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  1. Re: Diversity is *Not* Strength (Identity Politics)

    That's fair..

    It is semantics, and I don't much care for politics... But thank you for sharing your point of view.. Your last statement made me laugh.. That is kind like everything else in the...
  2. Re: Diversity is *Not* Strength (Identity Politics)

    I agree with you on that last post PainterDoug.. And I do agree with your first post, to a point, but I may see it a tad bit differently.. I do agree that cohesion gives us strength. But I also...
  3. Re: Diversity is *Not* Strength (Identity Politics)

    I believe diversity should be celebrated. It is with adversity that we grow, learn patience, understanding, and we can then pick and choose what we wish to become or how we wish to live our lives. It...
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