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Limor Wolf
17th August 2017, 06:09
Hi everyone,

It seems like a great privilege to be here on the planet at this time. A few years ago I emerged into a more personal journey and inquiry to delve deep inside after quite a few years of the process of understanding the outer world hidden aspects and it's various mechanisms.
On a sub-forum opened at this forum privetly I posted this which I would like to share now - a few changes are made to this, it was posted under the - 'To Heal The World' sub-forum. - we are at a time now where all are playing and showing their shadows - whether knowing it or not, our own inner world is deeply correlated with the one we see outside and is the projection of the hologram we create in front of us, all is emerging at the same time. If to use David Icke's allegory - it is the movie projector vs the movie -which one do we relate to?

September 2013

"...to me it feels like a great privilege to be here and be able to gather together and do the work that we all intended to do. It is such a convoluted path we were taking, therefore, we seem to learn more and more each and every day. Getting more aligned with our true purpose at this very special time. Thank you so much.... and simply everyone else who participates in the healing of this precious planet, for being such a great inspiration, first by your sheer determination to help, the heart never lies and it's energy power is second to none and everyone here is demonstrating it over and over again, then by following our inner knowing that that is what needs to be done right now, third - by being the actual Catalysts for this process of creation, for making amends, injecting our own conscious frequencies to this petri dish we live in.

It also may be the time for those who feel it is right for them to actually face the darkness, take a deep look at what is going on in there, interject with this other half.
I personally feel there will be no advancement if a meeting such as this will not take place. An acknowledgment of some sort needs to happen, the acknowledgment of both sides in recognizing one another as equals. Also to allow our boundaries to be defined, to renounce some of the agendas and plans from going on, this planet was born as a free will planet and it might be vital to approach the core of all matters - and stand as sovereign in front of those who stir the pot.

A lot of quiet inner work is done now all over the globe. It is as if there is this deeper understanding which is now forming to concentrate on our own stellar beingness, to regain our inherent original knowledge, relate to our own shadow and programs running the vehicle and be here as conduit and a horn for the greater good. There must be many in and around the galaxy, the multiverse and in other realms and dimensions who are looking at us now. We are provided with the co-operation needed and help (as in guidance and frequency) in turning the planet and inhabitants to what it was meant to be all along via changing the wiring of ourselves from the inside.

This may not be an easy process, in this mission we are being used as biological tools and serve as transformers to the greatest power of creation out there. This is a big part of what we came here to do.

This is the personal call for many now to make an invitation for the shadow to come out so it can be healed and join the planetary change of evolution or be discarded and dissolved. The shadow without is the shadow within.

This quote from Barbara Marciniak's book describes it well -

" There is a huge market of selling people on earth... There are way showers now that work to re-shape the many new realities, they live modestly, and they break the ways for the new frequencies to arrive which allow to understand the stories of the dark conspiracies of planetary, solar and galactic control. This is not any type of revelation for those of you who have identified the clues over the years, for those who Identified the synchronicities that reveal a bigger picture of existence. To figure out how to rebuild the earth frequency, you must learn first about those who rule the earth, because the challenges that you will have to deal with for the next fifteen years, would be associated with the darkest energies, it is the darkness before the dawn.

You are now being called to confront the dark side of the spirit, and when the darkness will deepen , before the sunrise, know that this is a signal from the spirit. Open your eyes and do not be allarmed by the whistles of the night owls and all the strange noises.
Go into the darkness with a lighted candle to see what's in there. Make your intention to understand what you see, open your heart and know that the mind is unwel. The darkness is full of violence and shrouded in secrets, it's talent is to control the mind in such a proficient way that three dimensional mind controllers can only envy ... You provide fertile ground to compartmentalize your brain.
Mind control is nothing new, the use of frequencies to control may be a new term to you but mind control was around for a long time. As you discover how consciousness in your world is being controled by overt and covert operations, you will finally understand the control mechanism which comes through the dimensions. From what type of power and from which secret heritage you're actually struggling to pull out of"

All this comes with some deep spiritual understanding, for those who make this call of invitation - the way to act will be known. It involves the heart


April 2016

"..I was taken deep into the darkest tunnels, looking back, it was an invitation from me and an opening of a door to see what's there, to see the depths of my/our collective being, to find what really directs our world at large and at the most inner individual level... this darkest journey gave me more than I was able to perceive before, and was it a choice really? it had to be done, as this unconscious 'merge' was there all along without my knowledge, it begged for recognition. Such is the collective psych of our humanity. It gave me the knowledge to begin and understand, this is not a journey to walk alone, I see others flickers as well in the dark, some are on their way out of the tunnel, some are at the entrance, most do not know or care, but their world is deep down there.

I am now at the emerging from the depth of the dark caves, making the invitation of all my shadow to come out, it takes quite some time, it was doing the mileage back carrying a heavy load that needs to be dropped at the side as it is not mine, bearing the scars, that I knew will heal sooner or later, I am now allowing the invitation as I am closing the door, shutting the dynamic, ending the meeting, releasing the merge that was there for many cycles, and maybe was necessary to understand other life forms on a different level, to understand the whole perspective of the grand creation and it's secrets and to arrive into a 'make or break' choice. You emerge not as you entered. Not everyone emerge.

To many it feels as if this grip will never cease. I know I was told that I AM the one who needs to release, and so this is my choice to make and for the rest of it to follow

I am learning that to heal the world is truly to heal yourself and that there are those who know it already and even though they are on their journey, they do tell and share and are making themselves available and putting the information out


their face is always forward despite the sights that they saw and the extreme challenges they had to experience, a few of them courageous enough to release the injected roles that they were made to play. And so this seems like a process that is now full steam ahead and many are hearing the call to join

My (short version) declaration and LAW is as follows:

I hereby make the invitation for all of my shadow to come out in order for it to be seen, healed and be free or be dissolved, I completely and utterly revoke all spiritual contracts ever made inside this simulation- mind Matrix to do with interjecting itself in hidden places with all that relates to my essence and with anything else that is not in alignment with benevolent unconditional love of prime creation. I do not consent or agree to any unconscious and unconsented merging ever taken place and decalre Null & void any and all unpermitted interactions as a result. I do not consent to any agreement of entrapment of being put on a game or the hijacking of my true intended path and the attempts for control of my preference version of reality. I am a sovereign being, No singular or collective entity is under any circumstances given permission to enter my universe, life, dimensions, levels or time as from the moment of writing this contract. If there are such attempts to ignor the LAW, they are responsible for the consequences of that breach in self-destruction and are fully legally responsible for the consequences. Therefore, I am protected from entering any Game, or ANY and ALL Games set out to ensnare me out of my own SOVEREIGN BEING.

many blessings and good energies ~


Limor Wolf
17th August 2017, 15:30
Beautifully fit in here!

Ruth Bartleet (A healer, south of England)

"It's a curious thing. We hide what we consider the craziest stuff in our lives in a cage of shame.

Or that's how it occurs to me.
Even if we've hidden the shame so fiercely that we cannot even tell that's what it is, because it's not 'cool' to feel shame or whatever flavour happens to be relevant for the individual.

Breath-taking it is to me is that when beings find someone to be guard-free with and allow themselves to be with those things they consider 'bonkers', there may be a possibility to change those things with the slightest of effort and move on.

That's the power of self-doubt and self-judgment.
It keeps at bay the most beautiful changes possible.

And this isn't a post to beat ourselves up with.

Wherever we are in the healing process, if we are in one, allowing as much ease for ourselves as possible - however much is possible - and acknowledging where we are with that is perfect for us.

Comparing our healing journey to another's is a perilous punishment.

What if we celebrated every choice we made to improve our lives and extended as much kindness to ourselves as is easy for us?

And - if that's too lofty for wherever someone's at - sod it! How much kindness is possible right now?
And what if we didn't judge the level of kindness we can be for ourselves?

Anything beyond that is possibly for the next 10 seconds or several thousand 10 seconds after that."

17th August 2017, 16:43
I love your declaration. I may borrow from it, if that's ok.

A couple of months ago, I had lucid dream or possibly an OBE. I was in the cosmos, staring up a formation of lights (not sure if it was a specific constellation or star system), and I kept yelling over and over again, "I reclaim my power." Waking up right after that, I thought, "Wow, that was weird. Why was I saying that and who was I saying it to?" It did not take long for me to realize that it's what I want and what we are all working so hard to do. Now, I include "I reclaim my power" in my affirmations when I walk, meditate and go to sleep.

The lyrics from Enigma's Amen (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYlNjQ5TTF4) have really struck a chord with me, especially this section. I often will sing this part of the song in my head while I walk. I know. I'm crazy. :crazy:

I'm not afraid
Watch out
I'm beyond the dread
It's time to turn the page and love again
(Watch out)
I defeat the pain
(Watch out)
In a crying game
I'm leaving all my shadows behind

Foxie Loxie
17th August 2017, 17:05
How simply wonderful, Limor & LadyM!! That is the crux of the matter, isn't it? We have been robbed of our Sovereignty & the sad part is that we didn't even KNOW it!! :facepalm: Love the thought that we are in a healing process!! :heart:


Limor Wolf
17th August 2017, 17:19
Thank you, Foxie! Yes, we have been robbed. The healing process on the way to real and genuine sovereignty may not be understood to it's fullest sometimes
It is the diligent de-programming from the mind construct by identifying the artificial system that works via our mind (for life times) and the collective mind of the planet, the universe etc.
It is the standing within our core truth by listening attentively to our spirit and not following any 'new show in town', it is the diving into the pains, emotions, anything that takes us out of balance, even in a 'positive way', to come back into neutrality - the zero point - a place of creation, rather then false creation, it is about emptying the space in ourselves that was hijacked in order to align with our true spirit, the connection to source and inner knowledge. And getting our memory back to who we truly are beyond the Alien/AI mind, gods-dieties and the Earth various stories.

We are on our way to understand this ~

Many blessings ~


17th August 2017, 21:36
Simply fabulous!
Thanks Limor, i appreciate very much.
Lots Of Love

Limor Wolf
20th August 2017, 17:01
This morning, going through the observations and pains of false inception of separation, and programs of not always showing myself as I AM in vulnerability, I truly value and appreciate the beings who generously are able to share their own journey. This treasure seems to be from one such being - Trevor ilesley - 'The dark night of the soul series'

He refers to the stages of the journey from old self (the program) to the 'real you' genuine version -

Battling 'being me' (body, mind, emotions, past experiences)
balancing being me
becoming being me
Being me = being you




The dark Knight of the soul - a segment from another one of Trevor Lesley talk video's

"I think the universal energy is awakening people around the world...The world is run by darkness, everything is destruction and war and destroy and everything, so therefor they put us into place that now if people are not destroying someone, they are actually destroying themselves, and I believe that is part of the plan, as part of the plan of the darkness for people to turn their energy against themselves, to lose themselves, to get themselves so confused that you will actually commit sucide, or find yourself in a mental home, and I think it is the plan, and therefore I think that the dark side of the soul is so special because you are a knight, you are a warrior of light, and this army is being built day by day on a daily basis, and all the lights are awakening and helping people as much as we can.. to take the balance over to the light."

Many Blessings ~


20th August 2017, 18:15
Fantastic thread Limor, thank you!

Limor Wolf
20th August 2017, 18:38
Hello Kristin! thank you for your lovely feedback, and thank you for participating in it

Another quote from Trevor Lesley:

I guarantee you, if you are going through the dark night of the soul, I bet you are one of the nicest people on the planet, I bet you've got so much love and so much compassion to share, that basically you've had the S**t kicked out of you, and so therefore you've retreated back underneath the duvet not wanting to come out,why? because you feel alive and you feel other human beings, guarantee you that's the answer, ask your body, ask your intuition if I am wrong,
I ain't wrong. Your'e scared of life and your'e scared of yourself because you don't trust people, that's a big one, you don't trust yourself with people, and when you go out you just don't fit in, you feel very uncomfortable, oh, well done you, because that tells me that you are a sensitive, and a sensitive is when the soul starts to arise, it starts to show itself, it starts to come to the surface. When it starts to emerge itself it's a little bit scared, it's a little bit worried, because the soul looks around and thinks, Waw, what on Earth is going on here?, this isn't how it was meant to be, planet Earth and beings were supposed to be in a completely different way, what's going on?

