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  1. Re: Why the Russians classified a rotating weightless wingnut: they thought the Earth might flip

    What an incredibly fascinating topic.

    I'm most likely going to be doing a lot of hammer flipping over the next few days, whilst exclaiming to anyone who happens to be near enough 'look! Look at...
  2. Re: Boris Johnson in disposable coffee cup scandal

    In no particular order:

    - his look of genuine bafflement
    - the seriousness of the aide's reaction, especially considering they should probably be more worried about Brexit madness and how the...
  3. Boris Johnson in disposable coffee cup scandal

    For a bit of light relief, here's a link to an RT article about Boris Johnson being handed a disposable coffee cup, only to have it immediately snatched off him by an aide.

    Hilarious on several...
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    Re: Who Owns the US Congress, Really?

    Hi Orobo,

    I think you're totally spot on regarding a non human entity/entities being the real driving force behind the nefarious, psychopathic, sociopathic behaviour of the elite on this planet...
  5. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Hi Bill,

    You mentioned earlier in this thread
    that we always have choices after we die, relating to our next incarnation.

    You've also advised that it's best not to follow the light after...
  6. Proposed Avalon visit to the Hypogeum in Malta 2019

    And yeah, it seems a good idea for us all to book seperately for the tour, once we've agreed dates etc.:bigsmile:
  7. Proposed Avalon visit to the Hypogeum in Malta 2019

    Hi Billy, September next year sounds grand to me. I'm happy to go along with whatever dates are best for the group as a whole. My partner may be interested too, so that would be one extra.
  8. Proposed Avalon visit to the Hypogeum in Malta 2019

    Hi all, I'm very keen to join you on this exploration, and to meet fellow Avalonians too. Skint right now, but can raise funds when neater the time. Please keep me in the loop as to when a date is...
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    Re: I've been seeing 11:11 a lot lately


    A couple of summers ago, after several years of feeling lost, depressed and directionless, my life took a massive upturn for the better.

    I met my partner, who I'm still with, my...
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    Re: Sergei Skripal: who was behind the Salisbury poisoning?

    Here's Craig Murray's article exploring, as promised, the alternative explanations to the official government narrative.
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    Re: On The Cusp Of Change

    Have I done something wrong here?

    Mods please PM me if so.

    Thanks in advance.

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    Sorry RunningDeer, just got that. :)
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    Re: On The Cusp Of Change

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have the ever increasing cosmic knowledge, that this here earth based shenanigans is of our collective doing. And that changing our own unique perspective is...
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    Re: On The Cusp Of Change

    I agree wholeheartedly DeDukshyn. Would you kindly do that for me, as i'm still fairly ludditeish at navigating the workings of this forum. :)
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    On The Cusp Of Change

    Hey lovely people, been doing nothing but soaking up info from the best sources I can this last wee while.

    Soooo... wanted to start a thread with the intention of, well, just seeing where everyone...
  15. Re: Say No To Reincarnation And Remember Who You Are!

    In my mid-teens, I had this recollection of a memory (
    and this may sound strange), from just after I was born. The memory is basically of me becoming conscious of where I was and thinking 'oh no,...
  16. Re: President Donald Trump has declared a National Emergency

    Bang on the money Harley :)
  17. Re: President Donald Trump has declared a National Emergency

    In a word Herve: Mostdefinatelyyes. ;)
  18. Re: Deadly, unusual wildfires in California as well as worldwide

    Hi Joe, i really liked your down to earth, no-nonsense take on this.

    I've got one question, and more to follow probably, which is to do with the melting point of bricks.

    I just found this...
  19. Re: Are You An Empath? 11 Things They Hide From People

    Fascinating indeed.

    Apparently i'm an ENFP, which accounts for 3-4% of the population (according to Psychologist David Kiersey). It does seem to chime very accurately with my own perception of...
  20. Re: Using Remote Viewing to Predict the Stock Market

    Fascinating topic indeed, and one that i've thought about many times over the years.

    I'm pretty ceratain that the fluctuations of the stock markets, or the lottery results, can be predicted, or...
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