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Forum: Alternative Medicine & Sciences

  1. Sticky Thread Sticky: The gut of most disease... NOT what you think!

    I am on a fairly recent journey that involves re-remembering something about health that I had forgotten along the way. This has changed my health...

    Started by Dawn, 10th April 2012 03:40
    26 Pages
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    • Replies: 506
    • Views: 67,537
    20th October 2014 13:33 Go to last post
  2. Sticky Thread Sticky: Healers! You're needed please!

    (Apologies ahead of time if this is a retread. I seem to vaguely remember reading a similiar thread, but can't seem to track it down. Somebody...

    Started by Chinaski, 30th January 2011 18:27
    4 Pages
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    • Replies: 65
    • Views: 11,108
    3rd October 2014 16:21 Go to last post
  3. Thumbs up Sticky Thread Sticky: The scientific works of the greatest inventor of all times: Nikola Tesla - AVAILABLE.

    A mega collection of the works of mr Nikola Tesla and it is available free for download via torrent protocol here (demonoid is down for good. link...

    Started by Trail, 25th June 2011 19:09
    4 Pages
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    • Replies: 76
    • Views: 15,613
    28th September 2014 00:09 Go to last post
  4. Sticky Thread Sticky: MUST SEE!! Russia's Deta Elis - Star Trek Medicine - Bioresonance--

    Sorry if this article looks like too much of an ad, but this looks HUGE!! I think it has the potential to change medicine radically. If you are...

    Started by onawah, 5th December 2013 16:46
    2 Pages
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    • Replies: 30
    • Views: 8,120
    14th August 2014 19:36 Go to last post
  1. Cancer Cures or "alternative" treatments

    Hello everyone, hope all is well... I know this subject has been brought up several times, and there is lots of info on avalon, but i can't seem to...

    Started by Peace4all, 11th August 2013 01:46
    • Replies: 17
    • Views: 1,949
    14th February 2014 22:46 Go to last post
  2. trypophobia

    I keep having panic attacks from things with holes and seeds in them like lotus flowers and the thought of skin with holes and seeds in them and...

    Started by pugwash84, 12th February 2014 19:47
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 852
    14th February 2014 01:27 Go to last post
  3. Help with alternative treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma

    Dear friends, A 50-year-old female friend has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma about 5 years ago. Since then she subjected herself to pretty...

    Started by Chris411, 10th February 2014 19:16
    • Replies: 11
    • Views: 993
    12th February 2014 18:31 Go to last post
  4. liver cancer

    my dog has been diagnosed with liver cancer recently. they said they dont have any hope because it has spread to multiple parts of the liver. are...

    Started by pumashared, 8th February 2014 16:51
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 823
    10th February 2014 20:16 Go to last post
  5. Home Made Toothpaste for SENSITIVE Teeth

    I hope I've placed this thread in the right category, if not, moderators please move it to where it more appropriately fits and thank-you. I'm...

    Started by Lone Bean, 6th February 2014 19:09
    • Replies: 14
    • Views: 1,396
    9th February 2014 19:19 Go to last post
  6. Curiosity Photographs the Earth and Moon from Mars

    Want to feel insignificant? Look at this photograph taken by Mars rover Curiosity. See that tiny spot that looks like a star? In fact, it likely...

    Started by Skywizard, 8th February 2014 14:56
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 681
    8th February 2014 22:53 Go to last post
  7. Animal Sex: How Dragonflies Do It

    Just Had To Do IT (post that is... :) Dragonfly sex is a very conspicuous event, easily recognized by the heart-shaped "wheel" formation of...

    Started by Skywizard, 8th February 2014 15:16
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 1,330
    8th February 2014 20:43 Go to last post
  8. The Cure Con: Being deceived by Charities

    Good read here about how we are being Conned, Duped and Deceived by Those Infamous Money Hungry Charities Out There In The Doldrums Of LA LA Land. Do...

    Started by WhiteFeather, 6th February 2014 14:10
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 1,612
    7th February 2014 05:50 Go to last post
  9. Dogs poop in Alignement with Earths Magnetic Field.

    Well, next time you see your dog doing the age old spinning ritual, you know what's he/she is really doing :-) ...

    Started by Theseus, 5th February 2014 04:20
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 951
    6th February 2014 19:11 Go to last post
  10. Ring Puts Control In The Palm of Your Hand

    As the BoomRoom showed us, the future will likely contain free-flowing, gesture-controlled smart spaces commanded via hands-free operating systems. ...

    Started by Skywizard, 4th February 2014 16:26
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 1,026
    5th February 2014 17:39 Go to last post
  11. Google and NASA's Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab

    Google Quantum A.I. Lab Team originally shared this Last May, in partnership with NASA, we announced the Quantum A.I. Lab, a place where researchers...

    Started by Studeo, 4th February 2014 23:01
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 644
    5th February 2014 05:39 Go to last post
  12. Do we have any more vegan's in the house?

    Namaste, I have been vegetarian for a year and have decided to go a step further and adopt a vegan lifestyle. It is a much healthier lifestyle and...

    Started by mpod001, 26th January 2014 22:06
    3 Pages
    1 2 3
    • Replies: 59
    • Views: 2,870
    4th February 2014 23:39 Go to last post
  13. Lyme Disease

    I don't want to present my 'experience' or hypothesis… Is there any 'public' opinion here regarding Lyme and similar 'diseases'?