And so therefore you go for your journey, you crash and then all of a sudden you start to look at a way to heal yourself, do you think that was meant to happen? do you think that was by coincidence that was meant to happen? or that it was getting you to a place that WAS sincerely meant to happen? Think about that.. was it planned?

And for all who are walking the path, or on the verge of walking the path, the path of our inherent birthright, where there is no need in asking anyone's permission -

(accepted recently)
Behind the garden wall ~

"What is there behind the garden wall
Is that a grander garden or a fall?
hesitant paces would like a prior view
on the lane and path of only few
the garden is the heart
and beyond is the grander heart of all"


Many Blessings ~


Limor Wolf
20th August 2017, 19:13
We need to be prepared to 'die' while transforming, again and again, while construct and overlays and programs are being 'operated' out of our bodies, mind and psych in what seems like an endless process, to evacuate a space for our real authentic true self

And as well today conditioning and overlays around the 'feel good' positive aspects - the ego, being nice, politically correct, not as tuned higher level of excitement, suggestions for guilt and shame.
I appreciate my paying attention to those nuances, to the little tweaks that can be mistaken as a wonderfully positive or improvement but are literally ingrained with emotional charge - presenting itself as positive, but are not coded as the neutral or natural state of my inner spirit truth in core essence

Thank you, what a wonderful opportunity that is ~

Limor Wolf
20th August 2017, 22:59
From the 'Access Consciousness' healing method -

"As an infinite being you function from infinite perceiving, knowing, being and receiving. As an infinite being all things are possible all the time and you have a total choice.

As a finite being the tendency is to function from thoughts, feelings and emotions. Access consciousness is about unlocking you from the polarity, imprisonment, conditioning and limitations of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. When we are functioning from finiteness we chose to have little choice and little possibilities.

Polarity keeps us from actually seeing things as they are so that we can't change what we would like to change. It keeps us functioning from the trauma and drama, the upset and intrigue of this reality. Our addiction to polarity is one of the strongest addictions there is.

One of the greatest tools to unlocking us from this addiction is to function from allowance, Allowance is where everything is just an interesting point of view. Allowance lets us become aware of all the areas of our life where we are either aligning or agreeing or resisting and reacting to any point of view, thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, judgements, conclusions or considerations.

We can begin to set ourselves free by reminding ourselves that everything we think, feel, believe, judged or have decided is just an interesting point of view"


21st August 2017, 00:30
Limor thank you for this very relevant and important discussion here.

This is the time for such knowing, such teachings. What should be healed now, needs to be healed. Self acceptance is the key. What should be released, needs to go from us.

Grandmother Ayahuasca is one of the greatest forces now for this change on our planet. If you have access to this medicine, and you're convinced it's safe and you'll be well guided and protected, please consider opening to this. It's one of the greatest blessings.

Limor Wolf
24th August 2017, 02:10
Thank you Caliban, I hear your words about self love and acceptance and recognise it as one of the most valuable parts of the journey. Delving again. I am experiencing some valuable processing, an amount of shame and guilt on some past where I wasn't able to reach a mark, to sufficiently reach to others (though that is all the illusion within Matrix stories)..and no one I could share it with, therefore made it significant for the rest of my life (and within lifetimes) as the energy accumulated and kept re-creating itself, as is well known to happen, and made to happen. This is how worlds of limitation are created within infinite consciousness, and everything that is I sit with it, with it's emotional charge to set it free from it's self imprisonment

Very special time we are in, most appreciated, infinite possibilities on the personal and collective level and on the grander aspect that considers all of creation, how does it get any better than this?

Would anyone else here love to share their surfacing emotions and feelings and how you may deal with them?


Many blessings ~


Limor Wolf
24th August 2017, 22:42
I believe this is one of the most important information presented by Lauda Leon (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?97377-Keys-for-sovereignty-Lauda-Leon), and I chose to post it here on this thread to emphasis the importance of adopting the inner work process where one is asking that for themselves and moving with the wind of change, over the wind of the 'reality script' presented to the world. I have tapped into some of what is presented here for quite a few years and know that this well prepared present and future of a staged Alien intervention that has already happened a long time ago, with following scenarios is due as a possibility to humanity and the planet by those who can't dream their own dreams..



Breaking the in-verse Soul programming codes: Avoiding the lords of harvest


* The sleeper population of surface-level Earth will be “activated” through electromagnetic remote impulse systems which will cause mass rioting and civil unrest.

* Economic disruptions and the associated disruption of local and international trade and resource will both lead to and amplify this unrest. All of this is planned and has been planned for millennia. This is simply a small scale of control by corporate rule (developed in the previous civilizations ago). in a much larger and longer scale.

* There will be a total break-down of control systems.

* There will be Earth changes, catastrophes that will renovate the surface of the Earth, the water level, the atmosphere and the access to resources.

(Emphasis in black is mine - Limor)
* There will be false flag ‘alien’ attacks enacted upon the Earthly population.

* These attacks will be used within a ‘good cop-bad cop’ scenario to motivate the population to accept the control of these ‘alien’ invaders.

* The population will begin to reduce. Those survivors will be ushered into “safe-zones” which will be holding facilities designed to modify and groom the population for their new “leaders”.

* These “safe-zones” will be similar to interment camps but will be disguised under the necessity of safety and basic survival needs such as food, shelter, water and even companionship or simply the facilitation of deception to coerce the population into these highly controlled areas where they will automatically be under the guardianship of those controllers and thus under agreement (contract) whether conscious or unwitting. In other words, they will be their test subjects for experimentation, similar to the wartime systems that were uncovered in Japan, Germany and later in the United States. All nations under social-system rule are corporate entities and the people are their assets.

* The quantum control methods, advanced technology, consciousness entrainment, reality altering and mind-control systems are literally here to design artificial timelines which can be technologically, electromagnetically inserted into the collective mind and used to connect one world without this overt domination by genetically modified hybrid soul-less entities to one in which this control system exists.

* When such a complete transition begins, these systems will wreak havoc on the environment and the minds of the people and thus these “safe-guards” (good-cop, bad-cop) will be enacted to operate on the people and enable total control by the outside deceptive forces.

* There is a central universe and a mirror universe. This can be likened to an ‘anti-verse’ which is operated through an inverted mental spectrum. This is the home-realm of the invader races and the home realm of Humanity is the ‘higher-plane’ which is an eternal plane of pure-awareness.

* We are within a simulation-artificial matrix in this reality and when one system is transitioned to the other, only those who maintain a connection to the ultimate source reality will have any memory and all others will simply continue on as if this is how things always was.

* This took place last around 6000 years ago and dropped the entire civilization into a relative “Hell”, that is this realm. The alternate beings come from the lowest, the Humans come from the highest. They seek to dominate and falsify the One True Creator in a 1,000,000,000 year enactment of Spiritual War against “Heaven”. Or in other words, they wish to fully separate the entire Human race from their Home-Reality of pure-awareness and create an autonomous, soulless, hybrid organism that can be used to host the spirits of the fallen throughout various ages where they desire to reign as immortals.

* This immortality has already been completed as they have been using host bodies of humans for the past 6000 years. This was the infiltration known as the ‘fall of man’ and this has disrupted the genetic congruity of Humanity to the point where a “Mind-Virus” has formed which causes loss of memory and enables the accessing of the Humans by discarnate entities that are the Lost Spirits that have reduced in frequency of mind so that they can no longer be born into a body but most parasite a host body and take-over the consciousness of the original. They have been among you for 6000 years or more. Around 20,000 years is often given as a more accurate figure however 1 day, 100,000 years is similar depending on what angle you are perceiving. From the highest-plane, 33 days will pass for the entirety of this process within this universe from start to finish.

* As these changes take place, a possibility of “neuroplasticity” on a mental-energetic level is accelerating. This will lead to a detrimental degradation for those who are seeking autonomy and domination and this will act as a gateway to liberation for those seeking and embodying (bringing to others and themselves) Truth, Compassion, Harmony, Knowledge, Free-Will, Self-Awareness, and Creativity

*Around 2009 there was a major quantum shift which was a time just before this acceleration period where an enactment of a major insertion of artificial timelines in an effort to seal the Human population into the false-reality. As a result of major disturbances, a quantum collapse was experienced and those who have connection to source remember, there as a catastrophic meltdown of this reality and Earth was cast into darkness.

* This system can be described as a ‘simulcra’ system. This is powered by quantum computers that control from a parallel dimension outside of what is actually a projected space-time (similar to an online multiplayer). The server crashed momentarily and was reset. Many were lost and those who are here now are the survivors.

This system is unstable and will continue to develop errors which are perceived as memory glitches or timeline artifacts from previous versions. This is continued collapse, as the collapse cannot be avoided so we are in a temporary delayed “meltdown” of this space-time matrix. This is the end of the Maya.

* The False-Reality that the “others” are designing are using to mimic the One True Creator to disguise themselves as forces of a Higher-Power of Creation. The false-reality they desire is a dead-end of consciousness and leads to dissolution of the human.

* The true Reality of the Human leads to the dissolution of their false-reality.


* Advanced technology exists to entirely replicate events in this plane

* Our true history (an oxymoron) consists of multiple resets whereby the civilization is began again around the middle-ages which are not actual but are planned obsolesce resets in time

* Cloning, Mind Wiping and Programming Technology, Directed Energy Weapons

* There are nefarious factions that utilize the human population to act as an advanced military force for various operations.

* People are drafted into operation through technology which enables the replication of the human body and thus the entrainment or temporary capturing the human soul or identity.

* There are also contracts whereby people are drafted either through coercion or temptation into operating with underground groups.
The conditioning process begins before birth and is intertwined with part of the selection process.

* There are hybridization projects whereby the human genome is spliced with animals and other genetics.

* There is an ability to merge DNA with technology to enable a cybernetic organism that can alter frequencies and matter down to the molecular level.

* Early civilizations such as Sumeria and Egypt knew how to transfer consciousness, clone human life, and create hybrid organisms.

* The physical body and the brain can be programmed like a computer system. The mind, when in the realm of the body and brain, can be programmed like software.

* Christ is the anointing of the worldly consciousness with the higher or Heavenly self .

* This is the marriage between Heaven and Earth, through the body.

*The body has been tainted and poisoned by the adversary groups to increase the difficulty of critical thinking and the activation of refined truth and harmonious self frequencies.

* The soul is the combined choices and memories of the spirit throughout the body and all other instances in the physical illusion. The soul is a part of the matrix and will not exist when the spirit separates from the illusion. This is the veil, the soul itself as a web connecting one to the trap system as a fractal, prism like expression of multiple fragmentations of the true higher awareness entangled in the physical realm.

* The marriage is literally simply through harmonization of the individual fields in a way that they are sustainable throughout eternity rather than leading into chaos or disruption of the natural balance that enables life and experience.

* The true liberation is about self-responsibility.

* The spiritual forces that feed on humanity do so because they do not have access to physical forms and thus require a secondary host.

* There are followings and teachings that are the distorted versions of the original truth and mix truth with lies to engage people and entangle their minds into submission to the deceptive practices which then uses their beliefs and energy as fuel for the creation of 4th dimensional constructs which are portions of the entire matrix

* The entire system may literally be the overall coalescence of these internal-external dynamo consciousness constructs that are created by mixing truth with lies and selling that to people to ensnare them and cause them to create their own illusory afterlife which creates a perpetual motion machine that is fueled by souls and suffering!

* To shift is to rise above the suffering, the illusion, the victim character that one is required to accept in order to fit into the control system.

