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21st August 2017, 23:19
A pale, redheaded woman was inside the ship, clutching
a wooden box close to her. When she spoke, it was in a
language that no Japanese person had ever heard before.
What language was she speaking? Where did she come
from? What was in the box? Nobody knows for sure.


In the spring of 1803, an unusual object thought to be a boat was observed to be floating in the close to shore by fishermen. They set out on their own boats, captured it and pulled it onto the beach.

The boat was round and resembled a Japanese pot and was approximately 6m in diameter. The bottom was made from iron and was so strong that it could withstand crashes into rocks. The top was made glass and so it was possible to look straight in.


In the the vessel was a beautiful young female of around 20 years old. She was approximately 5 shaku (151.5m) in height and had pink face. Her hair and eyebrows were red and also had white hair extensions that that fell below her back (sometimes just black). She undoubtedly had very attractive face.

The garments she wore were unfamiliar in style and were made from fabrics they had never seen before. The language she spoke could not be understood at all and she held a mysterious box. She guarded it very tightly and would not allow anyone to open it or even get close to it. There were two carpet like things inside the boat which seemed very soft, but again, the material used for it were unknown. She had about 4 liters of water in her boat. For food she had things that looked like sweets, something that looked like mince meat. She also had one tea bowl with impressive but unfamiliar patterns.

The people didn't know what to do with her, but all she did was smile or look blank. An elder them suggested that she was probably abandoned into the sea by her country as a punishment and that her husband's head must be in the box she was guarding. It would become a bother if the bakufu (Japanese government) found out, so they put her back in the boat and pushed it back into the sea for it to drift away.


Source: http://thelivingmoon.com/49ufo_files/03files2/1803_Japan_Utsuro_Bune.html


Star Tsar
22nd August 2017, 10:25
Esoteric Detective

6 Things We Know About The Japanese Utsuro-Bune Encounter

Published 26th February 2017

Historical account of how a strange metal craft that washed up on Japanese shores in 1803. Dubbed the Utsuro-bune encounter, it may be the first historically recorded mass close encounter with a UFO and its occupant.

On February 22 in 1803, a strange craft washed up on the shores of Hitachi province, on the eastern coast of Japan. The craft was strange. It was made of metal and covered in an unknown hieroglyphic language. But it was what was inside that baffled the fishermen who found it, for inside was a beautiful woman with strange features. According to written accounts, the fishermen were so afraid of what they found, that instead of bringing the woman to a place of rest, since it was clear she was in a poor state, they pushed her back out to sea.
Dubbed Ute suro bun, which translates to Hollow Boat, the account has interested esoteric researchers and classical historians for hundreds of years. But what do we really know about this case? And what was the craft that washed up, and who was the woman?


Bill Ryan
22nd August 2017, 17:13
This genuine historical account (which it clearly is) is more than fascinating. Many thanks for all the links and video commentaries.