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  1. Re: Ancient Aliens S07 E04 Alien Encounters

    there is no doubt the gods of the past were human ET's that were more advanced the early mankind ... we are a genetically manipulated peoples ...
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    Re: Sonora UFO August 16, 2014

    The wifey and I saw three UFO's last night , it was beautiful , one did a huge power up for us ... it was awe inspiring ... it is my opinion , they are everywhere in the night sky waiting , waiting...
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    Re: Why are there beginnings and endings?

    energy may change forms but it doesn't cease to be ... think of yourself as the universe in a body , for now , but one day , a spirit roaming the universe , all you can do is FEEL , and just be ......
  4. Re: Unexplained Phenomena, Potentially Explained (All Cases)

    I must totally agree , these things can be done by technology ... all the more important that humans learn to control their thinking ...
  5. Re: Ancient Aliens S07 E03 The God Particle

    you came from the constellations Lyra and Vega 389,000 years ago ...
  6. Re: Missouri teen shot dead after jaywalking; witnesses say with hands in the air

    the media didn't show Mike Brown stealing from a local store moments before , and I heard someone with him shot at the police first , they returned fire ... yep big psy op ...
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    Re: John Lash - Sophia's Correction

    man in his megalomania has broken Earth , it will take the loving kindness of woman to heal what man in his madness has broken ... Earth has been at War my whole life , I don't know what the...
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    Re: Orb sightings

    There is some great information out there about orbs , bio-organic life, organisms , of an electromagnetic makeup ... they can be found near people with strong emotions , they are needed for...
  9. Re: 15 Aug 2014 - As Seen by Rosetta: Comet Surface Variations

    it troubles me , they always sanitize information , keeping humanity ignorant of the wonders of the cosmos ...
  10. Re: Oldest Evidence for Egyptian Mummy Making Discovered

    it they would just date the stones themselves and let the information speak , some of the stones are over 34,000 years old , and others are said to be 40,000 years older than that ... The age I've...
  11. Re: A small white feather fell on me... (what could it mean?)

    More like a re-affirmation of several things in this case.[/QUOTE]

    Good for you ... you could take it as a confirmation your in the right area ...
  12. Re: A small white feather fell on me... (what could it mean?)

    yep , it means new path , new purpose ... very important , you must have started something your are passionate about ...
  13. Re: Telepathic Impersonations via the US Government (Psy Ops) Video

    I'm glad to hear that. Because it is one of my specialties due to my experiences. I will be making many more videos like this one but different subjects.

    The shadow government of the US...
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    Ghostrider, I am only 50 (born after Kennedy was killed) and have the memories of playing Softball at the corner, playing kick the can, etc.. I attached clothes pins and playing cards to my bike...
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    Re: No entry into Brazil?

    with all the whoopla about illegal immigrants coming from South America , it doesn't surprise me ... they are definitely up to something , with false flags on the horizon on every front , immigration...
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    I am a grandfather , we had black and white TV with three channels , the telephone was a party line , people used green stamps to buy food ... I miss the eight track tape days , drive in's where the...
  17. Re: Advice for Parents of Children Who Report Memories of Past Lives

    because of overpopulation , the memory block( storage bank) of the spiritual part of humans, doesn't get the needed 152 years as a spirit between incarnations , before returning in a new host body...
  18. Re: Telepathic Impersonations via the US Government (Psy Ops) Video

    I'm not totally sure it is haarp. Does haarp do microwave technology? I'm sure the US government has lots of telepathy satellites which I theorize are interdimensional and invisible to us.[/QUOTE]...
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    my memories are , being outside when the sun was up , inside when the sun went down ... we walked everywhere we went , no one had a phone , whatever we did we all did it together ... five dollars...
  20. Re: Mind Control Technology Manipulating the Occult

    you know they monitor everything , buzz words come up , and they secretly manipulate your results ... Great lengths are taken to conceal what is right in front of the world ... The real war is the...
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