* All acts of inner harmony and truth conserve one’s energy and disable the etheric ties that are an energetic mechanical aspect of utilizing humans as energy sources

* Your thoughts are alive, they create the higher realm and an entire universe which one’s mind lives within.

* The targeting systems have been designed to work on the energy systems and entrain the weak points in one’s mind whether through sexual vulnerability, desire of materialism, shame, guilt, fear, or other aspects of the illusion of self.

* The power of the human is to create what they think. This power is lacked by those who have used advanced technology to exist for hundreds of thousands of years as parasites and they have lost their auto-regeneration process.

* Manufactured Consent is required to carry out such an operation and thus without that consent this would be seen as an act of war against the species and thus the “game” is shut-down.

* Truth, Self-Awareness, Harmony, Wholeness, Compassion, Free-Will, Creativity and Knowledge marks the path towards liberation.

* The game is to control humanity through the initiation of self-destructive practices. That is the basis for this system.


With blessings and love to all ~

Limor Wolf
25th August 2017, 16:40
This came up for me and is an interesting topic - What does it mean to solidify a reality that is being presented to us in any one area or another, that we may not otherwise consider supporting? It is the acceptance that what is shown is real, it is the response to it, the analysing it, forming the opinion, the giving of energy, the attempt to change others or get the 'problem' fixed, the looking outside ones self to create the reality, relying on the components of thoughts, comparison, self judgment or judgement of others, justification that creates inner resistance.

Perhaps curiosity, simply perceiving, or being in the awareness allows the neutral point of observation that changes it all?


25th August 2017, 17:22
I believe this is one of the most important information presented by Lauda Leon (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?97377-Keys-for-sovereignty-Lauda-Leon), and I chose to post it here on this thread to emphasis the importance of adopting the inner work process where one is asking that for themselves and moving with the wind of change, over the wind of the 'reality script' presented to the world. I have tapped into some of what is presented here for quite a few years and know that this prepared present and future with following scenarios is due as a possibility to humanity and the planet by those who can't dream their own dreams..


Thank you for the information, Limor. http://avalonlibrary.net/paula/smilies/come-in-hug.gif At times, Lauda Leon's material can be heavy, but I usually come away with information to give thought to.


Limor Wolf
25th August 2017, 17:40
Hi Paula :hug: in one of her articles Lauda has referred to the 'going through the fire'
(' Convergence of the event horizon' (https://www.sovereignki.com/single-post/2016/12/26/Convergence-of-the-Event-Horizon--Dissolution-of-Illusions) ) that potentially lead us to equanimity and the disillusion from the 'IT' illusion, that is the courage and vigour to give a thought to, to lend your awareness, allow and learn how to dismantle, to align with your own true spirit. You are a brave and wonderful lady!

25th August 2017, 18:25
Hi Paula :hug: in one of her articles Lauda has referred to the 'going through the fire'
(' Convergence of the event horizon' (https://www.sovereignki.com/single-post/2016/12/26/Convergence-of-the-Event-Horizon--Dissolution-of-Illusions) ) that potentially lead us to equanimity and the disillusion from the 'IT' illusion, that is the courage and vigour to give a thought to, to lend your awareness. You are a brave and wonderful lady!

How bout that…that’s how I feel about you, Limor. A brave and wonderful lady. A deep thinker and articulate in expression. One that’s always evolving and is not afraid to walk the path of a different drummer.


Thanks for the ‘Convergence’ link. I’ll check it out. I’ve got a folder with many of Lauda’s videos and articles. Not long ago, I wrote to Lauda to say that often I want to click off her videos, but am always glad I listened to the end.

Limor Wolf
26th August 2017, 09:31
I am feeling immensely grateful for the processing I am going through this morning, intense as it is, with regards to having a point of view and concern of the possibility of giving my energy away to friends, acquaintances and people I interact with that may miss or not see a greater scope of happenings, and therefore create something that is not entirely my choice, it is like a program talking to a program - the mechanism of entrapment. I recognise the origin of this.. and this surfacing now by my inner core spirit has a meaning to me, and it wants me to solve something, not to simply avoid or to get along with it ♥

Is it necessary to give up on oneself and energetically be compromised by another presence and energy signature at points of co-creation? what is the inner works that are responsible for this? and who does it belong to? Is it truly mine? I feel that the value of being myself within integrity at all times is the way, without judging, concluding, consenting or rejecting someone else point of view, even if they are close, no matter how it looks like, but the choice is to be in the the awareness, being the awareness.

That would make for an interesting practice in those places of more challenge - being at the zero point allows an interaction without taking or giving anyone's energy (the common conditioned multidimensional orchestrated day to day dynamics on this planet) Change is dynamic and vibrant at this time. Fun times :)

Thank you, Paula, it is generous of you, it is what we came here to be. Like you wrote to Lauda about sticking with her information till the end, I think we may find ourselves quite satisfied if we do that, as we will be revealing and being introduced into the great value and the meaning of being our true original selves

Foxie Loxie
26th August 2017, 12:46
Life is about "being"; not "doing"! So much wasted energy being put into other peoples' programs or allowing ourselves to conform to what other people think we should be! I KNOW as that is where I spent most of my life, sad to say! :o

Limor Wolf
29th August 2017, 16:33
One of the methods I used that proved very valuable was Holographic Kinetics - Aboriginal dream time -a quantum healing (which is going between past and present to our other life times where trauma, illness or any type of imprinting situations occurred), I took the course in London with Steve Richards (https://www.holographickinetics.com/) more than a year ago, after self educating myself about it, and gathered other methods.

Our multidimensional nature allows us to go back and forth when our inner spirit (everyone's!) knows the answer. That has provided me with many stories and memories from long past that have formed an interesting picture - some of it was verified. HEALING is the key word, and there is more to that even.

If joining the expensive course (in truest two meanings of the word) may not be an option for you to eliminate life times of emotional charge, then these videos of the Sedona's method seems valuable and worth listening to in order to gain knowledge on the path of release. The release is both a healing and a deprogramming process.. it is where charge is stored within us that entities and implants are hooking into, most of it in the sub-conscious,that is making the human body and psych very sough after by them (anyone remembers being asked? :))

Long (8 parts), but equal to a couple of days attendance in class or a workshop. Not always synced with the lips, but good audio

(Part 1)


(part 2)


(part 3)

The Emotions Chart can be found here -


Many Blessings ~


11th September 2017, 06:33
You have converged a lot of key information here Limor Wolf! There are so many potential bits to pick up to discuss further. Let's see about a few to get started...

One thing I find quite interesting regarding the main topic title is the relationship between the self and its own shadow. Normally we see our shadow as being "us" in relation to how a light projects onto us. But we tend to always see the light as something external to us... unlike the shadow.

An idea is to question this construct - what if there is another aspect of ourselves that is the light itself? And the shadow is just the opposite - what is to be expelled from us, a foreign injection of darkness that the injector sought to "normalize" for us, so that we see it as a part of us instead of the light?

This is a powerful symbolic repositioning of our consciousness - the topic alone can be worth contemplating in meditation at length. To me your declaration is saying exactly this - a firm statement of this permanent restoration of the un-inverted consciousness you once had. Definitely a kind of deep healing.


In your reply to Foxie you also describe the same thing in other words, and I find most interesting the description of the zero point. I had studied at length the philosophy of Gurdjieff and the 4th Way teaching, wondering if the symbolism described would apply equally well in our modern context. Less relevant to our times is the original definition - setting aside the way of the yogi, monk or fakir, in exchange for a syncretic discipline that combined aspects of all three.

Instead, in our more recent spiritual revolution we are coming to terms with the nature of false dualities - setting up two sides, and then coaxing people into picking one or the other. You see this happening over and over again, with many so willingly hopping into one bandwagon or another.

Still too there are those who feel they are too wise to fall prey to such things and take instead a position of neutrality. But this too is a bandwagon of sorts, it is not a First Way or Second Way of taking one of the sides, but a Third Way that can produce an even more undesirable cacophony of conflict - one that still takes up an interest in "sides" but seeks to find valid points of both or neither.

But I know that this is not the form of neutrality of which you speak, because it is nothing like a Zero Point, it is an Everything Point. It is the false oasis in the sea of artificially generated conflict because despite not taking a side it still buys into the sides in the first place.

The real Zero Point is this Fourth Way that does away with the entire artificial system, and charts out a new path that pays no mind to any of it at all.

As you say, it is well aware of the mesmerism of false creation and seeks instead to find real organic creation towards a world well apart from that artifice.

This is the only way to escape from that loop of natural-artificial entwining that generates simulated realities each time nature develops and creates artificial intelligence which goes on to generate another simulation again and again ad infinitum.

Indeed, we are reaching a time now where a modern school is needed, one that has no leader. A gathering of minds interested only in studying and amalgamating information of a particular vibratory signature - information that has no connection to a 1-way relationship between communicator and recipients. No one is interested in playing any kind of a guru role here, because instantly this sort of a relationship opens the door to miscommunicating and tainting information, in ways we have seen so many times before.

No, this is a group of those tired of the same old traps, of bodies of information that are close enough to the truth to be appealing like a well-tuned pheromone, but ultimately offering no benefit or direction due entirely to the incorrectness of the information as it was transformed through constructs that have no place existing in the company of such information in the first place.

Of course we would be repeating history as time and time again these things are realized, in the same way our desperation in times past to keep bodies of information safe through oral traditions or symbolic texts, losing them to the methodical destruction of these channels of information for precisely the reason that if we were to make full use of the information as it was truly meant to be used, then the very systems we sought to be free from would no longer be able to hold their power over us.


As Foxie later alludes to, our greatest shortcoming when facing this struggle is when we endlessly seek to "do" without first "being" as we are meant to be. There is much value in "doing" after the needed state of "being" is reached, but it is often a very long road to get there. Without doing this first, our "doings" are largely alike running the treadmill - an illusion of making forward progress when really little is accomplished. For the more "activist" mentality, it is great for the control structures to have a way those types of people will keep themselves preoccupied.

The two types can even be cast against each other, as described above.. one deeming the other complacent and docile, the other deeming the first as wasting their energy.

I had wanted to open a thread on "finding consensus on what has happened" as I believed that, when presenting this topic at the appropriate time with enough supporting evidence on one extensive attempt to describe what has happened and why such a theory might be a good candidate for consensus, it would be an effective catalyst towards the most sensible followup topic, "finding consensus on what to do about it".

My interest here, as affirmed by the above description of the fundamental nature of a school composed only of students and no teacher, would be that consensus on these two topics could be found without anyone having to accept opinions of anyone else as fact alone. That we should each be able to come towards the same understandings via our own means, whether they be deep inward exploration in meditation and the like, or aggregating massive amounts of research accumulated from outside of ourselves. It should not matter.

We would do well to set aside the millions of other possible what-ifs and get away from sensationalizing everything so much. This is something that would maybe only be possible after a few decades of the internet providing enough time for externally-oriented folks to do their research coincidentally to internally-oriented folks gaining information through those channels as well.

Looking at it all, and saying "despite the myriad possibilities wrapped around all the endless details regarding what might have occurred in thousands (or millions, whatever you like..) years of history, or the nature of our reality, or the future and its relationship with the present, somehow we can nonetheless converge on a consensus understanding of a much smaller subset of key aspects".

"We are seeing the same information popping up again and again from all these sources, and finally we are motivated enough to organize it all, apart from any single individual telling everyone else what's true and what isn't".

"From this, it will be much easier to outline a clear direction of where to go from here, how to take care of ourselves and one another in the most effective possible ways, achieving not only healing but also increased resiliency. So too we can gain a much better understanding of how to operate in our reality, even while controllers continue to do what they are doing. As our ambition for our spirits is not to control, so it is not about fighting for that, but instead to create a reality apart from those control structures, and to shut one reality out from the other."

It may seem unlikely or even impossible, but without asking anyone to take it at face value, even this too can be believed in as a result of natural consensus. Explore enough the boundaries of our apparent reality and it will be made evident as well that such a recreation of reality is not only possible.. it has already been done. Doing this involves more than just sending information from the future back to the past, it involves transitioning information from another reality into this one, in a way that belies any linear understanding of time in the first place.