    Started by David Michael, 8th January 2014 06:43
    2 Pages
    1 2
    • Replies: 21
    • Views: 2,074
    4th February 2014 01:40 Go to last post
  14. Alternative Cancer Cure Collection

    Cancer the forbidden Cures gWLrfNJICeM _____________________________________________________________________ GERSON THERAPY. quuvi6Gvvmc

    Started by 778 neighbour of some guy, 29th December 2013 16:58
    • Replies: 13
    • Views: 1,576
    3rd February 2014 23:42 Go to last post
  15. How To Naturally Heal Cavities and Prevent Tooth Decay

    How To Naturally Heal Cavities and Prevent Tooth Decay How To Naturally Reverse Cavities & Heal Tooth Decay How to Naturally Reverse Cavities...

    Started by DNA, 1st February 2014 21:08
    health, mouth, teeth, tooth
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 2,631
    3rd February 2014 19:37 Go to last post
  16. Black project scientist gives me detailed cure for cancer?

    Okay What im gona do is im going too post the entire conversation i had with him.. And bits ive collected myself at the bottom. ~~.Near the bottom...

    Started by Theseus, 3rd February 2014 13:24
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 1,228
    3rd February 2014 19:07 Go to last post
  17. Scientists Report Teleportation of Physical Objects From One Location To Another

    This is an article about how simple atoms have been teleported via quantum entanglement, but also how entire objects have been teleported by psychics...

    Started by christian, 18th January 2014 15:55
    • Replies: 16
    • Views: 1,474
    2nd February 2014 04:53 Go to last post
  18. Space Station Greenhouse Bears Fruit

    A new crop grows for the experimental greenhouse on board the International Space Station. Well, vegetables to be precise. So says a researcher...

    Started by Skywizard, 1st February 2014 13:58
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 686
    2nd February 2014 03:43 Go to last post
  19. Keshe solution for Fukushima

    4f02CcnHjSk Johnny

    Started by Johnny, 30th January 2014 08:22
    • Replies: 10
    • Views: 1,348
    2nd February 2014 00:25 Go to last post
  20. Kerri Rivera/Dave Asprey, MMS, Autism, Parasites, Andreas Kalcker Protocol

    Is autism curable? Most experts would agree: it's not. Though Kerri Rivera thinks otherwise and comes on the show to discuss her Chlorine Dioxide...

    Started by 778 neighbour of some guy, 15th January 2014 11:05
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 3,871
    2nd February 2014 00:05 Go to last post
  21. Sound Waves Make Droplets Dance in Midair

    Scientists have developed a device that makes liquid droplets "dance," hovering in midair, without exploding. Music blasts can't quite lift you...

    Started by Skywizard, 26th January 2014 19:32
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 761
    1st February 2014 15:29 Go to last post
  22. A New Method for Making Stem Cells

    Scientists have found a new way of creating stem cells, which are cells that have the ability to turn into any type of tissue, using mouse cells. ...

    Started by Skywizard, 31st January 2014 22:47
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 257
    31st January 2014 22:47 Go to last post
  23. Flying snake gets lift from UFO cross section

    Why crawl when you can fly? While their relatives slither on the ground, a few snakes take to the air, gliding from tree to tree. The most skilled...

    Started by Skywizard, 30th January 2014 21:04
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 860
    31st January 2014 01:44 Go to last post
  24. Neanderthal genetic code lives on in humans

    Traces are lasting legacy of sexual encounters between our direct ancestors and Neanderthals from 65,000 years ago Many of the Neanderthal genes...

    Started by Skywizard, 30th January 2014 13:52
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 466
    30th January 2014 21:57 Go to last post
  25. Medicinal Plant That Cures Cancer

    An Asian shrub called brucea javonica apparently has amazing properties and is finally getting mainstream recognition.

    Started by GreenGuy, 26th January 2014 19:05
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 982
    29th January 2014 17:16 Go to last post
  26. CRISPR - unpatented, cheap and robust DNA editing tool

    Source: http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22129530.900-right-on-target-new-era-of-fast-genetic-engineering.html?full=true Should we expect...

    Started by Robert J. Niewiadomski, 29th January 2014 06:57
    breakthough, crispr, genetic engineering, open source
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 508
    29th January 2014 06:57 Go to last post
  27. Urban Bees Using Plastic to Build Nests

    Comedian George Carlin once joked that perhaps the Earth wanted plastic, yet didn’t know how to produce it. So, the planet spawned humans only so...

    Started by Skywizard, 28th January 2014 13:14
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 641
    28th January 2014 13:14 Go to last post
  28. Nassim Haramein's Black Whole... Unified Theory of Everything Solved

    Consciousness IS the event horizon, A long time ago, I believed that 3 fundamental axioms or reference points were the Atom, the Bacterium and...

    Started by sigma6, 1st November 2013 04:56
    2 Pages
    1 2
    • Replies: 23
    • Views: 3,242
    27th January 2014 00:15 Go to last post
  29. Scientists spot rare relative of the dodo

    Conservationists are excited over the first sighting of Samoa's Manumea or little dodo in almost a decade. A team of government researchers in...

    Started by Skywizard, 26th January 2014 15:51
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 481
    26th January 2014 15:51 Go to last post
  30. Moldy Modern diet, and Biohacking your body

    ...Boost your IQ ................balance your body at the perfect weight, ............................enhance your health, ...

    Started by Dawn, 7th January 2014 22:37
    2 Pages
    1 2
    biohacking, bulletproof, cancer, inflammation, mold
    • Replies: 35
    • Views: 4,426
    26th January 2014 15:39 Go to last post

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