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  1. Re: Overwhelmed by all the bad things happening in the world...

    Be patient, it's changing ;)
  2. Re: 1,000-year-old Buddha statue has a mummy inside

    What better means to hide, protect and continue to resonant post rainbow light.
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    Disaster management committees are spending huge amount of resources in the region preparing codes for radiation incidents in buildings. But the reality Is disgruntled contractors when losing...
  4. Re: French Nuclear Power Plants Are Being Besieged By UFO Sightings

    Is there a statistically higher incident of ufo sightings around nuclear facilities. If so then exploring the variables of influence one comes to a question could perceptually alterations be occuring...
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    Re: Tagore : The Spirit of Christmas

    the depth of the peace that descends upon after 25th the material maddness-may it expand
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    Re: Is Russell Brand a Rothschild shill?

    he aint no shill,
    cos if ee were
    hed be talking about this in his home town.
    in it!!
  7. Re: The Out-of-Body-Experience. A Place Where Science and Spirituality Meet.

    (on a more comical note)

    Synthetic experiencers might support the virtues of the ketamine experience.

  8. Re: The Out-of-Body-Experience. A Place Where Science and Spirituality Meet.

    In post 74,
    Jake draws to our attention phowa,:biggrin:


    "The word phowa means the transference or ejection of consciousness into the state of truth. Its success relies on invoking...
  9. Re: Lorde Browne's fracking hell 2/10/2014 lancashire decides

    The government must get its priorities right. Only by fully addressing legitimate environmental and safety concerns about fracking with robust regulation and comprehensive monitoring will people have...
  10. Re: Lorde Browne's fracking hell lancashire decides

    Establishment thought might argue that radon has a half life of 3.8 days and that it evaporates freely from water however the Department of the Environment, Transport and regions (UK) found that 20...
  11. Re: How Does One Know When You Are Being AWAKENED

    52, Seeing the dimensional entities within/attached to people :cool:

    advice, acceptance through equanimity
  12. Re: Lorde Browne's fracking hell 2/10/2014 lancashire decides

    Dear Bob and Wnlight,

    Thankyou for your informative insight,

    Is there any validity in the view that fracking increases the health risk of environmental exposure from Radon gas?

    Only because...
  13. Re: Lorde Browne's fracking hell 2/10/2014 lancashire decides

    On Tuesday 22/09/14 Lancashire County Council approved plans for Cuardilla to explore to new sites in Lancashire

  14. Re: Operation Stonehenge What Lies Beneath Part 1 & 2... BBC Documentary Sept 2014

    It's when you see the researcher walking through the fields of stones at Carnac (53.30 part 0ne), that you begin to see and feel the evocative charm of the stone. Their singing resonance is clearly...
  15. Lorde Browne's fracking hell 2/10/2014 lancashire decides

    Lancashire County Council, a governing regional area in the North West of England will decide if to give planning approval to allow fracking in the county (02/10/14). Your presence will be most...
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    Re: Scottish Referendum - An emotional toll

    Smile: the illusionary construct of the debate is a distraction from the timeless unchanging sensation of what Scotland is.
    A y or N will what not change that difference in the genetic vibe of the...
  17. Re: Scotland Decides on 18th Sept, Independence or not.

    Could the oil be piped south of the boarder where refining and taxation would become cheaper?
  18. Re: Scotland Decides on 18th Sept, Independence or not.

    Finally the scots will tell the english to piss off.
    but will the european union be so tolerant of the scottish assertions?
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    Re: Bases 37 Part 5 A B C Max Spiers

    Insight served with such passion should be applauded

    couple of points,

    Anyone you has worked with those on alcohol withdrawal programmes will be wholly aware of the creepy crawlies they start...
  20. Re: Unlocking Your Psychic Abilities, ESP & Intuition

    An honest and open view of experiences.

    Although when the expansion of the doors of perception open it might be helpful to hold a a key to the door of return: sampajanna.

    When you see the...
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