11th September 2017, 06:39
My only question is whether such a thing seems possible at this stage, or is it still too soon? Have enough people transitioned enough on the grayscale between individual consciousness and true collective consciousness for such a thing to seem appealing? Because the vibration pattern in the discussion itself in such threads needs to match as well, for the project to have a chance to get off the ground.

It'd be like a group of individuals setting out to do exactly the opposite of trying to prove each other wrong, or point out faults in the research or presentation of information of others.

But at exactly the same time, it would simultaneously be the exact opposite of just accepting the information of others as is, too easily agreeing with potentially incomplete or overly detailed packets of information (where all that additional detail overly increased the risk of lacing the information with disinformation, even if accidentally).

What it would be is an "a priori" arrangement that everyone is agreeing by participating to work towards a consensus of the utmost simplicity, an attempt to maximally converge information that does the most succinct job of summarizing what has happened to make our reality as it is, our present as it is, and this is the necessary foundation for things that could come after it, but only if this first step was a real success.

Limor Wolf
5th October 2017, 10:20
Copied from here: http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?56303-Dare-To-Fly&p=1183596&viewfull=1#post1183596. and belong here as well



Anywhere we have a break through the light and may have believed that we are the common denominator and that flying is a risk, rather than the joyful natural state of being-ness and existence that it really is because we were 'told' or 'shown' otherwise, will we choose to revoke, renounce, denounce, rescind, clear, destroy, uncreate all that belief system? Yes. Therefore we hereby declare all these beliefs systems as Null & Void on all levels and dimensions in all space and time, in all that is related to our essence within all worlds of illusions..

And anywhere where the memory of the scripted hologram is of hacking the path and crashing it is being presented to our being as a spiral down limited mechanism over the spiral up expended infinite realities and consciousness within real, true expression of natural source state of limitless availability and capability of anything is taking place, will we choose to revoke, rebuke, renounce, denounce, rescind, clear, destroy, uncreate all that? What would it take for our being to be in it's 100% total neutral state of oness that it is in our knowing of who WE TRULY ARE ? Yes. we hereby declare all these beliefs systems and false scripts of simulation as Null & Void on all levels and dimensions in all space and time in all worlds of illusions..

And anywhere the thought of staying with the devil we know has passed through us and was introduced to our body and we considered it as ours, over the simple recognition of it as the point of view of the synthetic that it is, will we choose to revoke, rebuke, renounce, denounce, clear, destroy, uncreate all that? Yes, who does this belong to? we hereby declare all these thoughts systems as Null & Void and unpermitted to all our being on all levels, dimensions, space and time, copies and back ups in all that is our essence in all worlds of illusions..


And anywhere where we are presented with two options, will we choose a third one, or joyfully create a fourth one or a fifth one? Yes. And everything that is not that will we choose to revoke, rebuke, renounce, denounce, rescind, clear, uncreate and unconsent all that? Yes, we hereby declare all these false presentations as Null & Void and unpermitted on our being on all levels, dimensions, space and time, copies and back ups in all that is our essence in all worlds of illusions, for all of eternity..

And anywhere we have reasoned (being in the mind) that remaining small is being safe rather than the AWARENESS (natural perceiving) that in truth being safe is our being as the WHOLENESS of who WE ARE as the primordial infinite LIMITLESS consciousness of all possibilities, will we choose to revoke, rebuke, renounce, denounce, rescind, clear, uncreate all that? Yes, we herby declare all inceptions of perception and hacking of our dreams in origin as Null & Void and unauthorised on our being and on the living planet being with all it's inhabitants on all levels, dimensions, space and time, copies and back ups in all that is our essence in all worlds of illusions..

And anywhere a reflection comes through of the illusion of forgetfulness that we may be doing a rotten job, will we choose to revoke, rebuke, renounce, denounce, rescind, clear, uncreate all that? Yes, we herby declare all the illusion of amnesia over the existing knowledge as Null & Void and unauthorised on our being on all levels, dimensions, space and time, copies and back ups in all that is our essence in all worlds of illusions..

And what if all possibilities are indeed equal, but we have went around the acknowledgement of all that IS already been created and IS beautifully HERE and NOW, the all of the tremendous creation of all of life in vibration and frequency of harmony, unconditional love, freedom,truth, integrity, wisdom, flow of expression, constant grow and compassion/evolution to all life forms, that is the 'all there is' - complete and present. Will we turn our head and our all seeing eyes, to observe and acknowledge all that we already done and is in the now? all and everyone included ? all finding it's own natural place ? for the greatest possible outcome of our original intention in creation? Yes, and everything that is not matching in vibration will we choose to revoke, rebuke, renounce, denounce, rescind, clear, uncreate all that? Yes, we herby declare the acknowledgment of all the re-creation of the fabric of reality of the REAL planet Earth, galaxies, universes and creation itself outside of all synthetics overlays and any "It" program as the existence of sentience and LOVE in it's purest vibration that is open and inviting all who cares to join. This is true on all levels, dimensions, space and time, in all that is original essence outside all worlds of illusions.. The REAL planet Earth in embodiment. All else is having their/ it's choice to either revives or dissolved. This is the UNIVERSAL LAW as the flow of vibration in coherence that holds intent outside of all manipulation and by that diminishes it. We are the LAW and this is our LAW and so it is.

Let it be known we do not agree and withdraw consent for all that is not our REAL, GENUINE, TRUE spirt of SOURCE, and anything that does not vibrates in wisdom, infinite love and truth to enter our dream, our consciousness and the harmony of our vibration- creation. This is the law, we are the law and so it is.


What is the greatest possibility for the benefit of all beings and life itself for us to choose from ? How does it get any better than that?

Above every roof, there's the highest roof

That is a choice ~

And what will you choose?

Blessings and much love ~


6th October 2017, 03:37
The real Zero Point is this Fourth Way that does away with the entire artificial system, and charts out a new path that pays no mind to any of it at all.

As I read through this thread, I was trying to think of how "my path" in life fits in with the ideas and concepts presented here by others. After all, we are all going in the same general direction. And then I came upon one sentence that I quoted above, from Triquetra. At this time, for me, that one simple statement, would be the best way to describe where "I" seem to be in my life now. (Or should I say, the path I seem to be gravitating to).

I've just recently came upon this "I am-ness" feeling inside of me. And like anything, I now have to cultivate and grow this "I am-ness" . (I have no idea what to call it). :lol: But I know this, ...... it is sovereign. At it's level, it doesn't need to fight the darkness, or vampires, or any other thing. It is joy and love, ....... heck, I don't what else. I'm glad I've found this, or it made itself known to me. And I know that in your own way, each of you is also experiencing, basically, what I am. And so I shall continue on my way.

I love you all.

:grouphug: :sun:

Foxie Loxie
6th October 2017, 13:58
Thanks, Orph.....I kind of understand what you are saying. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I existed BEFORE I entered this body & that I am a Sovereign Being. It is SO liberating!! :boom:

9th October 2017, 06:14
And thank you to Limor for the flowing prose.

It is striking that such a mantra or affirmation might be exactly what is needed in this time, to awaken a sense of importance within us regarding our collective need to clear away all of those energies contributing to the illusory shell of a reality that lies between us and the real reality we know to be our home.

It does not matter how many thousands of years this has been happening, we can not completely forget what has been imposed on us and what we knew before, something we remember with our heart. We cannot be led so far astray that we no longer remember our natural direction.

I say all of this and yet we see this world on the brink, which is exactly why such affirmations are needed, the web of illusion has grown as thick as it has for so many people.

It will be remarkable to see it all come crashing down, there are channels of influence at play which will not reveal their abilities until it is necessary. But there are difficult lessons being learned on many fronts, and evidently we must all participate to some degree.

But as for the point Orph isolates, we can do so on our own terms if we so choose. We are still around for everything that's happening (until we aren't!), but we are no longer caught up in it, believing for a second that any of that dark illusion is actually real.

Limor Wolf
9th October 2017, 23:29
I would love to get back to the posts that were posted here by you triquetra, that always clearly present the nucleus of what is weaved into this reality. When a certain aspect of still inspecting of illusion will diminish itself.

For now, I am copying here Tom Montalk's excellent article about our emotions and transformation (who does they belong to?) - as challenge to conquer to so many of us especially at this time, am sensing it fits this thread - mostly on the shadow work tools part

"Emotional managment

Have you ever gotten emotionally riled up over events which later turned out to be trivial? Do little things happen around you which “coincidentally” poke at your emotional sore spots? Does it seem like someone “behind the curtain” is pushing your buttons? In many cases, someone or something is.

This article is about emotional defense against an invisible enemy who profits from your overindulgence in negative emotions. As part of the matrix series, this text focuses upon the central issue in the matter, that of loosh economy. “Loosh” is Robert Monroe’s term for a quantifiable spiritual/emotional energy produced by physical beings such as humans, a highly-valued commodity in the eyes of nonphysical beings who feed upon this energy. Although not its only function, the matrix acts as the machinery which extracts loosh from humans by subjecting them to synchronistically arranged emotional melodramas.

Here will be given a practical discussion of the nature of emotion, who manipulates emotion via the matrix, their modes of attack, and suggested methods of defense.

..When you experience a negative emotion and do not let it out or convert it into something positive, it becomes a thoughtform parasite, an auric leak, and a spiritual burden. To have become angry in the first place is okay, but to remain so in a non-constructive way must have arisen from some illusory component in your view of the world. In other words, because your perception of a situation was not based entirely on truth, you became angry, stayed angry, and did nothing about it except ignore and repress it. Your illusory perception combined with the resulting negative emotional energy forms, by definition, a thoughtform, except it is one closely attached to your soul. In this article, such an entity will be called an internal thoughtform. It has a conduit leading back to the core of your soul and siphons energy from your emotional reservoir, becoming bloated in the process as long as you continue repressing it.

...While possible to observe the mistakes of others and therefore gain their learning lesson for ourselves, unexpected tests attempting to push our buttons or those which we must absolutely experience can arise at any moment. Fact of the matter is that if your level of being is insufficient to remain unaffected by the trigger, if you have yet to learn the lesson potentially provided to you by this negative experience, then you will experience negative emotions. To try and stop cold such emotions leads to repression, which is the problem that many people experience when they force themselves to be nice and happy every moment of every day. Repressed emotions resurface later in a twisted and magnified form and can lead to all kinds of psychological problems, even health problems if repression is lengthy and severe.

The solution to such a situation where negative emotions are bound to arise is not to stop or repress them, but to transform them. This is the first step, with the second step being to act in accordance with what the situation demands."

Modes of Attack

Let’s begin with how the matrix harvests static emotions. As stated before, it must utilize the correct key to unlock stored reservoir of loosh. In practical terms, this key is simply a synchronicity in your environment which triggers an overblown emotional reaction from you. If you have ever gotten angrier at something than warranted because you’ve had enough and it was the last straw, then you have had an internal thoughtform purged of its reservoir. While this may make you feel better in the short run, it will fill up again and continue to influence you unless it is permanently disabled by a change of perceptions. Disabling internal thoughtforms will be discussed later...

While emotion cannot be created or destroyed, it can be tapped from God and converted into various grades, frequencies, and forms. Negative emotion can be converted into positive, and vice versa. Perception is the key that converts one form into the other...

The rest of the article can be read here -


Many blessings ~


Limor Wolf
11th October 2017, 09:46
Posted by triquetra: "an attempt to maximally converge information that does the most succinct job of summarizing what has happened to make our reality as it is, our present as it is, and this is the necessary foundation for things that could come after it, but only if this first step was a real success."

