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    Re: Warning! Earth tilting on axis?

    The confusion may be due to the magnetic shifting of the poles. The polar axis of the planet, known as the North Pole, is not the same thing as the Magnetic North Pole.

    Although we are aware the...
  2. Re: Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve

    The two definitive books on the Federal Reserve were written over thirty years ago by the pioneer researcher, Eustace Mullins.

    The Secrets of the Federal Reserve: The London Connection -...
  3. Re: VT issues first Ebola warning ( website taken down a couple hours)

    Have we learned nothing since the early 70's?

    In 1914 the Rockefeller/Rothschild Cartel got together with viral biologist from the Rockefeller...
  4. Re: THE HOT ZONE : A chilling 1995 book about Ebola

    This is a notice of non-consent.

    1. Laws passed by the STATE OF, COUNTY & MUNICIPAL corporations are for
    (non-human) legal “persons” . . . not for flesh and blood men and women -...
  5. Re: The Origins and Control of the Human Species - Mark Passio's recommended top researchers.

    Mark Passio's work is about freeing one's soul from the matrix of control. The researchers in his list are all there to assist one's personal pilgrimage through the illusions of reality. Each...
  6. Re: VT issues first Ebola warning ( website is now down)

    Here's another curious shutting-down of information that may have a direct connection to spreading this biological weapon. From the Thread, "Re: Very Dangerous Scary Man Dick Cheney Says next attack...
  7. Re: Very Dangerous Scary Man Dick Cheney Says next attack on US will be far deadlier than 9/11.......

    Is there some chance this planed [October] Navy exercise may have something to do with Chaney's prediction? ...
  8. Re: Quantum Physics, the Double Slit Experiment and the Inseperability of Matter and Consciousness.

    Thank you both heyokah and Jake for addressing the issue of how an apple materializes into physicality.

    My intention of using an apple as an example was purely to show how we all collapse the...
  9. Re: Quantum Physics, the Double Slit Experiment and the Inseperability of Matter and Consciousness.

    Hi Jake,

    Some time ago I attempted to address this question in an earlier thread on this same subject. For those members interested, one may find the content of that thread, here:...
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    Sticky: Re: Up At The Ranch And Beyond

    Any member who is familiar with my comments will know that my mission is finding solutions to the most obscene problems of this reality.

    Knowing most of the members who come to giovonni’s thread...
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    Re: Don't go into the light - Discussion thread

    Nothing enrages me more than the idea that hyperdimensional entities are feeding on the soul-essence of the Mass of Humanity.

    Any member is free to deny this concept, to categorize the idea as...
  12. Re: Cameron Day - Why I Am No Longer A Light Worker

    This thread relates specifically to the idea of, "Don't Go Into The Light". Thank you linksplatinum for bring Cameron Day's work to the Forum.

    Any serious investigator will have already realized...
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    A Note On Telepathic Thought

    The fact of the matter is, and in stark contrast to the "sensitivity" of many of the members, this mind manipulation of the Masses has been going-on since the Dawn of Man through the process of...
  14. Re: Breaking: CDC whistleblower Thompson in grave danger now

    There is a foundational legal maxim, "Falsus in Uno, Falsus in Omnibus". This concept applies to everything the AMA/CDC/International Banking Network/Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex is doing to the...
  15. Re: Dangers of silver nanoparticles in food and air

    Thanks for that input, Avid.

    So, we are still embroiled in the semantics of nano-silver v. colloidal silver v. monatomic silver v. any other name one may choose to apply to this product.

  16. Re: Dangers of silver nanoparticles in food and air

    Hi onawah,

    Over the years, I have made many links to Dr. Rima Laibow here at Avalon. More than once, I have added some similar disclaimer as this:

    The above quote is from a more resent...
  17. Re: Dangers of silver nanoparticles in food and air

    In this video from Dr. Rima Laibow, just after the thirty minute mark, Dr. Rima speaks of two studies circulating the internet regarding the "dangers of nano-silver particles". She makes the...
  18. Re: Diseases Caused by Vaccines: the Silent Epidemic

    Bob, take your pick :evil:[/QUOTE]

    Please then share with us all, what it is in each of those points that you feel needs to be discussed.
    Posting somebody else's video is interesting, however it...
  19. Re: Diseases Caused by Vaccines: the Silent Epidemic

    It would seem, there are some members who would have us blindly trust the use of pharmaceuticals simply because they are certified by the Food and Drug Administration.

    It is a fact that John D....
  20. Re: Alert: Sheriffs Move To Arrest Convicted Vatican Church Leaders Bergoglio, Pachon, Welby:

    Again, from another thread (Re: Child Sacrifice Aborted; Satanists Arrested; Cargill, Sinclair Executives ImplicatedHoping this is true), here's more from The International Common Law Court of...
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