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  1. Re: Helicopter and light aircraft collide in mid-air over Rothschild family's estate..

    The names of the casualties in the Cessna 152 are suggestive. I wonder if they were put up to it ...
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    Re: Dreams where you're not acting like yourself

    For what it's worth, I think that there might be some shadow stuff going on that you are not aware of and it is being highlighted in this dream. There is the inference that a dream character...
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    Re: UFO report in local paper: there is Hope

    That is an interesting twist you give it, Sam Hunter. I had noted the apparent propulsion system which made me think twice about the possibility of it being a hot air balloon in melt down because I...
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    Re: UFO report in local paper: there is Hope

    I saw a flying saucer, a drone that was remote-controlled by a mother ship I thought at the time and when little information could be found about them, on the Lake Cowichan highway back in 1981. It...
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    Re: UFO report in local paper: there is Hope

    Yes, it is admitted in the article that it could be some sort of balloon and I mentioned that there could be another explanation for it. Other ideas of what it might be are also given. But the paper...
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    Re: Who controls the power of energy

    As we are supposedly all energetic beings, ie beings of energy, if individually we learn to control or manage our own energy instead of allowing it to behave randomly, ie with no intention behind it,...
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    UFO report in local paper: there is Hope

    This - - was reported in Friday July 14 2017 local paper, "Cowichan Valley Citizen."
    Whether there is another...
  8. Re: Need info for help in Canada - fighting for basic rights and just getting nowhere!

    I was given a terrible run-around by these people who actually "cooked" a tax return so that it looked like I was earning too much money for the allowance. Getting them to revisit and review my tax...
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    Re: Fae; Fairies: Are they real?

    I have seen something that I have no name for, but it was, I think, some sort of woodland sprite. I have met Dora Kunz and have done a workshop with Robyn Finseth. Both these ladies say they can see...
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    Re: Does Breast Feeding cause Cavities ??

    I haven't had time to read all replies here. My thought is that you, or your daughter, should go to YouTube and look up videos about Dr. Nagel's work. Those teeth will probably remineralize. Also,...
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    Re: Be prepared: Bankruptcy, Economic Collapse 2017

    I fear more the potential for an impending ice age / grand solar minimum situation. Will I still be able to grow kale? I wonder if I should get a few chickens? Eggs might be useful. Mint: I have...
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    Re: Bilderberg - 2017

    Close to Washington, ha. Maybe we will have you-know-whats landing on a certain Washington lawn for their entertainment.
  13. Re: Why you should add salt - not sugar - to your coffee

    As I am doing a fairly vegetarian version of Dr. Berg's recommended diet for adrenal types, I drink organic, fair trade, etc decaf coffee and every morning, I do it as a bullet coffee. This means...
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    Re: Death of a monarch

    So they bump them off.
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    Re: then, what should each of us do?

    As I have mentioned elsewhere, the only logical first step to freeing humanity from slavery is disclosure. How one individual can achieve this, I have no idea. I talk openly about it with my family...
  16. Re: Copper Toxicity - Visions of the divine or completely delusional?

    Cool - It would be great if you could post a link here :) It would be interesting to do a study on genotype vs simply phenotypes. As some people that think there just Rh+ could have had an Rh-...
  17. Re: Copper Toxicity - Visions of the divine or completely delusional?

    I just posted about copper and Rh- on the Indigo / Gemini discussion. My comment was that I think that some indigos might be Rh- and that copper based people have different psychic experiences to...
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    Re: Are you an "Indigo Child"?

    I am rhesus negative so I can claim to be blue. I don't think one has to be gemini to be indigo. There is a very good talk on Capricorn Radio re Indigo children and based on the guest Maureen...
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    Re: Am I the only one?

    I was trying to calculate the year that this happened to you; maybe 1975. I wonder if you got caught in the line of fire of microwaves or electro-magnetic energy, say an X flare? Being so young, you...
  20. Re: Those who believe that their DNA is changing, what are the physical symptoms/sensations?

    I have heard that sun flares affect DNA. The sun has mostly been very quiet, but there have been some spectacular flares in the last couple of years.
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