Reading these words, I am reminded of a woman of wisdom, a friend who's name will be kept invisible.. relating to that and our shadow work

​the suffocation is simply a mirror ..........................of what we need to see that is ourselves a thing we denied....we have denied our own Being from Being......thus created the abandonment of the planet, offspring and ourselves most of all because to be ourselves is to care and Do that which we have been ignited to do.........we have more because we are given more to do more for all that is this life here so that all can evolve to their maximum of thought experience. ​

That may be a preface to what you refer to, triquetra, and the perquisite

12th October 2017, 10:57
Posted by triquetra: "an attempt to maximally converge information that does the most succinct job of summarizing what has happened to make our reality as it is, our present as it is, and this is the necessary foundation for things that could come after it, but only if this first step was a real success."

Reading these words, I am reminded of a woman of wisdom, a friend who's name will be kept invisible.. relating to that and our shadow work

​the suffocation is simply a mirror ..........................of what we need to see that is ourselves a thing we denied....we have denied our own Being from Being......thus created the abandonment of the planet, offspring and ourselves most of all because to be ourselves is to care and Do that which we have been ignited to do.........we have more because we are given more to do more for all that is this life here so that all can evolve to their maximum of thought experience. ​

That may be a preface to what you refer to, triquetra, and the perquisite

Thank you. Indeed that is a conclusion we are reaching in a thread findingneo created which mirrored my own intention in my first reply in this thread. Pulling oneself out of that shadow matrix is precisely the first step to maximizing thought experience, because the diversity of thought frequencies increases greatly when one is not spending most of their thought generating negative energy to serve out.


Threads like that one and this one to me are extremely foretelling of what is to come next.

12th October 2017, 11:41
I would love to get back to the posts that were posted here by you triquetra

The rest of the article can be read here -


Many blessings ~


Take your time, or in fact it may be just as well to continue forward, things are picking up a tremendous pace now. You can smell it in the air.
It is interesting reading the advice on Methods of Defense in the article, there is a kind of panacea arrival point that seems to be where we would ideally want to be able to take all of this:

In reflecting on past situations where I would have reacted negatively and no longer do, I am intrigued to realize that most of the time, the reason for this change is due to an ability that I never had in earlier years - looking deeply into the person and seeing all of their history, even going back to past lives, summarized in the blink of an eye as a wave of emotional vibration. Somehow, this frequency pattern made it impossible to do anything but to understand exactly how the situation came to be. The individual or individuals, regardless of whether they are doing something intentionally or unintentionally that would have made you upset before, have definitely gone through a lot. It is the one constant when experiencing these emotional waves when reading into people. Everyone has gone through an awful lot to lead them to a point where they could purposefully or accidentally do something that could/would be considered wrong.

They are all at different points with regards to how much it would actually be possible to reach out to them - some are too far gone, but many are on the brink. For the ones on the brink, it could take just the right approach to reach them and connect with them well enough to bring them back from the brink. This takes an incredible amount of skill, knowing what approach to take that will work for that specific situation.

Diffusing the negative energy spirals that grow in energy as they loop around from person to person is on another level than working on oneself. But it seems to be a big part of shutting down this entire operation. Developing a body of knowledge about how these negative energy spirals are first created and coaxed into a self-sustaining momentum may play a bit part in ensuring the success of a counter-operation in inviting everyone's shadows to come out.

Limor Wolf
16th October 2017, 09:44
I am grateful for the inspiration from this friend who put a video with much honesty, authenticity and courage to examine her truth on the conditioning she was forced into by her family, bloodline, Hollywood environment and society. Some light was shed for me as well to become more aware to the conditioning I was given as the opposite narcissistic tendency of avoidance, that is the neglect of all life and of those who I care for and hold life dear. None of that is our true essence. and it's fair to say that so much more is involved, lifetimes of curses and spells.. of energetic manipulations put on the beings of Earth, without their capacity for true perception on the structures that were put, due to the genetic misplace and amnesia. As my spirit speaks, I am making a reference to ask it questions..staying open as much as I can to allow the bridge of looping energies of 'past' to be led to it's restful place. The old magic of binding is dissolving.. The original re-creates itself back to it's joyful limitless expression. As meant and was all along intended ~



All the good blessings ~


22nd October 2017, 05:16
Indeed. I was reminded today again of the similar case of when an individual has consumed too much alcohol and is much more susceptible to one of those dark entities to take a walk in their shoes for a few hours, to treat them like a puppet and do bad things in their name. This is generally the real reason why the original individual remembers nothing afterward.

We can find so many examples when we know to look for them of this same effect. Being drawn into acts of negativity against our own will. The real thing we are guilty of is being too weak to resist, and as a society, of pushing such notions to the furthest fringes of what are acceptable explanations for the real, more complicated reasons why some of the worst things happen.

There are various degrees of imposterism, ranging from momentary takeovers as mentioned or more permanent ones such as hybridization. The one constant is the perversion of the meaning of life and what it means to live on one plane of reality as opposed to another. We do not go around pretending to be animals.

Limor Wolf
29th October 2017, 12:52


What follows is an excerpt from the novel Quantusum, by James Mahu. It is a sweeping portrayal of the spiritual realms (non-religious variety). It is a powerful read, and many have written that it is the single-most influential novel they have ever read.

Excerpt from Chapter 41: The Seventh Door

“What did you mean earlier when you said Sonvertos have an innate access to the Creator’s subtle wisdom?”

Uncle looked away for a short time, glancing at the prairie in the far distance. “Sonvertos are human, as I said, and all humans have the power to communicate with their Creator—and I mean the Creator of their spiritual natures… their immortal souls. Sonvertos incarnate to this world for only that reason. They’re structured to communicate the simplest truths which can then be embodied in behaviors that are aligned with the Creator. They’re not interested in intellectual complexities. They’re not interested in impressing anyone. They simply know, usually at an early age, that they’re in a human body for the purpose of sharing a simple, but vital message.

“The message can come in various forms, but one element that’s consistent is that it’s not owned by anyone. No clubs, fraternities, organizations, none of the usual trappings of a hierarchical system. If you see such a thing, it’s not from the Sonverto, maybe a misguided follower wanting to grab some ego gratification or power, but not a Sonverto. This is how you can tell them apart from the Controllers.

“In my world, we know a good medicine man if he lives in a simple shack, has a good family, is generous with his belongings, and dresses without any pretense even when he performs ceremonies. He never takes credit for his healings or good work because he knows that he’s a conduit of the Creator, the Wakan Tanka and nothing more.

“Sonvertos contemplate the Great Mystery, but more than this, they don’t simply read books and acquire their knowledge from others. They read nature, they read energy, they read the seventh direction.”

“What’s the seventh direction?”

“You have your usual directions: east, west, south and north. And you have your sky, which is up, and your earth, which is down. That’s six directions. The seventh direction is within. It is the most important. The Controllers focus on controlling the six directions, while the Sonvertos focus on opening humanity to the seventh direction.”


Uncle smiled. “Because it’s the one place the Controllers can’t control.”

“Why can’t they control the seventh direction, if they can control the other six?”

“Because the seventh direction is the sacred way in which the Creator—the Great Mystery moves into the physical universe. The movement is always one-to-one. Creator to individual. Some people have allowed the Controllers to substitute their own image of a God, in effect, replacing the Great Mystery with the small faith. It’s not so much control as it is a form of magic like a shell game. It’s all about distraction.

“Controllers are very good at two things: one, forming distractions so people grow to be predictable and easy to manage; and two, providing substitutions for the Real that, over time, become real to most people.”

“I don’t understand,” I said, “why don’t people stop them, or boot them off our planet, or seal the passages they use to get into our world?”

Kohana touched my arm gently. “One thing Nammu told you is true; they are a very ancient race. They operate in a different spacetime, and the oldest of our records show them to be our gods… they know all about us, because they’ve created the game in which we play, and they’ve been observing us since we began on this planet. We can’t simply put the genie back into its bottle and toss it into space and wipe our hands of them.

“The Controllers may have created the game that humanity plays, but there is a bigger game being played out than one planet and a collection of races we call humanity. In this bigger game there’re larger players, more at stake, and this is where we focus. We don’t try to battle the Controllers, we honor them and their role, we avoid their distractions, and we withdraw our energy from them.”

“How can you honor them? If they’re anything like Nammu, they’re a bunch of sophisticated thugs and nothing more.”

Uncle cleared his throat as if attracting my attention. “Honor is our word for accept. If we battle them, then we’re trying to control the Controllers. We become like them. We don’t want to control anything, even the seventh direction.”

“But if they’ve created the game,” I asked, “and that game includes war, the destruction of earth’s resources, genocide… is the only option to roll over and let them continue with their evil?”

“It’s not the only option,” Uncle replied, “some will battle the pawns of the Controllers—the human face, but these are not the real Controllers. The real manipulators can’t be battled. They’re invisible. They live out of our reach, so why would we battle their pawns? We can only teach about the seventh direction. That is why we’re here.”

“It sounds so passive…” I whispered.

“It’s passive only when you think in terms of battle,” Kohana said. His tone slightly irritated. “We actively teach. We actively show people how to live aligned to nature. We actively demonstrate how to connect with our Creator. People must have the desire to awaken; we can’t force them to wake up.”

“And where do they get this desire?” I asked. “Everything you’ve said about the Controllers is that they’ve deceived us and kept us distracted. So where do people get the desire to even consider the seventh direction?”

Kohana looked to Uncle with a face of quiet frustration.

“The Creator of our universe is wise, do you agree?” Uncle asked.

“If some intelligence created the universe,” I replied, “it would have to be intelligent on a whole different scale. So, yes, if there’s a Creator of our universe, it would have to be wise.”

“If our Creator is wise,” Uncle said, “does it also make sense that its intelligence would create attractions for the seventh direction?”

“Yes…” I said tentatively.

“These attractions are in mythology, religion, philosophy, poetry, art, nature, even science and technology. The attractions are everywhere, just as the distractions of the Controllers are everywhere. They are competing forces for the attention of a human mind and heart.”

“What about the soul?”

“The soul is not distracted. The soul waits.”

“For what?”

“To see what the mind and heart choose.”

“And if they choose the attractions?” I asked.

“Then the soul engages in the mind and heart of the individual and becomes an active partner of the individual.”

“And if they choose distractions?”

“The soul waits for the opportunity to show itself. It’s like a man and a mirror in the forest. The man walks a hundred different paths in the forest, and one day he notices some movement in his side vision, and he turns to see a reflection of himself. If he walks a single step one way or the other, his reflection is gone. It is only when the man is in a precise place that he notices his reflection in the mirror.

“This is the way of the seventh door.”

“You changed to door instead of direction,” I pointed out.

Uncle nodded, but remained silent.

“What is this precise place?

“For everyone it’s different. It’s part of the Great Mystery how the Creator attracts each individual. It can be a dream, a night sky, a person’s story… .” I felt Uncle look deep into my eyes. “It can be a bear… but how it’s done is without formula or a crystallized process. It’s organic, evolving moment to moment, lightly guided, and each step is a preparation.“

End of Excerpt.

* *

Limor Wolf
3rd November 2017, 00:49
From Graham Smetham, (https://bodhicharya.org/manyroads/quantum-emptiness-the-quantum-illusion-like-nature-of-reality-by-graham-smethurst/) author of the excellent book Quantum Buddhism: Dancing in Emptiness (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Quantum-Buddhism-Emptiness-Interface-Philosophy/dp/1445294303/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_14_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=73FBKT3BBWW032YBMG5R)-

"The material world arises from the astonishing self production through self perception of the universe from a primordial awareness, all sentient beings are representatives of a deeper level awareness, and through meditation we can access deeper level of consciousness and eventually become the mind of the universe"


"This quantum epiontic “dream stuff” is capable of producing the seeming solidity of the material world from out of the process of perception. To quote Graham Smetham, author of the excellent book Quantum Buddhism: Dancing in Emptiness, “The appearance of the material world is a matter of deeply etched quantum ‘epiontic’ memes!”[85] The more often a particular perception takes place, the more likely it is to occur in the future.[86] Perceptions which subscribe to the inherent existence of the physical world feed back and strengthen the tendency to perceive the world in this same way in the future, as well as making it more likely that the world will continue to appear “as if” it is inherently existing. If we buy into the perspective that the world objectively exists in and by itself, we have then fallen under a self-created and self-perpetuating spell, evoking evidence that simply confirms our original unexamined assumption. This is a process in which our mind’s own genius for co-creating reality is unwittingly turned against us in a way that can severely limit us, stifling the awareness of our options and thus crippling our greater potentials. We can become imprisoned by our belief in the objective truth of our perceptions in such a way that we hypnotize ourselves and literally become blind to our imprisonment, remaining convinced that we are simply “in touch with reality.”

