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  1. Re: May 1st Rally causes closed door fanicial institutions

    who emailed you that all the banks in Canada will be closed May 1st?? does that mean we get an extra day before the mortgage is due ;)
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    Re: Benajmin Fulford, Aprill 22, 2014

    I find it very hard to believe the Pope and the Queen support peace and the campaign to end poverty.
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    Re: John Judge is dead

    any cause of death?? please don't say suicide.....although even so called 'natural' diseases can be created to get rid of a truther

    did a quick search and can't find any reference to his death...
  4. Re: Inelia Benz - The Anunnaki and why WE matter!

    Inelia sent an email today with a full transcript in PDF for those who can't watch the youtube The Anunnaki and why WE matter!
    (a seeing by Inelia Benz, transcript)...
  5. Re: Were Michelle Obama/Williams sisters born male?

    those girls looked like boys even as children... so that does not go along with the idea of steroids changing them to be more masculine looking
  6. Re: Do you snore or suffer from obstructive sleep apnea?

    I snore and so does my husband, but I am overweight ....this looks like a fabulous invention, I have shared it on my facebook page and wish you the best.....and speed!! we need this now!
  7. Re: Do a meditation exercise and share here what you have seen or felt while or/and after doing it.

    my husband was doing a meditation this morning and suddenly saw this terrible image of a leg, jeans and flesh gone from above the knee to well below the knee, just bone......then he heard a voice say...
  8. Re: Monsanto protest song written by rock group

    well its great that they are doing it but Chilliwack still sound like they did in the 70s....we need U2 or someone really big that everyone will listen to
  9. Re: More lies and Misinformation from Corporate Medicine

    I've noticed all over mainstream news lately ( via that they are promoting Oil Pulling , which I think is very good for our health, but when I mentioned it to my husband his first reaction...
  10. Thread: Pwned!

    by Earth Angel

    Re: Pwned!

    I love asking for signs and getting them......however I have to work on my ability to truly accept them as the sign I asked for and be happy about own lack of self confidence often has me...
  11. Re: Courtney Brown Announcement for February (now March) 2014

    does anyone remember if Courtney ever clarified who was making the announcement?? is it him ?? if so I wonder will it happen at the stroke of midnight on Friday as all of his implications have done???
  12. Re: Boeing MH370 disappears in flight with 239 passengers

    this is interesting......I am not familiar with Bill Still however, he thinks the plane may have been hijacked and may be used to attack Israel

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    Re: Fascinating Interview About Sandy Hook

    there are several Sandy Hook threads so not sure where to put this.......but today a report that the father of the Sandy Hook shooter Wishes his son was never born......Im sorry but as a parent I...
  14. Re: Scientists Scan Woman's Brain During OBE

    Robert Monroe has been researching in this field since 1956
    The Monroe Institute is somewhere I would love to go
    for their 6 day Gateway Voyage...
  15. Thread: no joke

    by Earth Angel

    Re: no joke

    I'm so glad this is a forum where people can share their experiences like this and be taken seriously!
    Thank you for sharing this with us Svein.
  16. Thread: Orgonite

    by Earth Angel

    Re: Orgonite

    bump!! Im just starting to make orgone pyramids myself and very interested in anyones experience making or using them.
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    Re: Orgone Devices

    thank you Olam for all the info.......I find that the pyramids are still releasing inks on the skin ( we used water colour inks)
    the mask is a great idea, as although we worked under an exhaust fan,...
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    Re: Orgone Devices

    well I couldn't find any online that I liked to buy (they stop making them in the cold months apparently) so i bought some resin and crystals and made two of my own this week and a puck or two.
  19. Project Ley Lines- Glastonbury Tor at Sunrise

    From Montague Keen, a short video ( 7 minutes) filmed Feb 2,2014 Sunrise at Glastonbury Tor........

    Our plan is for as many of you as possible to link with this film. Use your minds, your energy,...
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Bill Ryan!

    Happy Birthday Bill !! having just celebrated the 25th anniversary of my 30th birthday last Sunday with a wonderful party at the pub with friends and family, I can only wish your birthday is as much...
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