms in. So it seems a bit fishy right at the start. The other thing is that he says 'Don't touch me, just look at the lens' Why shouldn't be be touched if hes using a 'tripod'???

Reminds me of those commercials where they make the words and patterns with the sparklers using different frame capture.

Pretty though.

noxon medem
24th December 2010, 21:51
- what we need here is one with knowledge of thai letters.
Since that is where this viderecording happened.
By my computer it comes across as a slow capture timerate.
Will check tech here.
That does reveal a lot of interesting signs, and maybe local letters.
Know some thaies here, and their written language have similaities to this.
Sadly the reference of the lightpost vanish out left before main sky-writing.
Anyway very interesting, assuming a solid tripod was actualy used.

Merry christmas to thai on google translate:



S̄uk̄hs̄ạnt̒ wạn khris̄t̒mās̄
- 1. interjeksjon
- 1. เมอร์รี่คริสมาสต์