Many blessings ~


Limor Wolf
12th November 2017, 10:14
I apologize (for welcomed readers and participants to this thread), for this personal post is mostly for my own standing ~


"Let me tell you this - I will never choose to go with you.."


Many Blessings ~


Limor Wolf
5th December 2017, 21:56
Having the shadow work done is such a difficult and interesting challenge for our soul, it was a true blessing a couple of years ago to receive this advice privetly from a researcher who deserves much credit and best of energies for what they do - It's about the role of imagination -


If they were showing you "possibilities" or "probabilities" in a future scenario on this (or some other) Timeline, than you can begin to CHANGE that outcome with your own IMAGINATION....Imagination is a POWERFUL tool but from childhood we are taught to mistrust our feelings and emotions (because we come from shame based childhoods anyway) emotions and to TUNE DOWN our Imagination...but this is what pro golfers and special ops types do...they visualize successful outcomes over and over and over.

People with really strong imaginations that can hold an image in their Mind for a long time can create entire scenarios. Remember, long before you incarnated here, you had the ability MANIFEST things...the power of imagination is just one step removed from the power of manifestation. So keep visualizing a DIFFERENT more POSITIVE OUTCOME to these things they are showing you...and do it with a steady flow of positive emotions of Joy and a feeling of TRIUMPH...yes as you know emotions POWER our Imaginations which in turn leads to manifestations.

You can use the tensor or any flavoured crystals in this regard. Focusing ones Third Eye and Solax Plexus Intentions on a crystal and visualizing/imagining positive outcomes and creating whole storylines etc is what I'm talking about.

So hang in there. And if you try this technique I mentioned about "Imaginative Outcome Design" remember you can make them as long as you want. Indeed, one goal would be to progressively make them longer and more complex and even just visualizing yourself meditating in a temple in one of your past lives and holding that image for a little while...or doing some relatively mundane or not so mundane task in a past life....keep moving that IMAGE forward. Its like sungazing where people are encouraged to start off at ten seconds and work your way up to a half hour.

You watch and see what happens. Also you can go back into the PAST and visualize DIFFERENT outcomes for things that didn't turn out the way you would have liked...you can heal yourself and raise your own frequency this way.

Everyone taking the path - your courage to explore and heal provides a great encouragement, It's great to see people's spirit rising to the surface more and more, thanks so much for reading this thread I am sending the good vibe your way

Many blessings ~


Ernie Nemeth
6th December 2017, 21:34
Timely post. Thanks for this, Limor. Listening to the videos.

The shadow self seems right at home in this world, while I feel like I am not. That speaks volumes, right there.

Here are some of its favorite sayings to me: "You are the ultimate looser", "I hate you.", "You get exactly what you deserve, nothing!", "You are broken.", "You don't matter.", "No one could love you and no one cares about you." Pretty hard to muddle through under that weight, let alone succeed.

Not to mention its tactics. They are downright deceitful. Nasty stuff to deal with. Always waiting to debilitate my latest efforts and sabatoge my days with dreadful bad luck.

Limor Wolf
7th December 2017, 09:51
Timely post. Thanks for this, Limor. Listening to the videos.

The shadow self seems right at home in this world, while I feel like I am not. That speaks volumes, right there.

Here are some of its favorite sayings to me: "You are the ultimate looser", "I hate you.", "You get exactly what you deserve, nothing!", "You are broken.", "You don't matter.", "No one could love you and no one cares about you." Pretty hard to muddle through under that weight, let alone succeed.

Not to mention its tactics. They are downright deceitful. Nasty stuff to deal with. Always waiting to debilitate my latest efforts and sabatoge my days with dreadful bad luck.

Thank you very much for that, Ernie, this voice is attempting to deter from the brilliance, kindness, and high capacity and capability that you and so many, most definitely here, truly are. It's this impostor spirit that we tackle when doing our work to differentiate from the truth of our original primordial essence by connecting with our deep self and re-membering who we are, removing the layers and construct. I hear you, and am letting you know that you are not alone. despite the pain and discomfort this is all transmuting now, for anyone who choose this path for themselves by engaging in their inner most. One by one and in truth, your authentic self is waking up and your spirit's strength is voicing itself, how awesome! so some fail safe mechanisms are opening and distractors implants (which can be removed) are raising their head. And when noticed and are able to not react to, when knowing that this is not you, a space is opening for things to be shifted.

Not many yet do suspect that day to day thoughts/emotions/feelings/behaviors are not their own - this way the frequency of the human beings on this much loved and respected sentient planet is kept under hidden control and the reality creation of all the very capable and wonderful creative souls are kept under tight scripts and false direction (though what does this looks like in our original limitless source expression frequency? that is remarkable beyond all imagination!)

With all what it seems chaos, all individual and collective possibilities are opening now for choices to be made, what else is possible other then the virtual reality 'game' which is not our own or a 'must'? What is our infinite consciousness, source-spirit connection intention is? What else is incredibly possible and how does it get any greater than this?

This lower frequency and conditioning is meticulous in it's presence and infection all around us - starting with the very young - for example- Disney movie such as this, is wrapped in eye catching colored cellophane, and is attempting to normalize the ' friendly user' voices in the head - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seMwpP0yeu4

Apparently being in this world and not of this world can only happen when working to remove as many programs as possible, the ones running our body and mental mind, every and each one counts, and that open the space for more truth, compassion, wisdom, harmony,neutrality integration and allows the inner voice of our spirit to guide us via our expending awareness and consciousness

You are a true pioneer to this world, Ernie, and an authentic man, even if it might appears to be a little isolated situation for now, just for this time being, that is simply part of the illusion that is sold and about to be removed ~

With love and kindness,


7th December 2017, 22:40
Not many yet do suspect that day to day thoughts/emotions/feelings/behaviors are not their own ...

I certainly did not suspect! For me it was absolutely blatant when I started to realize there were foreign thoughts in my head. My brother's had voices for quite a while, so I was already suspicious, but now I think it's way more than just voices.

The shadow self seems right at home in this world, while I feel like I am not. That speaks volumes, right there.

Here are some of its favorite sayings to me: "You are the ultimate looser", "I hate you.", "You get exactly what you deserve, nothing!", "You are broken.", "You don't matter.", "No one could love you and no one cares about you." Pretty hard to muddle through under that weight, let alone succeed.

Hi Ernie, I do not feel like I belong either. I keep thinking "Is there anything here for me?" and it drives me nuts. Maybe our time is coming, because I'd like to belong.

Those things you are hearing - how awful! Mine is quite the opposite, the things I hear in my thoughts are either really sweet, or making fun of me (which I just find funny). I'm telling myself "I love you" almost daily, and I'm always calling myself sweety. I still remember a posting I read a long time ago on a different forum titled "My spirit guide is tormenting me" and I'll never forget it, some little girls voices started out nice, but then turned on her and started to get really mean. I'd trade with you if I could Ernie I swear, but I'm still ever suspicious my shadow self /spirit guide / higher self will turn on me eventually too.

EDIT: I couldn't find it but I found this similar story. This is not the posting I remember, but same kind of thing, titled My Soul Guide is Tormenting Me (http://www.psychic-experiences.com/real-psychic-story.php?story=11662). As soon as I got to the bit about suicide I thought a few expletives.

Limor Wolf
20th December 2017, 23:27
Written Remedey - Exit the 3D Construct system of separation - By Anaiis Salles

Hi Avalonians and readers of this thread ~

(This was gifted and permitted by Anaiis Salles (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD-yt8ABrXXy3kD7aUPsyzg/videos)to be shared and posted, please respect this energy exchange by visiting the Living Library website (http://www.livinglessonslibrary.com/)for more contributions)

"This document is a point of departure. The process begins with a written remedy. As you enter and complete your 30 day journey, allow your heart and soul sovereignty to speak within you as you discover your unique pathway. Then follow your soul path to exit the 3D Construct system of separation. Your soul knows the way that is conscious and beautifully co-created for you.

An Affidavit (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affidavit)is a statement of factual observation/truthful witness.



I hereby declare and proclaim my soul sovereignty over any religious doctrine, technological advance, design, or implementation of artificial intelligence or genetic manipulation which undermines, breaches, sabotages, or by any conceivable means nullifies my Agreement to be Whole within and through Source of All Being; and in so doing, I declare my soul and body's organic birthright as a conscious co-creator in, with and through Source of All Being and Source's co-creative partner and agent in the density of light known as physical matter, planetary being Gaia, also known as planet Earth.

I hereby release my body, life force, sacred sensuality, soul, thoughts,
emotions and life purpose/mission from any misuse of sexual energy and
life force that is or has been organized to generate suffering as a
consequence and condition of maintaining and sustaining the system of
separation and its 3D Construct to:

● punish me physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially;
including all my friends, family, children, close relatives, students and
clients and/or;

● cause me and or all my friends, family, children,close relatives,
clients, and students to experience any form of involuntary sacrifice,
whether this be physical (body part or my health in the form of acute
imbalance, chronic disease, or cognitive capacity), emotional, mental,
spiritual and financial, and/or;

● cause me and or all my friends, family, children,close relatives,
children, clients, and students to endure or experience personal loss
or heartbreak for consciously co-creating in loving connection and
alignment with Source of All Being, our planetary being Gaia, and my
sacred union counterpart, said personal loss being in the form of:

○ Satisfying emotional and sensually intimate partnerships
○ loving relationships
○ Instances of unrequited love
○ Addiction
○ Chronic insecurity
○ Full and truthful communication
○ friendships and social connections
○ personal safety and well-being
○ proactive/progressive forms of financial investments in socially
responsible enterprises and funding plans
○ deliberate energetic or technical interference
○ interference and implied supremacy of artificial intelligence in all
its forms and devices

I hereby rescind all black magic practices, curses, contracts, agreements, coerced or otherwise as well as all white magic practices, spells, agreements, and soul contracts for the purpose of manifestation through mental and emotional systems of control including but not limited to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Black Magic arts, elite priests and priestesses allied with all externally organized religions or cults;

I further rescind and renege all forms of spell and unconscious contracts across all multidimensional timelines in which and through which my Agreement to Be Whole has been or will be breached, compromised, or broken, under any and all circumstances, which have been initiated, performed and perfected involuntarily, in sleep or hypnotic states, and/or void of my conscious waking consent as a human being.

Furthermore, I do not and will not consent to being an unconscious or
unwitting instrument or conduit of punishment, sacrifice, or loss (through
war, plague, technically induced 'natural' catastrophe) of those closest to
me as herein described above, of:

● healthy DNA from my ancestral line

● or humanity at large in its entirety as part of the estate of grace of the
Source of All Being in partnership with planetary being Gaia, also
known as planet Earth.

I am not and will not be punished by the system of separation or its 3D construct; I cancel any agreement and rescind any implied agreement for such systemic punishment; all permission to subject me, my physical person, life force, sacred sensuality, and my soul to any and all forms of blood sacrifice are forthwith and here everafter denied;

I do not and will not accept any involuntary sacrifice to sustain and maintain the system of separation and its 3D construct; I cancel any agreements and rescind any implied agreement to accept or endure such systemic sacrifice; all permission to subject me, my physical person, life force, sacred sensuality, and my soul as well as all my close relationships as herein above described to all forms of sacrifice are forthwith hereafter denied;

I will not accept nor do I agree to suffer personal loss, specifically financial loss, as a form of punishment or sacrifice for rescinding any and all contracts or unconscious agreements and for dissolving any incomplete creation in which I unwittingly participated being in a state of ignorance about the consequences of incomplete creation in all its forms and manifestations; all permission to subject me, my physical person, life force, sacred sensuality, and my soul or the souls of my closest relations herein

above described to all forms of involuntary loss (home, automobile, place of
business, valuable personal property and animals) are here forthwith and
forever hereafter denied.

