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  1. Re: Earth Extinction 2030 - Guy McPherson - Thom Hartmann -

    I live on the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, on an Island, for 35 years. I have watched up close what the Gulf does. I had to evacuate my family 3 times in 2005 due to incoming hurricanes, dodging the...
  2. Re: Earth Extinction 2030 - Guy McPherson - Thom Hartmann -

    More than two months before typical annual maximum in late May or early June, global average CO2 levels have again breached the dangerous 400 part per million threshold.

    On February 26th, Mauna...
  3. Re: Earth Extinction 2030 - Guy McPherson - Thom Hartmann -

    I hear you Dennis. You get it. Now go visit your neighbor 2 blocks away and bring them up to speed - can't be done. We're dealing with a world, with an average 5th grade mentality. THEy know...
  4. Re: Earth Extinction 2030 - Guy McPherson - Thom Hartmann -

    Since posting this yesterday, I have watched a few McPherson videos, and I believe what he is saying - out-rightly, and obliquely - is quite simple. And it parallels my attitude and experience with...
  5. Re: Earth Extinction 2030 - Guy McPherson - Thom Hartmann -

    It's never been about wars. It's never been about the economy, or carbon tax, or sustainability, or overlords, or banking, or the sun, or the bible, or planet X, etc.
    "It's about the Climate...
  6. Re: Earth Extinction 2030 - Guy McPherson - Thom Hartmann -

    Let’s ignore the models for a moment and consider only the results of a single briefing to the United Nations Conference of the Parties in Copenhagen (COP15).

    Regulars in this space will recall...
  7. Re: Earth Extinction 2030 - Guy McPherson - Thom Hartmann -

    All of these questions are valid, and are based on common sense... Guy answers all these questions here: (it's long, but thorough - READ IT ALL, INCL. LINKS)...
  8. Earth Extinction 2030 - Guy McPherson - Thom Hartmann -

    On Thom Hartmann today:

    Guy McPherson discusses his latest book Going Dark.
    "Our planet is currently entering Hospice"

    We are the last individuals of our species on Earth. How shall we...
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    Unsealed - Alien files

    A new TV show.. Watched a couple.. marathon Thursday night. Not Bad..
    SOTT was a bit negative toward the show.. which I found interesting..PysOP.....
  10. Re: The Truth About Hair and Why Indians Would Keep Their Hair Long

    Many Thanks Viking.. I'd never really thought of this before.. however, I do flinch when anyone tries to touch my hair.. never knew why until now. In fact, I cut my own hair, and have for the last...
  11. Understanding the Jet Stream and the Polar Vortex - Jennifer Francis

    Easy to understand really. If you pour water on a glass pane at 45 degree angle, the stream runs quickly, and mostly in a straight line. Turn that pane to 15 degrees and the stream runs slowly, and...
  12. Re: The CIA thinks you're all schmucks for posting all your info on Facebook!

    I'm a facebook user, and I can't tell you the amount of times that I have reconnected with old dear friends I've known from years ago, and how it has enriched my life in the process. Nothing on this...
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    Re: Threatened with arrest for missing jury duty

    A wise person once told me - "Don't complain, Don't explain" in other words, don't pick up the shovel to begin with....
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    Re: Threatened with arrest for missing jury duty

    "Your Honor, I never received a letter for jury duty".. Unless it is 1. Certified mail, or 2. Personally handed to you (subpoena), it never arrived.....

    Only a hand delivered officer of the court...
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    The flawed notions of the "Prepper Community"

    Defending What's Mine: A Critique of 'Prepper' Philosophy....

    Preppers, survivalists, paranoid boy-scouts who never grew up - whatever you choose to call them - represent a startlingly growing...
  16. Close Encounter Witness "Sandy" speaks with W. Strieber 2014

    Sandy describes some of the most astonishing journeys you will ever hear about--and yet, such journeys are on offer to any person who turns toward this experience and learns to access and manage the...
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    US Government Forced Light Bulb Switch

    Starting January 2014, the US is officially banning safe, affordable, incandescent light bulbs.

    Your choices? A cancer causing compact florescent light or CFL, which doesn't cost a lot, at $1.50,...
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    Re: The "Octopus Conspiracy" in plain sight.

    The spy satellite motto: "Nothing is Beyond Our Reach"?? .. Is that not "in your face"..
    or maybe a "Cornered Critter"....

    Very uncharacteristically Non-stealth...
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    The "Octopus Conspiracy" in plain sight.

    Danny Casolaro brought this to our attention.:

    Now the US Is flaunting it openly (lift off 12/05/13):...
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    Serpo Revisited on Unknown Country

    Secret Journey to Planet Serpo

    Did a delegation of US military personnel really visit another planet back in the 1960's? Was this journey the secret inspiration for the film Close Encounters of...
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