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  1. Re: Online Betting available for first country to announce ET Contact

    Canada Wins:

  2. Re: Notice anything since Cobra's 25th May Portal?


    Where Tolec and the GFL stand apart in what they are saying regarding that, it's like two different ends of the universe agenda wise. Really. Tolec is talking about those that want to STAY in...
  3. Re: Notice anything since Cobra's 25th May Portal?

    He claims connection to the Galactic Confederation, This one is the one connected with the Reptoids, bad ETs, etc. He also claims to be in contact with a Pleiadian named Semjase, which according to a...
  4. Re: Notice anything since Cobra's 25th May Portal?

    I love your Satirical Humor. Grip.
  5. Re: Notice anything since Cobra's 25th May Portal?

    I personally don't support Cobra despite his claims otherwise, he's associated with the wrong side of the battle for Terra, and have to wonder, does it have to be because of what Cobra's claiming...
  6. Re: Are Aliens Beneath Denver International Airport?

    I was told that it was cleared out and no longer occupied by someone last year. That I know to be 100% reliable.
  7. Re: Mobile Phones of the Future - Telepathy and Internet - Brain-Computer Interface

    People would be telepathic naturally on a planet population wide scale instead of just a small percentage if there wasn't so much the cabal has been doing over time to prevent this. And all those...
  8. Re: Ufo over East Hawaii near where I live , ENGAGING IN COVERT ACTIVITIES

    The Cigar Shaped ones are either Draco/Hydra, Greys or Cabal-Terran Black Ops.
  9. Re: What do you make of this info? (Are chemtrails hiding Nibiru?)

    I suggest people check out this article from Ishtar's Gate, where she also debunks the existence of Nibiru and presents the real truth even about the Annunaki with cold hard facts and real...
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    Re: Black Triangle Transforms Over France

    TR-3B and fairly high end Night Vision, which would account for the smoother transitions between zooms and minimized blurring. It's an older video that keeps getting reposted.
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    Re: M 5.1, Southern California

    Not 3 5's in a row and two at barely 0.1km depth....and the highest 5.2 at 12.1km depth, and then now the Global Incident Earthquake site is acting up...something odd going on down there.
  12. Re: Observatory In Spain Captured Something Being Shot At 2012 DA12!

    Or what if it wasn't shooting at it, but an ship just moving past it? The Video it's self is very vague and open to multiple different interpretations.
  13. Re: A claimed list of all the FEMA camps in America

    I have to say I disagree with the accuracy of that list. I've checked out multiple supposed locations of those camps (personally and via close friends), and they're not anything more than crumbling...
  14. Re: "No doctor will remove a microchip (alien implant) from anyone!"

    An UV Flashlight over the area for about 10 minutes give or take, will disable any alien implant, specially those put in by Greys.
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    Re: Sweet KILLER

    In most first world countries, it's not safe to drink. It usually contains a crap load of Fluoride, Medications, Human Hormones, etc. Yeah...I will stick with my bottled Mountain Spring Water, which...
  16. Re: C2C UFO's & Top Secert Leaks 1-27-13

    Maybe the way the bad aliens want it. But, the good ones are trying to push for it to be as soon as is possible. Yet, still some stuff is in place (that was put there by the bad ETs) that is holding...
  17. Re: UFO Recorded By TV News Over Australia Wildfire, Jan 7, 2013

    There were Arcturian Scout craft (which that one in the top video looks extremely similar) that were over the Colorado Springs fire last year, One flew right behind a Copter live on news in plain...
  18. Re: Leaked Video of Cruise Missile Hitting Pentagon on 9/11

    You can see the photos at this link here of the exact missile that hit the Pentagon. Painted to look like an AA Airplane.
  19. Re: Leaked Video of Cruise Missile Hitting Pentagon on 9/11

    It was a Calcm AG 80 Missile fired from a Submarine off Shore. I believe it was either a German or Israeli Sub. The Missile was painted to look like an AA Airplane.
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    Re: Pheonix Lights

    Right, like the weather balloon that crashed in Roswell in 1947...
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