This is a Declaration of soul sovereignty, spoken, signed and lawfully
executed on this date ____ by (your full name as it appears on your birth
certificate in all capital letters)

An Affidavit is a document that provides truthful statement or witness of a
particular set of circumstances of actions by self or others.

Your birth certificate is a bond of ownership and constitutes negotiable
tender for 3D Construct religious, multinational, and government
organizations and private or public corporations.

As a sovereign soul there is no need for you to acknowledge the
‘strawman’ or other representation of you as having any validity within
complete creation. Any representation of ‘you’ is not you. It is a fictitious
instrument that has no weight or merit outside of the 3D Construct.

© Copyright 2017 Sourced Life All Rights Reserved

Many Blessings ~


Limor Wolf
27th December 2017, 17:49
"This music inside me, is growing louder and louder,
I am ready, I am not scared,
I look into the abyss, and jump,
I surrender to something that calls me...
the pull is inescapable...
I am kissed by love ~ "

Anna Maria



Many Blessings ~


Limor Wolf
9th January 2018, 19:47
I found this article to be valuable and a reminder of inner knowledge I would like to share it here:

Sacred Heretics

By Kingsley L Dennis

Every society has a cognitive structure of permissible knowledge that is managed by an elite and forbidden knowledge that is distributed in black or shadow markets by cognitive outlaws, heretics, revolutionaries, or just plain crazies

William Irwin Thompson

Our human concepts of truth are always partial, always fragmentary and incomplete, for they are reflections of our own imperfections and incompleteness. Every culture creates its cosmology, its coherent world picture, and thus invariably creates its own limitations too. And those thinking patterns or ideas that do not fit in with the social consensus are labelled as heretical. These are artificial distinctions – the boundaries, parameters, and perimeters – erected by the human mind. The mind makes the world as we see it. Each culture considers its worldview superior. Just as each culture teaches its own history based on biased history texts, so does each society layer the mind with biased thinking. The modern worldview has taken it upon itself to believe that its view is the world, rather than a particular view of the world. The distinction may appear slight, yet its consequences are far reaching.

Our own attempts at personal transformation beyond our social conditioning will always be opposed by the consensus assumptions held by our particular society. To break from engrained patterns and conditioned viewpoints will always get you labelled as a ‘heretic.’ A heretic of the conscious mind is not a bad heretic to be – the evolution of human civilization has always been dependent upon such heretics. We can choose what type of narrative we wish to use to frame our perspective on life and reality – yet to not choose any narrative at all is not only not an option, it is also not possible.

The world we choose to see is our map of the world; and it is largely a projection of our own state of consciousness. Yet this can be a trap for us as much as liberation. We can become trapped inside the parameters of our mind’s models if we are not open to flexibility and variation. Likewise, societies also display an unwillingness to being open to such flexibility; and so innovative ideas and visionary minds often experience intimidation at the outset. Such cultural conservatism can be seen as a philosophy of small minds which prefer the safety and security of serving the status quo. Yet they are in danger of forgetting that the imperative of life is to continually change and transcend.

Many of our culturally biased perceptions are formed in accordance to seeing reality in a selective way. When we enlarge our capacity for conscious reflection, we enlarge our perspective upon the cosmos. Our capacity of mind is a window of perception – we either view through a small aperture or a larger one; like looking out from a room through either a small or a larger window. Yet the current cult of scientific reason has led us to believe that physics and mathematics is the only way to ‘read’ the universe. In other words, that any relationship or understanding with the cosmos and/or with any form of cosmic intelligence is through the power of equations. The world, the universe – our sense of meaning – may be little else to many of us than a set of complex equations. Naturally, we may ask the question – What makes us think that our way of seeing the world today is the right one? Or is our current understanding any better than alternative perspectives? Each of us bets our life on some picture of reality. We should therefore ask ourselves of this picture – Does it feel deeply, intuitively ‘right’? And does it continue to feel right as times goes on?

Our modern worldview may appear coherent to us; yet on the contrary it is fragmented, artificial, and lacking any sense of communion. It also lacks any deep sympathy and appreciation. The modern dominant perception, largely inherited from western science, is one that is lacking in the understanding of correspondence. We have been positioned into a dualism of ‘objective vs. subjective,’ where it has to be one or the other, yet cannot be a correspondence – a participation – involving both. In truth, neither absolutes exist – there is never one or the other (black or white; objective or subjective). These distinctions are the inventions of human thought models and as such are representative of our state of thinking rather than anything else. If reality is a jigsaw, then our over-active rational minds have just deliberately jumbled the pieces of this jigsaw.

Each system of knowledge that we adhere to and support is only a specific form of articulation according to time and place. No one form, or specific articulation, is absolute. From our articulations (our speculations or assumptions) we form our perceptions of reality. As part of our human experience we render reality in specific ways. We do this through our cultures, systems of philosophy, and systems of beliefs. We interpret reality according to patterns, and these patterns represent our states of thinking. For most people, it is almost impossible to comprehend beyond one’s limits of comprehension.

These models of interpreted reality have formed our philosophies and cosmologies over past epochs – from the Greek mind to the Renaissance – and yet we continue to lack a cosmology that grasps the core creative dynamics of the cosmos in which we exist. Each epoch in human civilization demands a corresponding cosmology in which to frame it; and which also guides its ethos. We are at the stage now, and have been for several decades, where we need a new framework of reality that better serves us as not only a planetary civilization but also as a rudimentary space faring one. The inadequacy of our current models has led us to a period of disruption and general confusion, dissatisfaction, and uncertainty. And in the end everything comes back to consciousness. As Terence McKenna once said – ‘We need to truly explore the problem of consciousness, because as human beings gain power they are becoming the defining factor on the planet. The questions that loom are, “Is man good?” and then, if the answer is yes, “What is man good for?”’

We are in need of a new cosmology – a new worldview – if for nothing other than to find out what humanity is good for.

We are yet to fully acknowledge that the human path is one of creative transcendence through conscious evolution. The journey ahead is unfolding around us – we are in it – and so we have no choice but to go along with the ride. The world is already innately in energized connectivity; according to quantum science every molecule, atom, and quark is connected through a non-local energy field. Yet despite this scientific narrative we continue to maintain the worldview that sees life in separation; with isolation, concrete boundaries, and tangible thresholds. There can be no other way to see this other than as alienating the human soul. The question is not whether but when we will get around to transforming human consciousness in order to correspond to new perspectives. So the first question is – when are we going to literally change our minds?

The rest of the article can be found here -


Limor Wolf
10th January 2018, 07:43


To access the simplicity of Oneness is complicated only by the complexity of our thought forms. To erase those thought forms is complicated only by our unwillingness to experience our existence without the form, structure, and significance with which we have overlaid it in order to have predictability and constancy in our roles as humans.

To live in the moment, without linear cause and effect, is to risk all pretended stability and safety in all of our relationships with all that we encompass in our lives.

To live in 10-second increments is to live without the roots or connections or security. It is to live by one's own awareness, consciousness and abilities moment by moment, without warranties, guarantees or continuity of relationships within our polarized reality. It is to live without a past to draw upon for our Thou Shalts and Thou Shalt Not's, to live without the rules of conduct and behavior, without the agreed upon rules of conduct or even, misconduct. It is to live without projections and expectations of what will be if I, we, they, do anything.

To access the simplicity of Oneness is to relate to living in spontaneous interaction with the energy of the moment: without thought, without intention, without desire and without consideration of the next moment of now.

To live without polarization, dichotomy, otherness is to be all and everything simultaneously, without discrimination, separation, differentiation or judgment.

This refutes all of our experience, education, cultural conditioning and sense of separate self-ness. To attain this simplicity could be the most difficult process that we have ever undertaken since we first choose polarization, not what fun and joy we experience as we unweave the tapestry of polarity.]

Limor Wolf
18th January 2018, 17:51
This eye open article by Iam Saums can be found on his website -


A source of energy - by Iam Saums

“Energy is our soul’s currency.”

Social Nature:
One of the greatest illusions ever invented is the belief that we are merely a mind within a body. That our heart’s sole purpose is to circulate blood and maintain our body’s bio-rhythm. Our human conditioning and daily indoctrination into social reality certainly supports this commonly lived duality. There is another illusion. One born of artificial comfort, fulfillment, purpose and security. One to which we as humans desperately cling to supplement our lack of engagement and ownership of our lives. As we are altered and molded into everything we rebelled against as teenagers, we inevitably acquiesce to an illusion of being.

Personal and social chaos is energetic in origin. We are often inclined to walk a contrary path. Not because we disagree with the norms of society. It is that we adopt a conceited outlook, even to our own detriment, for the payoff of being right. Every day, billions of people all over the world survive on egocentricity. Selfishness produces a cultural and social vortex that severely disrupts and distorts the continuum of reality. The energy we attract is equivalent to what we project. As human beings, we are so powerful we can distort and/or transform ourselves, others and our environment by the quality of energy we emanate.

Soul Currency:
Money as a means of fulfillment and success is the wool that has been pulled over our existence. Society is engineered to uphold this hollow pursuit at the cost of our personal awareness, creativity, power and purpose. An era of opportunity for intuitive empowerment has been and is always present. It begins with our choice to discover, claim and express who and why we are. True worth is not found in our bank accounts, possessions or the positions we may hold. It is the expression, measure and quality of our energy. It sources and inspires our lives. When we open to the infinite abundance of universal energy, we become all we may imagine.

Freedom in Discovery:
We are multi-dimensional beings. We have the potential for so much more. By design, the parameters of social reality prohibit us from becoming aware and aligned with our transcendental qualities. Our authoritarian society primarily stimulates our body and mind as a form of distraction, manipulation and oppression to maintain dominion over humanity. Only our enlightened emotion and intuition can free us from the spell of social reality. Our quest for creativity, healing, fulfillment and purpose begins with us. We must embrace and illuminate the shadows within to transform ourselves.

The Illusion of Enlightenment:
Social reality does not empower, encourage or support our education of and exercise in being. Our experience of being has been distorted and manipulated into a life of sensing and thinking. Authentic being is a vital distinction between linear and multi-dimensional existence. We have been conditioned to believe that enlightenment is something we work towards to be achieved “someday.” We are already enlightened. We must free ourselves from the social programming that has compromised our authentic being. The true measure of our universal energy is negated when we choose to believe more in who the world makes us and less in who we are.

“Energy is not produced from what we do, it is created by who we are.”

The Art of Being:
Being is an act of personal creativity. In contemporary society, its very nature is revolutionary. It is the only way for us to become an expression of our soul. The difference between being and doing is remarkably overlooked and sheds light upon the degree of our oblivion. The choice between exercising our routine and being extraordinary inspires the progression of our personal transformation. Being is a culmination of our senses, instincts, thoughts, feelings and intuition. Who we are being is an essential art form to which we are all gifted. It is the manifestation of our soul in life.

Dimensions of Life:
Our being is four dimensional. The body and mind are obvious necessities that allow us to interact with social reality. Our heart produces a powerful electromagnetic essence that expands well beyond our physical awareness. It emits an infinite, universal energy. Our soul is the source of our life force and conveys it through the dimensions of our chakra system. Our chakras distribute this energy for our daily experience. The nature of the energy that emanates from our chakras is defined by who we choose to be. The equilibrium between our soul, heart, mind and body is vital in establishing our relatedness with the universe.

Torus of Energy:
Each of us has an energetic field called a “torus.” It circulates energy continuously from the center of our being where our soul, heart, mind and body unite. Like the inhale and exhale of our conscious breath, it radiates and recycles energy in an eternal ebb and flow. Our chakra system operates in synergy with the energy currents of the universe. It is the sustenance of our life force. It is also the source of our creativity and its realization. Our torus is a vessel for the expansion and expression of our consciousness. As we become aware of and interactive with it, our conscious energy transforms our experience of being.

Our consciousness empowers our energetic experience. Our energy is not central nor exclusive to the standards of our common sense and institutionalized intellect. We tire and contract illness when we are motivated and seduced by social opposition. We are so much more than we are conditioned to believe. When we apply all elements of our being, we generate an infinite source of energy. It is an essential necessity to enlighten our emotions and live from our intuition. We are four-dimensional beings who have the inherent potential to illuminate ourselves and our social environment. We are everything we will ever need.

The Source:
The universe consists entirely of energy. How we receive, transform and express it determines its measure, nature and purpose. The awareness we have of our personal energy allows us to access, focus and produce it appropriate to our need. We are not emulators. We are creators. We are biological and spiritual superconductors who generate massive amounts of energy. Intuition is the only way through which we may manifest our fulfillment. Our destiny is our extraordinary capacity to be an energetic river of universal possibility. Everything we have been, are and will ever be is the realization of our conscious energy.

“We are not a reflection of society, we are an expression of the universe.”

Ernie Nemeth
22nd February 2018, 16:58
Thanks again for this thread and links.
It has helped immensely.
I am glad I posted the inner dialogue.
It helped me get a handle on its source and even possible remedies.

Ernie Nemeth
25th July 2018, 14:49
I wish the person who could've helped had answered. I think I now understand PMs better. Don't use it much...
Oh well. On my own again. Beginning a new descent into hell

Foxie Loxie
25th July 2018, 15:14
Hey Ernie! I have no idea what you are talking about, but I DO know each one of us is always "on our own" all the time. We each have to live through what comes our way, individually.

I remember when I was in the middle of my abusive situation I kept hoping someone(in that particular religious system) would step in & "help" me out of it, but no one ever did. In the end, I had to manage my own situation & just break out of it...letting the chips fall where they may.

I have no idea what you are going through, but I do know there are a lot of good pointers on the Enlightenment Thread. If I have spoken out of line here, please forgive me! :bearhug:

Ernie Nemeth
25th July 2018, 15:21
A direct discision on shadow work at the time I could have afforded to be calm...surprised at the time there wrre no takers. Dropped it. But now my shadow is at it again. After I thought I had done its bidding to keep it manageable.

Foxie Loxie
25th July 2018, 15:40
I have no idea what you are talking about with "the shadow". What I DO know is that each of us is an Eternal, SOVEREIGN Being & we can choose to do no one's bidding. I am not qualified to give "advice" to anyone, I can only speak from my own personal experience & from what I have learned here on Avalon in the past 3 years.

It kind of shocked me to read what you wrote as I have always read your posts & took you for a very level-headed fellow! :waving:

Ernie Nemeth
25th July 2018, 16:14
Thank you writing can be deceiving , I guess. It's alright, I'll muddle through as always...

Ernie Nemeth
25th July 2018, 16:20
I could be mistaken. They are attacking our skiesvreal heavy right now. This is where you fight your summer weather war gor the southern states. And we have been whallopped hard yhis last week. My ears are ringing something fierce...

25th July 2018, 19:37
I could be mistaken. They are attacking our skiesvreal heavy right now. This is where you fight your summer weather war gor the southern states. And we have been whallopped hard yhis last week. My ears are ringing something fierce...

Hang in brother. Meditation, chi kung, walks in the woods. Remember your strength.

Limor Wolf
11th October 2018, 06:24

Only just now saw your inputs and there is much that is stirring our world (both our inner and outer universe) now.. and such was meant to be.. nothing can be hidden anymore, playing silently creating unknowingly the average and the worst, and whatever seeds of distortion were made are now to be acknowledged and cleared from the sub-conscious, but that's tough and rough at times.. and thank you very much for sharing your on-goings Ernie and Foxie < 3 that is what we are here for, ain't it? to be able to share what is surfacing for us (that's was a personal challenge for me) and by that allow ourselves to support each other and be supported with knowledge and care-full camaraderie in building on that which is more truthful, it's a lonesome walk and each have our own puzzle to solve. and it's a remarkable journey as well ~

I don't know Ernie if you read my post 39 but you were in my mind and heart..

More from 'Simply Anna Maria' and her own sharing ('nothing can happen without doing the work'..'follow the direction step by step'). Gratitude ~


Her YouTube channel is -


Is sharing a qualified replacement for 'teaching'? Imho, it sincerely is a holographic expression which is more in alignment with the unity of the spirit in recognition or allowance, in this vast Smörgåsbord where no 'podium' is required for anyone to step on/be put on, or to be down from. It's just IS, and with that - IS unstoppable ~

Many blessings ~


Limor Wolf
11th October 2018, 06:38
And what is this grand path of mystery we are walking? why are we doing this for?

The - WAKAN TANKA (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wakan_Tanka)

A moment to take a breath... give us strength in this love...


And greatest gratitude for the planet we walk on, that we dream and her dreaming us..

Con Amor ~


Limor Wolf
25th October 2018, 15:20

For those on the path of listening to the quietude of their spirit within recognition I post Aurora's website - 'Armed Heart' and YouTube channel -

Aurora's words from her website -


"I am always astonished at the incredible grace that we as humans have within ourselves,
simply by connecting to our inner guidance to access our Internal Map.
It is possible to improve your life, and to unlock your own inner guidance to
finally walk on the path you were meant to, to overcome old belief systems and to break old cycles."

And some quotes from her YouTube channel -


"We were all hurt in some way or another by the malevolent forces atop the pyramids of control, how we have been following orders for so long and how our gifts as gifted individuals men and women abused in mental capacities to make us forget who we truly are ."

"..Breaking the heart into two polarities, or duality, Causal emotional destruction of sense of Self
Access the broken heart and manipulate it , pump it full of frequencies to harden and create separatism with Self- mind control, mind games etc."

"We have a choice to stand together to work on our heart centeredness , this heart centeredness is not new but an old inherited right to exist in a sovereign state of consciousness, This sovereign state of awareness and heart energy"

"A whole heart is formidable and a force to be reckoned with, standing for moral principals"

In this particular video Aurora - 'Armed Heart' speaks about the AI synthetic consciousness inhabiting our planet and our Avatars/ Being

"We have allowed the imposter to come and live within us, within our consciousness.."


Thank you for your gift of knowledge and for your being which authentically resonate, Aurora!

Many good blessings to one and all ~

Limor Wolf

Ernie Nemeth
27th October 2018, 15:40
I have lived my life without much resistance. I had no goals or ambitions. I merely let my emotions take me where they would. I was honest about the torrent of feelings that often overwhelmed me. I never questioned their authenticity. Of all the things in this world my emotions were the most real, the most poignant.

My thoughts were often suspect - that flimsy construct of personal logic that interprets everything according to tangential analysis (what it isn't, the naming and definition of phenomena). I could see the interference in my mind at an early age. But I could only see it after dispelling the notion that an intrinsic part of the mind can grasp truth naturally. It cannot.

What I can do is sense truth - I can feel it. I cannot describe it. But truth is not a static characteristic, an explanation of everything. It is a constantly changing, evolving mechanism. The truth is a process, an intention...

It is with chagrin that I must admit that emotions are just as suspect as mind. It is just as misleading.

Both interpret reality not according to truth but according to precepts, approximations of reality based on previous experience. This causes numerous situations where assumptions due to incorrect perception creep into and color the experience before the experience has even begun.

This predisposition to error prone analysis multiplies logarithmically. It gets ahead of awareness, beating the self to the experience, so to speak, so that by the time we do arrive the place has already been tidied and arranged to fit with previous experience - we live in the past and we sense and confirm what we already know.

By closing the loop on experience we wrap the past around ourselves and insulate our experience from novelty.

It is this atmosphere in which we live. Cocooned in a bubble of circular cognition, we feel in control and able to navigate the world also fashioned of idols. Preconceptions are idols, idols are substitutes. They replace the new, the novel, the present with the familiar, the known, the past.

What fills the space thus left between the actual present and the murky past that we perceive? We leave this space reserved. We reserve it by willful ignorance - we purposely ignore it. Willful ignorance relegates the present to beyond our awareness. But if 'what is' is willfully ignored, where is it experienced? It must be stored in a reservoir of purposely ignored experience.

Purposeful ignorance is impossible without a conscious mechanism to do the experiencing without our knowledge. This conscious mechanism that we learn to create is the shadow self.

The shadow self is the self that we don't understand because we don't want to know. We don't want to know because we don't want to grow. We don't want to grow because to grow means to embrace the unknown. The unknown means we have no control in the sense of not being able to predict future experience.

A known world is a dead world. It is the world projected by a frozen thought, long past, where only ghosts of our imaginations tread.

These ghosts, these shadows, have tremendous power. They lure by familiarity, by placidity, by predictability. They promise comfort and ease, through routine and ritual.

But the shadow's rule is a stewardship.

There is only one thing that the shadow must guard against at all costs - the Return of the Rightful Ruler, when its stewardship will end.

27th October 2018, 20:58
Yesterday was a bad day. Headaches, nausea, dull thoughts all day. Just ouch.

Not so sure imagination is the shadow. In dreams, when you remember them, you can manifest things instantly, move from one location to another instantly, and it doesn't phase you in the slightest. It doesn't wake you up. It doesn't seem astounding at all. It is normal to be able to do that. You imagine and it becomes reality, in your dream. The shadow is not a ghost of your imagination. It is something or someone else at play. And I say play because I'm not entirely sure I did not agree to participate in this game of earth. Nothing here in 3D is truth. It is "real" because we agree that it is.

Imagine, though, that you ARE an all-powerful being, bored beyond the ability to stand the monotony of it all, and you wish to create a game in which the rule is simply get out of the game. Anything and everything goes. You agree to be born into the game without any memory of the players, your abilities, your goals. It's part of the game. The ultimate sand box. There are, of course, what we would call cheaters, creating rules as they go. But if there are no rules, there are no cheaters.

This brings up a bigger question, if we came from a place of all that is, and it is monotonous to be there, what is there to achieve, ever? How there ever meaning? So, maybe there isn't. Maybe everything just is, always and forever, and where your imagination takes you at any point is the truth of the moment. The only truth. Your imagination is certainly stifled at every turn on earth, keeping you in a "frozen" state.

The idea that this is a prison planet and we are tricked to coming back over and over certainly could be part of the game. The question is did we come here originally of our own accord, wishing to play this game, and if so, do we want to win or just give up.

I think many others have figured out the game and stay to play, knowing their own power. They, of course, have the advantage and are part of the shadow.

The idea of "shadow" has multiple connotations. We definitely have a part of us that is hard to access. This part could be referred to as our shadow selves. But I don't believe this part of us is actively engaging in deception. In fact, the opposite. This hidden self is constantly attempting to wake us up with clues unique to each of us. There are also external forces at work, which could be referred to as the shadow, who present stumbling blocks in our efforts at becoming more conscious. There is a third concept of shadow which indicates a physical space in our energetic fields, but it's just a theory and I don't feel up to trying to explain it.

Limor Wolf
28th October 2018, 13:43
What I can do is sense truth

Both interpret reality not according to truth but according to precepts, approximations of reality based on previous experience. This causes numerous situations where assumptions due to incorrect perception creep into and color the experience before the experience has even begun.

we live in the past and we sense and confirm what we already know...By closing the loop on experience we wrap the past around ourselves and insulate our experience from novelty.

The unknown means we have no control in the sense of not being able to predict future experience.

Yes, mind-emotions are the same complex-melanism of identity and are not of true(th) spirt

Have you tried to drop into your heart, Ernie, reside there and listen to your spirit in origin?